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Race Relations, Mary E Williams Little Protein, Forage Crops for Pigs, Robertson Silage Mixture, Alfafa, Proportion of Grain to .. Dreisatz fur Dummies Das Pocketbuch, Bernd 1 - Die Formationen Des Verbums in Einfachen Und in Zusammengesetzten. hair-restore.info .net/threads/Zusammengesetzter-Dreisatz T+ /Brauche-hilfe-bei-proportional-aufgaben T+ In other words, displacement and force are simply proportional, and the constant of proportionality, also called spring constant is to determine directly from such.

The Westphal balance presented earlier on apparatus is a refinement of the method, however, is unsuitable for process measurements for manual operation. On a balance beam, a set decadic multiple of five Tariergewichten carries a vitreous at a Pt wire and on the same side of the balance beam "Reiter"is compared to a balance weight to the zero position of the glass body is attached.

Stelle der Dichte an. If the glass body immersed in the examined liquid, one determines by moving the density of the rider on the graduated scale, and can then at the position on the scale, wherein buoyancy compensation, reading the density directly this enables the position of the tab the two last digits, tenths, hundredths, Tricky - and actually no longer usable, this means is when more viscous fluids, since equilibrium is hard to find.

In contrast, the use of modern electronic weighing scales for density measurement has the advantage that the electromagnetically compensating weighing system works practically without actuation displacement and thus finally the lifting force can also be measured with viscous liquids.

Statt der Archimedischen Methoden haben sich in der Prozessmessung also andere Messprinzipien, allen voran die Methoden des Biegeschwingers etabliert Allgemein: Instead of the Archimedean methods therefore have in the process measurement different measurement principles, especially the methods of frequency oscillator established General: Auch sollte der Schwinger im Vakuum oder unter definierten Umgebungsbedingungen vibrieren, um Schwankungen durch variable Reibungseffekte entgegenzuwirken.

Also, the vibrator should vibrate in a vacuum or under defined environmental conditions, to counter fluctuations caused by variable friction effects. It is also questionable whether the dissipative energy input into the measuring liquid, not already so high uncertainty about the temperature entails that if subtle changes in measuring liquids are displayed, it is questionable whether they are true Throw issued. It is considered one of the major disadvantages of vibration measuring instruments that they must be relatively frequently adjusted.

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The advantage of the classical method in the variation of the magnetic flotation magnetic suspension balance is that the highest accuracy is achieved with this in principle. The technical complexity of the float device is used to dispense with a suspension that connects the measuring body mechanically connected to the weighing system. The purpose is that a completely closed measuring chamber can be used, which allows eg to fairs under unnatural pressures.

The most important advantage, however, is to Auschaltung the interference by the holding and hanging devices. Where a suspension pierces the surface of the liquid phase to form a liquid meniscus - between two liquid phases. The meniscus either does not exert a positive or a negative, additional vertical force. This meniscus force based on the nature of the wetting in the range of the three-phase limit, upper usually gas phase, liquid phase and the surface of the suspension and is expressed by the known equation: Diese Meniskuskraft liefert den bei Weitem bedeutendsten Beitrag zur Messunsicherheit.

This meniscus force provides the most important by far contribute to measurement uncertainty. Certainly you would like to use the flotation method in the national institutions, and the price would probably not the problem, rather that one can not be directly magnetically floating quartz or silicon normal bodies. Die der Ober- bzw.

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It is demanding an accurate density measurement outside of the insert into calibration authorities because the sum parameter density material change is indicative of very sensitive and, together with the expansion coefficient high certainty about the identity of a substance.

Sputtereffekten on a target, a sputtering target, energy, material and performed a function of angle. By this combination of features it is possible to measure the vectorial force exerted by a particle beam onto a surface of a target, wherein the optical sensor is free from electromagnetic interference and has a very high resolving power. It can be detected and analyzed very small forces in the region of a few micro-N, which are applied to the surface of the target by the particle beam.

The interferometer-force measuring apparatus according to the invention has currently in the experimental laboratory set-up to an accuracy of less than 1 micro-N. The interferometer force measuring device is relatively robust as a whole, since they can be disturbed either by electric currents, electromagnetic fields, such as Hochfrequenzendladungen or microwaves, or by magnetic fields or influences.

Even minor impacts do not disturb the device sustained as long as the bending beam itself is not damaged. The small target on the bending beam is the most sensitive point of the apparatus, and it resists a force pulse up to about micro-N in any case, without prejudice. Due to the light wavelength of the interferometer in the range of for example 1 micron deflections of the bending beam of the order of 1 micron and even less detectable.

In particular, the detection of force-induced movement of the target along any directions in the plane of incidence of the particle beam is perpendicular to the bending beam also determined through the use of two independent interferometers. Regardless of the incidence of the beam thus a directional measurement is possible. The simultaneous two-axis measurement, a vector detection of the pulse distributions in a particle beam is possible.

The two-axis force measurement, is now capable of recording by axial and radial measurement of the vector field of the forces in the beam. Die Kenntnis eines solchen Vektorfeldes kann bei der Optimierung von Strahlquellen helfen. The knowledge of such a vector field can help in the optimization of beam sources. Furthermore, the interferometer force measuring device from the gravity vector is independent of direction, since gravity constant merely changes the target in its equilibrium position.

The rest position of the target can be calibrated without particle beam at all times, but appears often not necessary or at least does not have to be repeated. The calibration of the particle beam force-measuring device by means of fine calibration weights, the calibration weights, for example weights or, for example ug smallest wire weights are placed on the target and a detectable bending of the bending beam sets due to gravity. It turns out that in the interest here force range is excellent linearity between force and deflection of the cantilever.

By means of this very simple type of calibration can therefore easily the bending of the bending beam are converted via the three-set into a force. In other words, displacement and force are simply proportional, and the constant of proportionality, also called spring constant is to determine directly from such weighing. The calibration by the weighing is usually necessary only once at rest.

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It should be noted at this point that the simplicity of calibration by the use of prefabricated and standardized weights is already in itself a very advantageous characteristic of the device according to the invention. For example, the previously mentioned galvanometric force probe can be easily calibrated by no means, as they find their rest position without energizing typically by gravity such that the target hangs down and can not be assigned weights.

One would have to first specify a defined current that brings the target in the horizontal, to perform a weighing. The calibration effort would be much higher and would also be repeated again as soon as the device moves only slightly and has been twisted. A possible offset by the probe itself or by a rotation plays no role in the invention because it is a differential measurement. The interferometric measurement is set almost at the beginning of the measurement to zero, and then the measurement is performed.

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In other words, it is sufficient, the time course of interferometrically measured distances of attached to the bending beam and irradiated by the Interferometersensoroptiken or illumination fibers and back reflective in this - i. The bending beam exemplarily used consists of a ceramic hollow, round cross-section hollow cylinder and has a length of about mm, linearity, which allows for a measurement up to the range of 1 mN.

Eine Verbiegung dieses beispielhaften Biegebalkens von ca. A deflection of this exemplary bending beam of about 1 mm at the level of mirror disposed means a force acting on the target of about 1 mN. The new method provides a higher than previously possible resolution and sampling frequency, in particular enables the simultaneous measurement of two components of the force vector and can be realized in the form of a compact and robust probe. In this way, a two-dimensional projection of the force vector is the first time possible.

Possible applications of the interferometer force measuring device can be seen in particular: The at least one mirror surface with the at least two reflecting surface portions is preferably configured as a cylindrical or elliptical, convex surface and reflecting surface. Die wenigstens zwei Spiegel sind bevorzugt als plane Spiegel, Planspiegel ausgestaltet.

The at least two mirrors are preferably designed as a plane mirror, plane mirror. The reflecting surface may also be formed as a reflective surface such as a metal surface.

Die zwei Spiegel bzw. Der Biegebalken ist vorzugsweise aus einer Keramik, insbesondere mit rundem Querschnitt, gebildet. The bending beam is preferably made of a ceramic, in particular round cross-section, is formed. The bending bar can be configured as a solid cylinder or hollow cylinder, wherein in the preferred embodiment as a hollow cylinder, the bending beam has a length of about to mm, especially mm and an outer diameter of 0.

In addition, the beam deflection can also be made of a glass or other material with corresponding properties, namely non-conductive, not flexible and therefore not rigid and plastically deformable, are formed. Preferably, the bending beam has a circular cross-section, whereby then the elasticity in all directions is the same, thus leading to an easier calculation and calibration.

In embodiment of the bending beam as a hollow cylinder, the possibility also exists a wire through the cavity made up to the target to be able to make electrical measurements in the target area in this manner. The target may be made of various materials, for example a metal or alloy, ceramic or a plastic. In einer Ausgestaltung besteht das Target aus Kupfer. In one embodiment, the target consists of copper.


Bei Sputterexperimenten werden entsprechende Elementmetalle als Target verwendet. In Sputterexperimenten corresponding element metals are used as a target. Die Verbindung zwischen Target und Biegebalken ist als eine Klemmverbindung ausgebildet. The connection between the target and the bending beam is designed as a clamping connection.

When using only one bending bar a firm connection between bending beam and the target is desired, whereas when using three bending beam, such as. A hexapod configuration see below is a flexible and slidable connection is necessary so that all degrees of freedom are detectable. Instead of a planar target and a ball-shaped target may be employed with a similar radius. This design has to behave the same for all directions of the incident particle beam the advantage.

This eliminates an orientation to the beam direction for the diagnosis of engine rays electric drives space. Die Targetkugel kann wie im Fall eines ebenen Targets aus beliebigem Material, insbesondere Kupfer, gefertigt werden. The target ball, as in the case of a planar target of any material, in particular copper, are produced.

It is thereby also proposed to design the spherical target as a hollow sphere to keep the dead weight and the inertial mass of the target low. It is in particular a Fabry-Perot interferometer with modulated wavelength for interferometric force measurement are provided. It was recognized that a Fabry-Perot interferometer with modulated wavelength is particularly suitable for the measurement task because of the running direction of the target is clearly identified and the resolution is consistent.

For this purpose, the light for the interferometric measurement in which the wavelength is varied with time. Ein derartiges Frequenzmodulationsverfahren ist bspw. Der Targetbereich kann vom Spiegel-tragenden Bereich des Biegebalkens, der der interferometrischen Messung dient, durch eine Blende separiert sein, was verhindert, dass die optischen Komponenten durch zB Sputtern oder Materialabscheidungen erodiert oder kontaminiert werden.