Spiritual relationship counseling

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spiritual relationship counseling

Find Spirituality Therapists, Psychologists and Spirituality Counseling in New Jersey That respect is at the core of a strong clinical relationship, which I strive to. Bay Area Spiritual nondenominational Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy serving all faiths - Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist. Spiritual Couples Counseling, as practiced at HHP, is a non-denominational, supportive therapy focused on the clients' beliefs and value systems in support of .

spiritual relationship counseling

What typically works well in this case is to purchase the 3-session Jump Start Package From that starting point, we can decide how many sessions for either or both members of the relationship would be beneficial. I hold the package rate if more than three sessions are desired or indicated through our work.

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You may find so many benefits of this work that you never anticipated Get Started with a 3-session Package and your first one-to-one appointment booking If you would like additional information before making an appointment, please visit the FAQs page.

It is up to the individuals involved.

spiritual relationship counseling

We either work on each individual or we work as an extended team. I am open to work for you.

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Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst should never be used to solely diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or psychological disorder and is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment. Kristi is not a doctor, therapist, or chiropractor. The "healing resonance" and "energy work" she offers assists your body's innate Healing Intelligence.

Yet we are often surprised when our relationships do not meet our expectations and our emotional patterns prevent our relationships succeeding.

spiritual relationship counseling

Opening to Feelings Energetically and emotionally we may close ourselves off from others and ourselves so that when we meet someone we are attracted to, our true feelings are hidden and unavailable to us. Learning to open to these feelings brings the new challenge of sustaining the life of a relationship by remaining open and working with the challenges that deepening in relationship brings.

Inner Growth and the Demands on Relationships For people who already practice inner work, love and relationship become a path to personal and spiritual growth and development. Relationships are indistinguishable from their life path and inner development, and often raise questions such as: How do I deal with a static relationship when I am growing and developing faster than my partner?

How can I remain true to my needs and desires and my authentic self while in relationship to another?

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I am trained and maintain a deep focus in Transpersonal psychology integrating the spiritual and transcendent aspects of relationships which guides the work we will do together.

If you are devout or religiously focused I offer nondenominational spiritually based couples couseling and spiritually based marriage therapy.

spiritual relationship counseling

This means that your beliefs and faith are deeply respected here and will contribute to the course that our work together. I have worked successfully with practicing Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist couples.

Spiritual Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy - serving the Bay Area California

Both same faith and cross faith couples have been able to come closer and work on their relationship here. But please note that I'm not affiliated with any specific religion group or organization. I'm a licensed psychologist with a deep respect for your religion and religious practices.

spiritual relationship counseling