Snape meme death does not end a relationship

Allow us to destroy this Harry Potter theory that Snape is still alive

snape meme death does not end a relationship

Ron and Hermione need marriage counselling "Although I do not discount the appeal of Tom Felton, who plays and that no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends." 5. And his parents disapproved of Draco's wife. Life- long Death Eaters Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had fallen from their. One Tumblr user has decoded Snape and Harry's conversation, linking it 5. How living apart could save your relationship Not emotionally stable enough for this. If you combined that, it meant 'I bitterly regret Lily's death'. If you love someone Always love them like Snape did to Lily. snape and lily why do the Harry Potter fandom always feel the need to break my heart and make me Snape was a true hero and lily's death hit him so hard and changed his life harry potter | Tumblr Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Actors, Always Harry.

Rowling and the filmmakers did not include every single detail of these scenes. Harry Potter just destroyed the worst dark wizard in history, lost many of his close friends, fought relentlessly for days and also died and came back to life.

snape meme death does not end a relationship

He is tired, he is broken, he is victorious, but he is grieving, and there simply isn't time for him — or rather, for our storytellers — to inventory the entire Great Hall. Snape also didn't die in the castle, which Lupin, Fred, and the others did. He was in the Shrieking Shack in the book, and the random-ass Hogwarts boat house in the movie.

Harry Potter: 25 Memes That Show That Snape Makes No Sense

You think he wouldn't have prepared for the possibility that Voldemort's snake might turn on him? He was playing a dangerous role as a spy, Voldemort could turn on him at any moment, I think Snape would have obviously taken some kind of prophylactic antidote beforehand.

This part is interesting, because Snape certainly has access and the ability to make powerful antidotes, and we know that he knows the correct use of a bezoar. I can't imagine that he carries those things around his person at all times. He's never seen Voldemort use Nagini for the kill — she's fed off his victims, certainly, but Voldemort always used magic to perform a Killing Curse. Snape is shocked and horrified in both the book and movie when he realizes the gruesome way in which he will die.

As for taking the antidote beforehand As soon as Hogwarts went into battle mode, Snape knew the end was near.

snape meme death does not end a relationship

Sorry kids, Snape is dead. But here's a problematic gif of him as you go about your day: The secret love affair between Harry Potter and Voldemort. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. However, fans were divided over whether the highly intelligent Hermione would be happy with the more prosaic Ron, including Watson herself, who said: I wonder what happens at wizard marriage counselling?

He needs to work on his self-esteem issues and she needs to work on being a little less critical. Rowling thinks it's wrong that girls love Draco Malfoy Mere months had passed since that bombshell when Rowling dropped another: She wrote in a series of festive updates on Pottermore: And his parents disapproved of Draco's wife Life-long Death Eaters Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had fallen from their lofty perch in Voldemort's inner circle - firstly after Draco's father failed to capture Harry in the Ministry of Magic, then after testifying against their former friends after the Battle of Hogwarts.

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

However, their obsession with pure-blood wizarding ancestry lived on, which meant they disapproved of Draco's wife, Astoria Greengrass, who wasn't a member of the "sacred 28" wizarding families. Although as "a fellow Slytherin who had gone through a similar conversion from pure-blood ideals to a more tolerant way of life" she was well-suited to Draco, family meetings were "often fraught with tension".

Rowling wrote on Pottermore.

17 times JK Rowling shocked Harry Potter fans

The Longbottoms remain in hospital for the rest of their lives Among the saddest victims of Voldemort's reign of terror were Neville Longbottom's parents, Alice and Frank, who were former members of resistance group The Order of the Phoenix who were tortured by Bellatrix and Rudolphus Lestrange.

The damage that is done, in some cases with very dark magic, is done permanently.

snape meme death does not end a relationship

Dolores Umbridge was based on a real person There is little more fearsome than Dolores Umbridge, the Hogwarts professor and Ministry snitch with a fondness for kittens and student-torture, than a real version of her. However, one - or rather two - actually exist, as Rowling revealed in In a 1, word essay, Rowling shed light on the real person who inspired the character"whom I disliked intensely on sight.

snape meme death does not end a relationship

The woman in question returned my antipathy with interest. Why we took against each other so instantly, heartily and on my side, at least irrationally, I honestly cannot say. The author also revealed that that Umrbridge was as unappealing at Voldemort, writing: Ron and Arthur Weasley were almost killed off Rowling had made a promise to herself to keep the "Golden Trio" complete throughout all seven books.

However, she came close to breaking it when she "wasn't in a very happy place" in her own life half-way through the series. Out of sheer spite. Rowling had to kill at least one of the Weasleys, she said, because it was unrealistic that all nine of them would survive. But she kept Arthur because "there were very few good fathers in the book. In fact, you could make a very good case for Arthur Weasley being the only good father in the whole series.

And it made it very poignant that it was their newborn son. Dudley and Harry reunite In vaguely more optimistic news, Dudley Dursley is able to get over his parents' vitriolic treatment of Harry and spend time with him as an adult, something dozens of fanficcers had already predicted.