Palm reading guide relationship lines on a genogram

palm reading guide relationship lines on a genogram

A hand-drawn genogram allows people to add their own details and helps and his family whose life is detailed in the case study a little later in this chapter. The point of the genogram is not to map every relationship accurately in order to tell the should be described through graphics such as solid and squiggly lines. Marriage line (also relationship line or affection line) mainly reflects the situation of your marriage life in Palmistry. Get what does a short marriage line, straight. On the other hand, the nurse must be careful not to overattribute symptoms A genogram includes the age, dates of marriage and death, and geographic Horizontal lines represent marriages with dates; vertical lines connect parents and children. The patient's and family's assessment needs guide the level of detail.

Some people have only one line and some may have multiple lines.

palm reading guide relationship lines on a genogram

Also some may find there is no marriage line for them. The longest line is usually used as a basis for judgment. The length, shape, forks, islands, chains and numbers of the line reveals different meanings for your marriage life.

palm reading guide relationship lines on a genogram

Follow the analysis below to find out what your marriage line stands for. Please don't be upset if you find the line is not ideal. The line usually changes with the more you experience. No matter what kind of line you have, a sound marriage needs you to manage carefully.

Marriage Line Palm Reading Guide- Chinese Palmistry

Length Fig 1 Straight Long A straight long marriage line indicates deep and long love. It shows you are passionate, gentle and usually have a happy family. If you only have one marriage line which is deep and long, close to or touch the Sun line, it shows you could not only enjoy a happy marriage but also achieve great success in career after marriage.

Fig 1 Short If your marriage line is short, it indicates passionless to the opposite sex. If it's also shallow, you usually lack the patience to pursue the opposite sex and hard to fall deep when fall in love.

In most times, if you own this kind of line, you are likely to get married lately. It predicts your partner will die earlier than you. If it curves downwards suddenly, your partner may suffer from accidental death. Another situation is that it curves downwards and touches the heart line. This indicates marriage crises and personality clashes with your partner.

Your basic genogram will include at least three generations "above" your generation, but ideally, you'd include as many generations as possible. For my first genogram, I included five generations; I was a member of the first generation at the time, because I did not yet have a child. My genogram included my great-great grandparents.

palm reading guide relationship lines on a genogram

I am not suggesting you take this on right now, but I am encouraging you to not set a limit for yourself, because you never know what you might learn during your exploration. She has been linked to her FOO by a solid line placing her in her sibling position as the second child of two children. Her older brother is married, and he is connected to his wife, as well as his family of origin. As you draw this generation, make sure to include all siblings, and their relationships and children.

Also complete the family of origin system for your partner.

Chinese Palm Reading – Marriage Line

As you can see in Figure 4, genograms can be complex and extensive. And, this is a very basic genogram. On a completed, accurate genogram, you would see everyone's relationships marriages, separations, divorces, etc.

But, we will get to that in future posts. Amy's four generation genogram Note: The small line at the top left is the cursor in Word that showed up on the screen shot. The name and current age, or date of birth, of each person inside their symbol Mark the deceased with an X through their symbol shown below Indicate divorce with two slanted lines perpendicular to the marital line shown below Note marital separation as one slanted line perpendicular to the marital line Figure 5 below If possible, record all deaths, divorces, and separations with the date or year they occurred.

If, in order to do this, you have to do some research, then wait to record these details. During this portion of your exploration, record only information you know. Amy and Bob's parents and grandparents Figure 6: Bob's paternal grandparents Note: Death and other details do not need to be marked in red.

MARRIAGE LINE PALM READING - Love & Relationship lines Palmistry

I have done this for illustration purposes only. In Figure 6 aboveyou see that Bob's grandfather died, and Mary, Bob's grandmother, re-married and later divorced. If Mary had married a third time, there would be an additional square in the family system on the left of her second husband.