New relationship after abortion

Can Relationships Survive After Abortion? | After Abortion

new relationship after abortion

Abortion means different things to different people. While some simply feel relieved afterwards, for others, it can be tough. Here is how to keep your relationship. Do couples stay together after an abortion? How does abortion affect the family? What about surviving or future children? And if you're asking. The point of crisis occurs most often between 2 and 5 years after the abortion. an inability to sustain intimate relationships, unexpected emotional outbursts.

It can be an especially isolating experience if an important relationship is lost. Resentment against the partner who made the decision may develop.

new relationship after abortion

Men may not understand the connection a mother can have to her baby early on in pregnancy. Many women become emotionally numb following an abortion which can interfere with a close relationship as well.

Relationship Challenges Following an Abortion -

Threat to Family Structure: The family feeling of togetherness can be disrupted if the partners did not agree on the choice. Sexual desire can become more complicated following an abortion because of physical healing, fear of getting pregnant again, and possible negative feelings between partners. One partner may look for more sexual intimacy as reassurance that things are OK in the relationship, which can lead to tension if the other partner is less interested in sex.

In some cases, low self-worth prompts compulsive seeking of sexual relationships. There may be challenges bonding with current children or future children. People may feel anxious about future pregnancies.

If you are struggling with relationship challenges following an abortion, it can help to talk about it. A group setting can be helpful where you can share your struggles with other women who understand. It is also important to heal yourself before you can restore relationships.

Relationship Challenges Following an Abortion

Research carried out in Finland has shown that women who had abortions were 6 times more prone to suicide than those who chose to give birth to the child. And this task is not attainable to all.

It has been noticed that, some women, after having an abortion, have more difficulty developing a strong relationship with men, trust men less, also, may have sexual difficulties. The decision to have an abortion shows that the relationship between a man and a woman was not so good.

new relationship after abortion

There are cases when a woman has hormone shock because of a sudden termination of a natural physiological process pregnancy. Later, constant depression sets in. Consequences Of Abortion For Other Family Members Often, it is thought that abortion has an emotional effect only on the woman and it does not affect other family members. However, abortion affects other family members as well, both present and future.

new relationship after abortion

The majority of men said that, after the abortion, they experienced various and conflicting emotions: There is evidence, based on research, that previous abortions have an effect on the development of children who are born after the abortion.

Abortion affects all family members, as well as people who advise having an abortion and the doctors who perform it. Everyone who took part in killing an unborn baby, who cannot protect himself, suffers in some way.