My relationship is stuck

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my relationship is stuck

Take responsibility for your happiness by developing your passions instead of focusing on the relationship. Find out more about becoming assertive in my. Mar 15, Feeling Stuck In A Relationship With No Future . An individual might feel if I end my romantic relationship, I will never find someone that loves. I have watched the long slow breakdown of my own relationship and know that if somewhere along the way we had stopped to ask these all-important questions.

I am asking you to wipe the slate clean and start over in your thinking. Bottom line, I am asking you to believe, once again, that you are a qualified person who deserves a quality relationship. Getting back in touch with your core of consciousness will remind and convince you that there is nothing wrong with you that justifies your having less than a rewarding relationship in which you can live, love, and laugh every day of your life.

Are you ready to embrace a new kind of thinking, a new belief system, a new way of looking at yourself and your partner? Can you forget what you think you know about managing relationships?

Are You Trapped & Unhappy in Your Relationship?

Can you decide to measure the quality of your relationship based on results instead of intentions or promises? Can you decide that you would rather be happy than right?

my relationship is stuck

Can you stop playing the blame game and recognize that it is a new day? Can you be willing to move your position on how you approach and engage your partner? Can you be willing to get real and be honest with yourself, about yourself, no matter how painful it is?

my relationship is stuck

Can you stop the denial and be completely, totally honest about the state of your current relationship? I know that right now it may be difficult for you to honestly answer yes to all of those questions.

my relationship is stuck

Either way, don't give up, at least not until I tell you two very important things. It is not too late. If you do not allow yourself to believe and accept that, you will think your way out of this relationship before we have the chance to save it. You may think your relationship has failed, you may feel like you have tried everything, you may feel tired, deflated and defeated, but I'm telling you, you have to get that thought out of your head or you are dead in the water with an anvil tied around your ankle.

No matter how many times you've been hurt — no matter how many times you've been disappointed, no matter how many times you've believed it could be different only to be blindsided again — you have to be willing to give yourself one more chance. Even if you have hurt so long and so badly that you aren't at all sure if you care whether your relationship survives; even if you're not sure you can ever subject yourself to any more pain from a relationship; even if you do not feel motivated or very hopeful, you can start getting out of your ditch if you will just say to yourself, "I wish I felt good about my relationship again.

If all you can muster in your mind and heart is to say, "I wish I felt good about this relationship again, and I wish I felt lovingly toward this person again, because I know that at least at one time in my life those emotions felt good," then that is enough of an ember for us to fan into a flame.

You are not alone. You might feel bewildered and demoralized right now, engulfed by the loneliness that comes with a deteriorating relationship. You may feel intimidated and overwhelmed by what may seem like insurmountable problems or hurts that tend to run so very, very deep.

But I want you to know that from now on, you have a partner. You have a partner who is willing to walk with you through this intimidating maze of emotion and who is willing to interact without judgment or criticism, but with the willingness and courage to tell you the truth. I am going to be that partner for you. I have now counseled thousands of people and taught tens of thousands in seminars, helping them create and maintain the key relationships in their lives.

I have learned what you know and, more important, what you don't know about sharing your life with another person. I have designed this approach to meet you at whatever point you find yourself in your relationship and give you the power to make changes — power that can come only from learning the absolute naked, unvarnished truth.

Indeed, once you learn the real truth about how you got into this mess, and then once you learn what you can do to get rid of the mess, you will shudder to think you almost walked away.

You are closer to success than you could ever imagine, if you just have the courage to get real with yourself.

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Of course, feeling trapped is a state of mind. No one needs consent to leave a relationship.

my relationship is stuck

People give many explanations for staying in bad relationships, ranging from caring for young children to caring for a sick mate.

One man was too afraid and guilt-ridden to leave his ill wife 11 years his senior. His ambivalence made him so distressed, he died before she did!

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Money binds couples, too, especially in a bad economy. Yet, more affluent couples may cling to a comfortable lifestyle, while their marriage dissolves into a business arrangement. Homemakers fear being self-supporting or single moms, and breadwinners dread paying support and seeing their assets divided.

Some even worry their spouse may harm him- or herself. Battered women may stay out of fear of retaliation. Also, some cultures still stigmatize divorce. Unconscious Fears Despite the abundance of reasons, many of which are realistic, there are deeper, unconscious ones that keep people trapped — usually fears of separation and loneliness. In the past, an extended family served that function.

Deciding To End A Relationship

Whereas women tend to have girlfriends in whom they confide and are usually closer with their parents, traditionally, men focus on work, but disregard their emotional needs and rely exclusively on their wife for support. Yet, both men and women often neglect developing individual interests.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself If Your Relationship Feels Stuck

Some codependent women give up their friends, hobbies, and activities and adopt those of their male companions. The combined effect of this adds to fears of loneliness and isolation people envisage from being on their own. This also may be significant for a noncustodial parent, for whom parenting is a major source of self-esteem.