My boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship toward authority

All I can think is that she is trying to ruin our relationship! TL;DR My boyfriend's younger sister hates me and has decided to stop pretending. David went on the Howard Stern's radio show to discuss the demise of his marriage. What came out of the interview is David admitting to taking on the child role. This can make any dating relationship difficult and put strain on your home life. Having secrets and lies between you and your parents ruins trust and This might enable them to see the character faults in your bf/gf a whole lot easier . with the government and has issues with authority then something has to be going on.

This was the guy who had surprised me by arriving at my apartment with newly bought ingredients and cooking me dinner. Who had patiently reassured me about all my body image concerns even though I must have sounded ridiculous. But I was so mad. Mad he turned this all around on me. Mad at him for making me mad at myself, and mad at myself for being mad at him.

I picked one hair after another, lost in the hypnotizing strands. My brain was as split as the tips of my hair. While caught in this cacophony of conflicting thoughts, I went to a book fair with my boyfriend and a title caught my eye: This should be interesting, I thought.

I stuffed it into my paper bag, all-you-can-fit for five dollars. It was only during that fleeting moment between our kiss goodbye and my Friends reruns that I admitted to myself why I had really bought that book. The next day, I opened it instead of my computer. As I half expected, I saw myself — both selves — scattered across the pages. For the first time, I saw why his behavior stressed me out. You may simply have been manipulated into believing you are one.

My partner accomplished this manipulation by deflecting blame onto me. Even if the action under discussion was his, I was just looking at it from the wrong angle.

Making someone feel oversensitive and unreasonable is gaslighting. After he told me what to paint and hovered over me complaining that I was doing it all wrong, I got mad and left the room. Could I be the manipulative one?

Would he break up with me? I went to the bathroom, and when I got out, I was relieved to find him standing there holding his cat. We stood together and pet her like nothing had ever happened.

My Parents Don’t Approve Of Who I’m Dating

Forget about my anger toward him. As they started getting worse, a friend encouraged me to end the relationship. Finally, I saw why I could never get our arguments out of my mind: None of my concerns were ever addressed. They were simply deflected onto me. My concerns became results of my own pettiness. In fact, I wondered if I would drive all my future partners away for being so over-critical. I grew to believe he was noble for resisting the urge to argue and I was small-minded in comparison.

He understood what life was about. This is what manipulative people want. Since I was constantly trying to prove I was deserving, my partner always got what he wanted from me. The first boundary he coaxed me to cross was my standard for safer sex. He told me condoms hurt, so I asked him to get tested — for months. He kept saying he would make appointments but never did.

I got sick of having the same discussion over and over, so I gave in and had unprotected sex. Perhaps she is jealous of the relationship you two had and wanted it for herself. She chose to act the immature way and destroy it. On the other hand, some people are so off in their thinking that they don't even know why they are acting a certain way. Either way, she seems a little off her rocker! My point in all this is a that if this is how he'd react to a situation this extreme when you're dating, it certainly would not have gotten better if you had gotten married.

If he's not on your side now, he never will be. And b it's possible to have an unhealthy family dynamic in which family members are TOO close. At the age of 29 and 33, I'd hope this would have been worked out. Again, I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Keep your chin up and wait and see what happens. Maybe he'll realize he was wrong and what needs to change if he wants to keep you.


Jun 08, However, as I read more and more I realized that your situation is quite strange and if I were you I would be confused as well. I think that your ex's sister is extremely insecure and jealous. It seems like there were a lot of complications in her life and your ex was there from the beginning for her. He may have been the only steady thing in her life and she knew that she can always count for him for everything, including finance.

The more time and the closer he is to you, the more she loses her influence on him and she could not allow that to happen. That was why she was constantly trying to bad mouth you. If you and your ex got even closer or got married, your ex would probably listen to you which includes maybe cutting her lose financially.?

Your ex probably grew up very close to his family and believes that nothing is closer than blood. Even if his sister was wrong and he knew it, he might not want to admit it out loud.

He was protecting his family and he assumed his sister had his best interest in mind so whatever she says, he wouldn't tell her to shut up, but would rather listen. Overall, I think the situation is messed up. If your ex chooses to be that close to his sister and let her meddle in everything he does, he will never have a healthy relationship with anyone else because I fully believe that his sister will do that to anyone that may come close to him.?

You would have had to deal with this for a lifetime. And a husband that does not prioritize your relationship or feelings above all others.

His sister is trying to ruin our relationship : TwoXChromosomes

When you get married it should be you and him against the world. That doesn't mean that you should be at odds with family members or other people in your lives, just that you protect and value your relationship as the most important one in your life.

The fact that he didn't see how she was treating you as a problem and that he didn't even attempt to defend you is a huge red flag. What kind of man allows someone to treat the person they love like crap? As for her, having a hard life or personal issues does not excuse a person from being a decent or respectful human being. Everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions. We all have our challenges but I have no patience for people who choose to wallow in their mistakes and use it as an excuse to continue being a loser.

I think you need to put this relationship behind you and make sure that the next man you fall in love with is prepared to stand by you through thick and thin.

XO Jun 09, I can fully relate to every part of your story. I came across this looking for an explanation to the exact same situation that I faced with my ex-boyfriend's sister I call her his sister wife. We all lived in a house together and she instigated a lot of issues between my ex and I as well as giving us no space.

I ended up pregnant by my ex and moved out-of-state when my relationship ended.

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She says rude things about my son. She sits in the background commenting when I am skyping her brother with his son. She has no boundaries and he won't give them to her. It is, in my opinion, extremely unhealthy. I too think my exes sister has jealously issues. I found her to be a bully to his daughter who lived with us and she made a rude comment about my son online, so I really believe she hates that she will never carry his child.

She would come into our room when the two of us were there together, getting some alone time which with a child and a full house, you don't get a lot of and just stand there and divert all of his attention to her.

My Parents Don't Approve of Who I'm Dating

She would lean over him to look at his computer screen, resting her breast on his back and shoulder she was bra less around him I too have siblings. We did not grow up in the same house, so I tried to be understanding of the closeness too at first, but it started to really bother me and in evaluating the demise of our relationship.

I realized how much she did to cause division between us, I have tried to explain this to him mostly to explain, why I don't want a relationship with her or for my son to relate to her and he can't grasp the concept.

He sees nothing wrong with her or any of her actions. It is really sad, because he is missing out on a life with his son. But I like you have been accused of being paranoid, This is probably why more people don't speak about this issue online, they are afraid to sound crazy.

But this situation is very real. I also lived it and I think you for sharing your story, because I was starting to feel alone in recognizing the unhealthy relationship between my ex and his sister. Jun 11, I needed to read someone else's situation.