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Featuring 50 all new single player levels and a 50 level multiplayer campaign, Ms. Splosion Man is set to be one of the hottest arcade games of. Could ruin relationships with your co-op pals While Ms. 'Splosion Man does in fact have a bow, she has a lot more to offer without changing the great platformer I myself found the single player ending to be the best. Ms. Splosion Man A remarkable relationship with one of the last people interested in this game. Then I can wait until the end of the world. <.

The game takes the tried and true formula from the first Splosion Man title, adds a ton of polish to itself, and gives it a unique and feminine twist.

Instead the reward is the continued jokes, the original music, and the personality the explodes off the screen with every idle animation.

Seriously - The Carlton Dance? Instead of gibberish, Ms.

Ms. Splosion Man Co-Op Review

The core of the game remains the same - you have one button that causes you character to explode. You can explode up to three times in a row launching yourself at or off objects to reach new heights, areas, and unlockables. The puzzles are equal parts timing, physics and luck. Splosion Man simply as a sequel with a fresh coat of paint and new levels- 50 in co-op and 50 in single player. Twisted Pixel has gone and added a whole array of new devices to make your left to right traversal that much more perilous - and that much faster.

You have zip lines, trampolines, launchers, flying cars, and backgrounds that let you continuously splode till your heart is content. A great way to improve your times or help to chea It's all so suddenly done-and-dusted, when in terms of plot it felt like I was around halfway through the game. So, I'm on a quest-of-sorts, to save 'sposion man from the evil scientists, only wtf is this wedding business? Where's my epic music that plays in the final levels as I finally approach where the poor guy's being held, after so many of those troublesome checkpoints?

Sure, I get it, it's zany, it doesn't need to make too much sense. But come on - normal levels, some lame wedding decorations, final boss that literally steals from another game It just doesn't do justice at all to nearly everything that comes before it, and so really it's this for me that justifies Gamespot's 8. Gameplay-wise, this game is near-on perfection.

But ultimately, for such a difficult game, saving 'sposion man is way too easy. Which is, frankly, the only kind of humor in this game. Pandorasbox7 Pandorasbox7 7 years ago 3 No No he's right. The final boss may have been a Punch-Out Homage but it was a cheap way to get out of making a proper final boss.

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The first fight with mighty eternal was fantastic. Bionic Bombando was alright But christ I was expecting something huge and insane to fight me. Like the meat monster fight but on a grander scale with the bride. But instead we got a half-assed cop-out I Survived The Leak Days there were over pages of topics I still don't get why ducking doesn't dodge a slap