Mass effect 3 how to get merge ending a relationship

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mass effect 3 how to get merge ending a relationship

There are 8 different Endings for Mass Effect 3, but 7 of the 8 all have much in common. Changes in the ending sequence are based on two. I only have the options Destroy and Control. How do I merge? Do I have to have a new game +? Or play multiplayer? I had 50% galactic readiness and war . Mass Effect 3's ending is a direct contradiction to this. . what would merging it even do, DNA cant make you grow computer parts, not without Joker and EDI are able to have a relationship that transcends their respectively.

But having it just be linked to a single button press, instead of actively working for it? Throughout the game, you can see snippets of people trying to actively achieve this, however small a step. Now maybe what the Catalyst says is true, and no matter what, the two are just "destined" to be in conflict. Shouldn't we still try? It wouldn't be easy of course, but I think it would be better to try and reach an understanding with each other because we want to, and not because it was forced on us.

Even if this change is for the greater good, it still smells That's how I've always chose to see it anyway. That's why Control is my favorite.

What's the explanation behind the Synthesis ending? : masseffect

You could say, "What if it goes crazy like the Catalyst? Well, my Shepard wouldn't do that. All that wealth of tech that the Reapers would give in Synthesis?

mass effect 3 how to get merge ending a relationship

I could see my Shepard giving that out. I could totally see my Shepard protecting the galaxy, trying his best to back off and not scare people with the whole fact that the Reapers are still around. That is why every one is so mad at bioware about the endings right now so all you got to do is everything to get all the endings and if you cann't do that then why did you buy the game any ways.

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mass effect 3 how to get merge ending a relationship

I think it might have something to do with EDI and Jeff. Try doing a few more side missions. I dont think there is an ending with shepard living in the end if someone found a way please send us the way to do it too!!!!!! Rating - If Shepard becomes a Reaper, Earth is saved.

Mass Effect 3 - Perfect Ending - Shepard lives (HR Textures)

Rating - If Shepard destroys the Reapers, Earth is only devastated. Rating - If Shepard destroys the Reapers, Earth is saved. The Normandy leaves the system, seconds before the Crucible fires, explaining the Normandy being caught in the energy wave while in transit.

On Earth, two stranded human soldiers are shown being overwhelmed by husks.

How did Mass Effect 3 end? I legitimately want to know

The energy of the Crucible either vaporizes the husks Destroycauses them to retreat Controlor causes them to stop attacking Synthesis. In the worst Destroy scenario, the two humans are also incinerated by the Crucible's energy. When the Crucible's energy interacts with the Charon Relaythe relay's core is shown breaking up, but the rest of the relay remains intact and later scenes show the mass relays being repaired.

However, in the worst Destroy ending, the relays still explode. When the Crucible's energy wave impacts the Normandy, the ship's control consoles and engines are no longer shown exploding in high EMS endings. In Low EMS endings however, the ship's consoles and engines are exploding.

mass effect 3 how to get merge ending a relationship

Aftermath of various species, including humanskroganquariansand geth. Aftermath of Shepard's crew members, if they survived the war. Surviving squad members on Normandy place Shepard's name onto the memorial wall, with Admiral Anderson's already on it.

This, coupled with the cutscene of Shepard breathing in the rubble, leaves the Commander's final fate ambiguous.