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leslie jones weekend update relationship expert online

SNL writer, stand-up comedian, and all-around hero lady Leslie Jones was officially Introduced as Weekend Update's “in-house image expert,” Jones's ensuing monologue provoked one of the biggest online backlashes Jones's relationship material is some of her best, and she manages to sell lines. Leslie Jones appears as an expert on image and relationship on Weekend Update and flirts with host Colin Jost. Harrelson was definitely game as host, but how did the “SNL” cast members fare . Leslie Jones (“Weekend Update: Relationship Expert”) she met online by jumping down his chimney and using it to defend all the “crazy.

A Date with Rosie Palms: One Celebrity Family Feud has the survey question "things you do when you're bored". Aidy Bryant as Adele merely answers with a cheeky giggle and a "y'know Oh you bet I do Show me fiddlin' with your gibblets!

One elf isn't having a good time because his kid, a thirteen-year-old-boy, is One of the items on his list is some very soft socks. In one memorable episode he does so many air quotes he actually takes off. Then the wires holding him up get tangled. Thought you'd seen the last of old Bennett, perhaps? Thought the network bigwigs would have sent Bennett and his negative "Q rating" on a slow boat China?

leslie jones weekend update relationship expert online

I don't "understand what's going on in the news. But, for the time being, I guess the network "enforcers" are opting for my approach, until Joe Consumer tells them he'd rather get his two cents from commentators who don't "make babies cry" and don't "drink maple syrup straight from the bottle" and don't [as he makes the quotes sign with his fingers, wires pull him in the air to create the illusion that he's made the gesture enough times to make him airborne] "leave old, dried-up deodorant cakes under their arm for weeks at a time" and, uh.

From a more recent Weekend Update, Colin Jost: Disney recently announced the first Latina Disney Princess. Says it all, really. All Just a Dream: To make people forget about the disjointed lousiness of Season 11 and to start fresh with a new and better cast — and to spoof what Dallas had just done over at CBS to negate its badly-received season — SNL used this trope by having Madonna who hosted the Season 11 premiere announce during the cold opening of Season 12 premiere that Season 11 was all "a dream The end of the Season 20 season episode hosted by Bob Newhart was revealed to be this, mimicking the All Just a Dream ending to Newhartcomplete with Suzanne Pleshette.

All Men Are Perverts: The men become delighted. All Myths Are True: Kenan aptly sums it up: And along with her is Catherine Deneuve Cecily Strongwho thought standing against "Me too" was just about being comfortable with sexuality but quickly starts to regret hitching herself to this horse as Bardot keeps saying offensive stuff. Also from Weekend Update: As President Trump entered the chamber for the State of the Union address, members of the congressional black caucus remained seated in protest.

They were mostly silent with the occasional Disapproving Look "Hmph. They look like my grandmother's church after the choir director came out of the closet.

Disapproving Look again Colin: Trump also tweeted that he had the highest ratings for a State of the Union address, which, get this, wasn't true.

And this time even Fox News fact checked on him. You know you're running your mouth when even your hype man is like Jive Turkey on "Yo, that ain't exactly accurate tho. Molly Skyler was the winner of this year's Wing Bowl by eating wings, beating the previous record of United Airlines prevented a passenger from bringing his emotional support peacock on a cross country flight, because the only emotional support bird they should allow on a plane is Grey Goose.

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Since the episode aired the eve of Super Bowl LII, there was a sketch set during the Revolutionary War had the Patriots of New England engaging with trash talk with the delegation from Philadelphia referring to themselves as Eagles. Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey even cameoed as members of their respective hometown factions. Is there anyway they can both lose? The episode with Charles Barkley: A lot happened in that long hiatus, and we start out with Anderson Cooper describing CNN as "your number one source for impeachment porn", followed by Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump yet again, tackling the Florida school shooting: I mean without her the last hot chick left is Jared Kushner That business is a waffle house at 2am Crazies everywhere, employees leaving before their shift, managers picking from the cash register to pay off the Russian mob Lorne Michaels wanted somebody to talk to about Black Panther.

Muhammad Ali changed the way people thought about Vietnam, Jim Brown had people talking about race, Michael Jordan even thought it was ok for him to play with Looney Tunes. And dribbling's only one of four things Lebron's good at, along with shooting, passing and magically making his hairline grow back.

Charles stars as typical Snake Oil Salesman with a pest control, or rather pest elimination system - training and arming his own pests with guns. The system is called Ned's Roach-Away.

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Charles is a volunteer teacher presenting a Homework Hotline, assisted by a sock puppet character not controlled by himself, it turns out to be Mikey Day in a sadly underrated performance. Unfortunately the helpline is hijacked by trolls with nonstop jokes about the teacher and the puppet's alleged relations.

Not helping things at all is Aidy Bryant as the well-meaning but fundamentally clueless phone operator who's sweetly deadpanning lines like this: While Timmons is the one all about the Testosterone Poisoning and talking down to the other two, it becomes clear that whatever rough stuff he went through compared to them was mostly head trauma. A rare letter written by Mahatma Gandhi mentioning Jesus Christ is being sold at an auction.

The letter simply reads 'Jesus Christ, I'm hungry. March is Women's History Month, because March is the only month that tells you what to do. Cecily Strong as Hope Hicks, explaining the whole situation about leaving the White House from her point of view - which is an oddly juvenile point of view.

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You're like those pictures of black lungs on cigarette boxes. To Ivanka, my BFF Ever since then it's been like a neverending sleepover, the kind where you wake up sleepy eyed and you're like 'is that my friend's dad in the doorway? Why is he just staring?

leslie jones weekend update relationship expert online

They deliberately end on a non-political note with a new "Last Call" sketch, the one where Kate Mckinnon hits on the one remaining guy in the bar, in this case Charles. At one point Kate uses Ladies' Speedstick in place of chapstick, and starts rubbing it on Charles' mouth, which is when the corpsing really starts. The scene ends with Charles bringing out a pair of those medical things that hold your mouths open, then he and Kate wear them and start tongue-kissing, or at least tongue-whipping.

Despite the whole mouth-open thing it's clear that all of them including Kenan are corpsing the whole time. Dear Lord, make me a bird, so I can fly, far away And the bombshell is that he can still nail Trump for obstruction of justice, but he can't "commit to collusion".

Right off the bat, the monologue takes a huge dig at the sap-tastic reputation of This is Us with Sterling claiming to be a very emotional individual One interesting bit is where Sterling briefly goes into a Kenan impression - yes, Kenan as himself and not one of the impressions he's been saddled with. Speaking of Kenan impressions, they bring back Celebrity Family Feud, this time catching up on belated Oscar fever with a Winners vs Losers matchup. Then Jordan mentions is his next project, the story of Dr.

Ben Carson ties into the next sketch, which has Sterling in that very role. Critics are calling it "Like This Is Us but without the feel-good parts. One trolled Oprah Winfrey online while the other one had his uncle killed with a cannon! What do you think Donald's gonna do at dinner when they tell him he's eating Disrespectful Limo Driver? I know this is played out, but Fake News! There's a term our father has for your elitist liberal media These stories you have heard are complete fabrications.

Eric goes back to aping Junior's every gesture. Our father has everything completely under control. We spoke to our father right before the show, and he said Stop bringing Eric on tv with you!

leslie jones weekend update relationship expert online

From the Worst News Judgement Ever folder: To commemorate International Women's Day, Mattel has released a Barbie doll of Amelia Earhart, which has got to be around here somewhere.

Public school teachers are seriously underpaid. You ever see a faculty parking lot? Most teachers drive cars made by companies that don't even make cars. My father was a public school teacher; he drives a '67 Frigidaire. They cover the freak storms on the Eastern seaboard by bringing in a weather expert You read that right, the supposedly departed Vanessa Bayer came back!

We're looking at not one, not two but TWO big biggies. Some of the biggest bits we've seen in quite a times. Absolutely dump after dump, wow! Winty winds are coming out of your north end your geast, pushing way way down into that major cold cahoot'n, nyeap? We be treating the earth like a big big bitch, kay?

Another Sterling role that's deliberately getting an indirect reference - the one in Black Panther Sterling plays T'Challa's great-great-grandfather T'Kana which makes for some Strong Family Resemblance since Sterling plays the father of Killmonger in the moviespeaking with T'Challa Chris Redd in the spirit realm alongside several other ancestors, including Leslie Jones, every black extra they could rope in, and Kenan as an uncle who's not only second-generation since he lacks their African accent, but the proud owner of a burger-grilling business.

At one point he presents his finest burger like it was infant Simba complete with pseudo-African chanting - cut to Sterling and Leslie nearly corpsing. One time I suggested that she put on a wig.

Maybe because he spelled it 'rumdnz' on Google. The last sketch is a rare one with Melissa as an elderly woman it's usually Kate isn't it?

The last thing she whispers to him is Unfortunately she goes into arrest and the paramedics are on the scene The Power of Rock literally brings miracles! In Memory of Lola Gomez Wife - Mother - Saw Nickelback 56 Times is a super-low-budget remake of the current title sequence, with all the regulars replaced by toys that may surprise some fans of anime, video games and even British robots ask your nerd friends.

The one where Bill Hader returns to host again: The cold open brings back Anderson Cooper again, and there's quite a bit to get through this week, what with the recent firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

leslie jones weekend update relationship expert online

What follows is a couple of surprise guests that are really only surprises if you haven't followed the show closely enough - John Goodman appears as Rex Tillerson, a role he played once in the previous season; Fred Armisen shows up as Michael Wolf, which was from a previous episode in this season; and Bill Hader appears early as Anthony Scaramucci, which he'd only done one time for Weekend Update Summer Edition.

There wasn't enough time then for Bill to present Anthony as anything more than overly Italian-American, so we learn this week that he also Cannot Keep a Secret. Jared Kushner's toast, baby. Look, you didn't hear this from me, but the guy's in debt up to his cojones - the Russians, the Saudis, Tommy Toupee down at the aqueduct Uh, yes, we're on live tv.

OYYY, Anthony, you stepped in it again, aaamammagaggoyy!! The monologue suddenly turns into Something Completely Differentas stage hands whip off Bill's outfit and start putting him into costume while he's still talking. By the time the blonde wig and denims are in place, the audience is already cheering, as they lead right into a new "Californians" sketch, which starts out with Kate McKinnon playing a new housekeeper replacing the departed Rosa since Vanessa Bayer, who plays that role, isn't on the show anymore.

But just to be safe, they've deliberately got a framed photo of her in the same Wham Line expression they always go into before each Eye Catch - and that's how the photo gets used later on. It's technically the St Patrick's Day episode so they commemorate with a sketch about an Irish-themed dating game show with the beautifully appropriate name "Kiss Me I'm Irish". And by Irish-themed we mean that everyone on the set is Irish, with Aidy Bryant as the one Irish-American contestant, but the real joke is that both of the other ladies are revealed to be the guy Bill Hader 's cousins - and they just keep on playing.

Campfire inquisition of Trevor do you have any other friends?

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He buys a Grow A Guy kit. They grow up so fast! That they placed this video in the first half-hour also represents another vote of confidence.

Kyle and Aidy into the woods? Franco as a troll, but why is Cathy Ann Cecily Strong here? Franco is the troll. You all get the subtle undertones here, that Franco is trolling us with his sexuality, right? Haha, you got us! Ladies and gentlemen, Nicki Minaj! Clever way to tackle that topic. Leslie Jones on Singles. The more Leslie appears on the Update desk, the more you realize that the whole point is to turn this into a deviously uncomfortable sexual tension between Leslie and Colin.