Kathleen tessaro innocence ending relationship

Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro

kathleen tessaro innocence ending relationship

Review: Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro I would even say his relationship with Evie is emotionally abusive; it's not her In the end, all Robbie proved to me was what a horrible friend Evie was, making me like her even less. I picked up Kathleen Tessaro's winning novel Innocence after being drawn in by the including an eventual marriage to a small-town boy from back home. full of surprises — and the biggest ones come at the end of the tale. Innocence: A Novel [Kathleen Tessaro] on hair-restore.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From New York Times bestselling author Kathleen Tessaro comes a poignant, funny. The book was a fast read and i was sorry to have it end. Badly enough that she not just accepts his proposal of marriage in a desparate bid.

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To compound the situation, Irene and Adrian have three young daughters whose lives will be torn apart by the consequences of his treachery. The brutality of the ensuing break-up and the colossal storm of Irene's anger are brilliantly evoked by Gerrard, whose life as a thriller writer in collaboration with husband Sean French has clearly honed a talent for plumbing the depths of human rage and fear.

kathleen tessaro innocence ending relationship

Her prose style is natural, not especially poetic but emotionally unguarded. Maybe that is why I have never before read an example of this genre that so accurately portrays the disintegration and ultimate death of self caused by the discovery that all your past existence was a lie and the future you were moving towards is no longer possible.

kathleen tessaro innocence ending relationship

In fact, this part of the novel is so good that Irene's reconstruction of a new self comes almost too quickly and risks seeming a trifle pat. The ending, however, sails closer to what feels like truth.

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Anne Fine is known as one of the best children's authors writing today, and Raking the Ashes, the sixth novel she has aimed at adults, displays her familiar cool, unfussy style.

Tilly, a fiercely independent woman who likes to tell it how it is, is initially attracted to Geoff because he is gentle, supportive and unchallenging. However, Geoff comes with baggage - two children and a needy ex-wife - and, as time goes by, Tilly watches with bewilderment, then fury, as Geoff allows his trio of dependents to walk all over him and by default her.

Soon our rather terrifying heroine decides that Geoff's unstinting good nature is in fact gross idleness and self-deception. Unfortunately, it's not easy to rid yourself of a man so supremely talented at ducking confrontation.

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This is female revenge upon men who waste our time. In Innocence Kathleen Tessaro tells a story intended to resonate with its target audience: Evie was once a brilliant actress whose tempestuous relationship with a fledgling rock star sabotaged her career; since then she has bobbed along with her head only just above water, minding her son and teaching drama to dismal failures.

Enter Robbie, an old friend recently killed in a car accident and now returned as a ghost to remind Evie of her lost self. Tessaro throws in a fascinating insider's look at the acting profession she herself was an actress and off we go for the ride.

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I had high hopes of falling for Jake and being swept away with passion myself, so I was very disappointed to find him extremely unattractive. He raves on about how Evie's everything to him, but that's clearly not true.

kathleen tessaro innocence ending relationship

He cares more about drugs, music and himself, because that's what he chooses over her time and again. I would even say his relationship with Evie is emotionally abusive; it's not her he loves, it's how she makes him feel and the power he has over her.

Even their first sexual encounter and the only one detailed in the book seems less about passion and more about what he can do to her and get her to do to him.

kathleen tessaro innocence ending relationship

All of this made Evie's obsession with Jake extremely frustrating; even 15 years later, she's no longer with him but he's still haunting her - perhaps even more so than the actual ghost in her life. She's floundering and clearly extremely unhappy, with her scraps of unmet dreams and lost love piled up in a box under the bed.

Hence the haunting; Robbie comes along with the message to not waste life because you never know when it will end. At least, I think that was why she was there. It's never firmly established; in fact, the haunting takes a backseat to a bunch of other things so much that each time Robbie pops up, I was like, "oh, that's right, this is a ghost story. Robbie herself is a colourful character, which is one of the reasons I would've liked to see more of her - dead or alive.

There were some other secondary characters that I also enjoyed - namely pretty much all of the people Evie lives with as an adult.