Flirt pole work dogs for disabled

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flirt pole work dogs for disabled

Two Dogs' Experiences with the Flirt Pole. If you have She was a little afraid of it, and I didn't have the interest to work on that at the time. use flirt toy to improve focus in dog training I have done this type work with a regular toy first, as the flirt pole toys are very high value and I. Service dogs are specially trained to assist people with disabilities. Flirt poles are one of the most convenient types of chase toys for.

Additionally, trainers can use play to help with task training. Many service dogs retrieve, pull and give items to other people as part of their work. Service dog candidate puppies can be introduced to some of the cues for these behaviors informally, while they are playing. I introduce cues with my dogs while playing by saying the cues while the puppy is performing the behavior in play.

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I re-introduce the cues when I later train the behaviors in a more structured context. Keep your training goals in mind when playing with service dog candidate pups.

flirt pole work dogs for disabled

Help the puppy become comfortable putting items of different materials in his or her mouth by playing with toys of various materials. Rules for safe games need to be established at the outset. I simply stop the game if the dog engages in an unwanted behavior like jumping or mouthing, wait for a few seconds and then try again.

If a dog is very excitable, using a leash or tether can help manage the dog more safely.

flirt pole work dogs for disabled

Teaching the dog to respond to cues to sit or down during excited play is important. A simple but important behavior is for dog to drop a toy on cue. Dogs quickly learn to drop what is in their mouths and start to look for the new toy or treats.

flirt pole work dogs for disabled

Accommodating Play Strategies For people with mobility limitations, it can be difficult to move quickly enough to trigger playful behavior. It can also be difficult for the client to hold the toy. Larger-sized soft toys are often easier to for people with disabilities impacting the use of their hands to grab. When the trainer is ready, he or she gives the dog a command to release the lure and may resume swinging the pole or end the session.

Principles[ edit ] Flirt pole used to condition dog for running and jumping. The flirt pole used to condition dog for running and jumping.

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Dogs have a natural prey drive that compels them chase after and kill prey, typically smaller animals. The long pole and flexible rope make it easy for the trainer to use momentum to make the lure move fast even faster than the dog can runchange directions quickly or move at variable heights.

The more the trainer can maneuver the pole and rope to make the lure emulate the way a small animal moves even if the lure is non-animal, such as a ragthe more interest the dog keeps in the object.

Even though the basis of the flirt pole is engaging the dog's prey drive, these exercises do not necessarily increase the drive. In fact, many trainers like to use the flirt pole to give dogs an opportunity to express prey drive in a non-destructive way, and use the flirt pole as a part of the training and socialization. Flirt poles are often used in specific types of dog training.

Schutzhund[ edit ] Schutzhund is a dog sport, developed in Germany, that tests dogs on police tasks including odor detection and search and rescue.

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Flirt pole work is often used in training to teach skills that the dog will need later in protection work, in particular, targeting skills and grip. A flirt pole was commonly used to train these dogs for cardiovascular and speed workouts and to encourage prey drive. Some professional breeders advocate using flirt pole skill exercises as a part of that conditioning in order to create acceptable outlets for the prey drive, which, along with bite inhibition training, decreases the likelihood of a puppy using his prey drive in an inappropriate manner.

Active flirt pole work helps to strengthen heart and lung function, improve balance, fine-tune motor skills, and strengthen muscles and joints. Any exercise for dogs, including with the flirt pole, helps release anxious energy which leads to destructive behaviors and to maintain healthy body functions. Risks[ edit ] The type of activity that a flirt pole encourages is for healthy dogs in good physical condition.