Disney three musketeers ending relationship

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disney three musketeers ending relationship

Mickey,Donald,and Goofy's problems in France didn't end just because the movie did!Follow the silly short misadventures of our boys and their. Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers () with its adorable characters, one-liners, and relationships amongst man and beast. moments, but as with all Disney movies, a happy ending is at the end of the tunnel. Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers Original Soundtrack Donald's destiny has soured, it's the end! Mickey Mouse/Relationships Disney Wiki.

If he ever lived through this he was surely going to be sick. Donald pulled a branch out of his face as he scrambled out of the thorn patch. Harold had long since been gone after that fright from the bats. He ached all over after the tumble down the long slope at the edge of the cliff.

He stumbled forward slowly. His legs felt wobbly and he could barely stand up. He wobbled forward a little and finally threw up. When the world stopped spinning he saw green smoke rising into the sky in front of him.

In front of him was a mansion. He got up and shook off most of the mud that had got on him in the thorn bush. He walked forward with his hand on the hilt of his sword. The mansion was huge. There were numerous windows lining the walls with panes missing and curtains billowing out of. A strange red glow was coming out of the windows on the first floor.

He walked slowly up to the door and raised his hand to knock. Before he could knock the door opened and a purple mist came out of the door drawing Donald inside.

When Donald was inside, the door slammed shut and three locks locked. Donald peered around the entrance hall looking for a way into another room.

The strange thing about the entrance hall was that there were no doors or windows. Suddenly a wall slid away in front of him and a misty voice called out, "Come closer my darling. A strange smell enveloped Donald. It was a smell that made you forget your aches and pains and worries and make you feel relaxed and happy. Donald unknowingly waltzed forward into the room and almost immediately the smell stopped.

Donald flickered back to reality. Everything was dark and smelly. The weird red glow was gone and the smell was to. Donald was standing at the threshold of a long rickety staircase that led down a long way. These stairs were not as menacing in the red glow but now they proved a good hazard to him.

Donald closed his eyes, put his left foot out and brought it down on the first step. He stopped breathing for one second, thinking the step would cave in and send him tumbling down the rest of the way. The step stood firm as if it were stone. He put his foot on the next step. These stairs were not as scary now that he knew they wouldn't fall in on him. Donald proceeded down the staircase. After four minutes or so he grew tired of going down the stairs.

He had been going down for a long time now and was starting to lose patience. Three minutes later he came to a window. Donald decided to look out of it to see what time of day it was. He was surprised at two things. One was why anyone would put a window underground for and two that he saw an actual view out of the window.

When Donald looked out the window he expected to see trees sitting outside before he came to his senses. Windows shouldn't be put underground. It was pointless because no light could get through it. He had been going down a long way and was astonished that when he looked out the window he saw a view. A view that was looking out above the treetops of the woods. He could see for miles, even see the palace.

He had been walking down a few minutes ago. How did he end up being so high? He looked up and down the stairway. No light was pouring in through the window onto the stairway and the stairs were still going down a long way. Donald turned away from the window with still more questions. He took one step and felt solid ground. He felt a platform beneath his feet. He was standing on the upper platform of the mansion. He looked back to see the window there and three steps leading down from the landing.

He had been going up three steps the whole time? He looked out the window. Now all he could see were the roots of a tree, as if he were underground. He looked back at the stairs but there were no stairs to look back at. The stairs were gone. He looked a round the window was now showing the distant trees that surrounded the forest, a normal view. He turned around to the landing but the landing was gone too.

There were stairs going up now in front of him. There were no stairs there any more just a door with the red glow coming out of it. The entrance door was up against his back as if he hadn't gone down the stairs and seen the window. When he turned back the door was gone and he was standing in a room filled with an assortment of mirrors.

The entry way was gone to leaving a blank wall behind. Donald was scared now. He had now decided that there was more to Magicia DeSpell then he had originally thought. He made his way down the aisles of mirrors till one mirror caught his eye.

The mirror was showing the room he was in now but something was different. It showed the room basking in sunlight as if the sun was in the very room. Curious Donald looked at the next mirror. The next mirror showed the same room just it was covered in floral attire. Donald looked at the next one. That mirror showed the room in total darkness as if there was no light. Donald, now intrigued, looked at all of the mirrors. The mirrors showed the room in different things such as underwater, without walls, without Donald, filled with gold, filled with pudding, filled with monkeys, and in a green light.

Every mirror made Donald excited to see what the next one would show. At the end of the row of mirrors there was a tall mirror. It was framed in gold and had strange designs and words on it. This mirror showed a different room, a room with a huge cauldron in the middle. Donald looked at it a long time. He felt as if the room really existed. Donald stuck out his hand to touch the mirror, but instead of touching the cold glass his hand went through it.

He tried to tug his hand out of the mirror but it wouldn't move. Suddenly Donald felt his whole body shift forward. He was going through the mirror. On the other side he felt the smell come back. The smell he had smelt before. He had suddenly become aware of another person in the room. Welcome to my home. Donald found his voice for the first time since he had entered the house. He oddly didn't know why he had said that. He felt as if there was an enchantment in this room and he was falling under it.

The Three Musketeers Disney Opera

Donald took no notice of this smile. He was falling under the enchantment every few seconds. Drool started to form on Donald's lip.

He was losing his brain every second till he felt the smell stop. Magicia's eyes were huge and they were light purple as if she was doing magic with them. He had made a point and caught her in a corner. He was waiting for a desperate glance to go spread across her face. Her eyes back to normal. What were you doing with the cauldron behind…? The cauldron was gone. He was now looking at a cozy living room area with four bookcases around it.

On the chairs were five cats. He had thought that a cauldron was there a moment ago. Donald slumped into a chair. How was he wrong? Had he dreamed about everything? He had felt funny after going in the house. Magicia smiled and daintily plopped into a chair adjacent to Donald.

She picked up a teacup on the table next to her. He put a hand to his head and sat there quietly looking at the rug on the floor while Magicia sipped her tea contentedly.

I do as well as my love life, which is going down the drain. Magicia sat up and spit some of her drink out of her mouth, wetting some of the cats purring at her feet. Magicia looked at Donald with greed in her eyes, which soon became sympathy.

Donald looked up slightly He was surprised to see Magicia smiling. He put his hand down and was now giving Magicia his full attention.

She was now rummaging in her pocket for something. She was throwing stuff out of the pocket like balls, crystals, coins, and frog juice. She was holding up a small red bottle with a large thirty-six on the cover. He grabbed it and held it in his palm.

He eyed it closely. It had thirty-six on the label with a sign in the back that had MDS with four wands going through it in the back.

It will help you with your problem no doubt. I will see you to the door. He heard it snap shut behind him. He turned around and made his way down the hall and out the door. Strangely he came out onto a street corner unnoticed by him and others and swiftly made his way to the Musketeers house. It was dusk and everyone was walking home to dinner. He reached the house and undressed into his nightwear. He heard a clank on his bureau as he put his belt on it. He had forgotten about the potion and promised himself he would use it tomorrow.

As he went to bed, somewhere inside his head he was debating. This lasted all night and finally, driven mad by it, Donald woke up, took the bottle in his hands and went up to the castle.

disney three musketeers ending relationship

Chapter 7 Daisy opened the large door to the library stealthily. She held her lantern up as she made her way towards the records shelf. What next, I get my memory erased? She took down the large tome and skimmed through it. She reached M and got her quill ready, but she stopped. Mickey was not written in the book. He's under service census. These officials can't be trusted to do…" In her rage, she slammed the book back into the shelf, knocking another, smaller one free.

It fell with a light thud on the ground. Is this punishment for hating the dunces they put in as…" She picked it up and it fell open. She looked in it and gasped. Daisy didn't see the figure emerge from the shadows.

She did not see Mortimer take the book back out and flip to the page she had just seen. She did not see him rip it out and ignite it with his hand, snickering at the soon to be lost information. Donald made it to the castle without being spotted and went up the walk to the section where Daisy lived.

He banged on the door. A minute later Daisy arrived. What are you doing here? I have something to tell you. I was going through Mickey's history because Minnie told me to make Mickey a prince, and I found out that Mickey wa…" Before Daisy could finish Donald had taken the cork off the bottle and popped it into Daisy's mouth. Daisy stopped moving and fell to the ground. Donald grabbed Daisy and took her to her bed tucked her in and left as quickly as he had come.

He went to bed again with a voice in his head saying, "Great Donald, you have brought the end of the world. He shook his head roughly and pulled himself up. He shook the rest of his body and stepped off his bed.

He eyed the office closely before opening his mouth and letting his tongue hang low. He strode over to the desk and jumped onto the chair. He liked to pretend that he was the caption and in control.

The door creaked open as Mickey entered the room. He opened it and took a bag out of it and shut the door softly. Mickey strode over to Pluto and patted him lightly on the head. Pluto barked and jumped down from the chair. He opened a drawer and took out a folder filled with papers. Curious Pluto jumped up on the back of Mickey's chair and stared at the paper. They looked funny but he could make out the word Pete and Magicia DeSpell continuously on the paper.

He looked inquisitive at Mickey hoping he would explain the paper. I haven't told the musketeers yet because I don't want them involved. Goofy is coming back tomorrow and I have to prepare. He sighed and stood up. He picked up the bag at his feet and left the room with Pluto at his heels. Pluto sped down the stairway racing against Mickey. They liked to do this because it helped them exercise and were fun. Pluto once again came out on top as the top dog.

Mickey laughed and pushed him off of him. Mickey crossed the room and went through the doors. Pluto whimpered and sat down. Pluto smiled and licked him again. Mickey smiled and left through the door.

Mickey walked down the steps. Halfway down he ran into someone. The person straightened up and turned to Mickey. Donald blushed and turned around to get his horse.

Donald climbed on Greg and rode off. Why did Donald blush and not answer him. This was odd but he was too late for Minnie anyway.

disney three musketeers ending relationship

He went to the stable, saddled up Harold, and rode to the castle. Mickey arrived at the castle a minute later. He was led to Minnie and Mortimer who were in the throne room. She ran up to Mickey and hugged him. He hugged Minnie tightly as if he didn't want to let her go. Minnie smiled a small smile and immediately held Mortimer's hand. This was an image he would have to remember.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the castle Donald was knocking on Daisy's door. He had been in a hurry to see what the love potion would do to her. A moment later the door opened and there stood Daisy, in a flowing gown. Dressed up as if it were a formal occasion. Donald blushed some more and smiled a happy smile.

She tickled him under the chin. She giggled and Donald smiled a wry smile. Daisy snapped the door shut and grabbed Donald. Donald looked at her wide-eyed. She was acting different since yesterday. This probably had something to do with the potion.

Daisy smiled and kissed him. He had waited for this for a long time but it wasn't right. He felt fireworks go off but they were dull, as if they were only firecrackers. They were still fireworks to him. She grabbed Donald's hand and ran out the door, through the garden, and out into the hills. Donald liked the new Daisy. She was more in love with him then the old Daisy. Meanwhile, in the other wing of the castle, Minnie, Mickey, and Mortimer were dancing in the ballroom.

Minnie was busy practicing for the birthday ball, which is when she would announce her marriage to Mortimer. Mickey was stuck dancing with Minnie's mother. Minnie's father was instructing Minnie and Mortimer how to dance properly. He was bored not because he was dancing with a slow dancer, but because he had to let go of Minnie.

He had said that he was also going to marry Minnie but in reality couldn't. She was bored not because she was dancing with the world's stinkiest dancer but because she couldn't be with Mickey, who was going through this whole ordeal, just to be with her. She frowned and continued dancing. When their dancing lessons were done, they left for the day. Mortimer left to the west tower while Mickey exited the main gates. He stopped at a local bakery to pick-up a bag of dog treats for Pluto like he promised.

When he got home he was surprised to not find Donald anywhere. He went upstairs to see Pluto and give him his treats. Pluto happily accepted them. He ate the whole bag and also got a tummy rub from Mickey. It was late when Donald stumbled into the hall. He slumped up to bed wiping the kiss marks as he went.

He had a great night dreaming of what the next day would be like with Daisy. Mickey was up later trying to get the preparations in order for Goofy's arrival tomorrow and to find out more on Pete's case. Pluto stayed by his master licking Mickey's hands when they were in reach.

Top 5 Disney Movies on Netflix That Need More Love

Mickey would never respond in a smile. Pluto frowned and settled down on his bed to sleep. Mickey looked at his friend and smiled, bent down and patted him on the head. Pluto was a true friend and couldn't live without him. Chapter 9 The day was foggy and cold. All the musketeers stood in a straight line as stiff as boards. They stood ready with swords at their sides to salute Goofy when he came. Pluto was gone from his bed this morning and didn't know where he was.

He had sent Fernaldo to find him. Suddenly a carriage appeared on the horizon. This was clearly Goofy's carriage. Fernaldo stumbled forward to tell Mickey something. He was shaking all over and he had apparently gotten water in his eyes because they were watery. His voice was quivering slightly. Goofy's carriage drew closer. Mickey could make out the shape of three horses guiding the carriage.

Fernaldo was shaking and tears were coming down his face. Finally the carriage pulled up to a stop. The carriage door opened to reveal Goofy. He stepped out onto the pavement smiling and holding a suitcase. The musketeers raised their swards in salute to him. Goofy walked down the long aisle to where Mickey and Donald stood waiting. He smiled and seemed happy to see him. Goofy placed his suitcase down and hugged Donald and Mickey.

He let go a while later. He was wondering what Fernaldo was going to say before he was cut off. Pluto was starting to make him worried. When they reached the courtyard Fernaldo started crying heavily now.

Mickey looked back at him. Why was he crying? He was probably so happy too see Goofy again. All of the other musketeers had tears in their eyes to see him. We don't have any gallows. What are you talking a There was indeed a gallows there and something was swaying in the breeze.

The fog that was swirling round it clouded the figure. Mickey stepped forward to get a better look and later wished he hadn't. No words can describe his feelings so I will try to explain them in the best way possible. He felt as if his heart was ripped out and torn into five pieces. Like the whole world had stopped, that nothing could make him happy or feel happy to him again. He sank to his knees, tears now streaming down his face. Behind him Donald had stepped up with Goofy to see the figure.

They both gasped at the same moment. Goofy put a hand on Mickey's shoulder to comfort him. Mickey tried to blink back tears but couldn't. They just came faster. Goofy had tears in his eyes to and Donald was already crying a steady stream of tears. The other musketeers were rushing forward to cut the body loose. They rested the body at Mickey's knees. Mickey put up a hand and placed it on the body.

Daisy was with her. Daisy was oddly dressed in a lavender blue dress and as happy as a lark. Minnie went immediately over to Mickey who was in his room with Pluto resting on the bed.

Mickey looked at her. Tears were still pouring down his face getting the sheets wet. Minnie went to him and kneeled down next to him putting her arm around him.

Why would they kill him? He was still sad as ever and couldn't talk in a strong voice. She had tears in her eyes also. He wiped the tears from his eyes and started rummaging around the room for clothes, which he threw into an open bag. Minnie watched in surprise till she noticed what he was doing. I saw him eight days ago. He was with Magicia DeSpell and another person. He was about to open the door when Minnie stopped him. He turned towards the door again. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I made a big mistake.

Please stay here with me. But one last thing. Out side Goofy was peering through the keyhole at the whole scene. He and Donald had come up to see Mickey but were side tracked by Daisy who once again kissed Donald madly.

By the time they had gotten to his room Mickey had been all packed and heading for the door. Goofy looked through the keyhole while Donald listened through the door cracks. The first thing they heard was "Waiting!

You can't go Mickey, I love you. Next he heard Mickey say something about Minnie not wanting him to do something and not.

A moment later Donald heard he had to do one thing then Goofy gasped. Donald stared at him as if Goofy was a stupid person. Donald pushed Goofy aside to look in the room.

He saw Mickey and Minnie kissing. He looked at Donald. He pondered if Minnie and Mickey were possibly breaking up. Maybe Mickey needed the love potion Magicia gave Donald. Someone tapped Donald on the back.

Donald screamed and jumped into Goofy's arms. A musketeer was standing behind Donald holding something in his hand. I was told to give it to Captain Mickey. Then he remembered Pete was out of jail and knew Mickey would pursue him. The musketeer held out his hand and dropped the brooch into Donald's hand. Donald followed him to him to the stairway where he went straight and into his room. His room was cluttered and dusty.

He made his way. To his desk and tried to clear it off onto the floor. He looked at the symbol while he tried to clear the table off. It had MDS with four wands pointing out of it. A small glass bottle was still on the desk when he had finished clearing it off. He was just about to toss it off when he noticed something on the bottle. It was the same symbol.

The bottle had MDS across the back of the label with four wands pointing out of it and a 36 in front of it. He was looking at the potion vial he was given by, "Magicia DeSpell! Mickey looked back at her and shook his head. He hoisted himself onto the horse and blew Minnie a kiss. He cocked Phillip into a trot, then a gallop, and then they sped away into the night. Minnie held her handkerchief to her eyes as she cried. Donald was racing to the stables as fast as he could. He had to catch Mickey before he left.

He was going after the wrong person. Magicia had killed Pluto not Pete. He ran down a narrow hallway knocking musketeers over as he went.

By the time he got to the stables he was too late. He could see Mickey speeding off. Minnie was beside him crying. The driver whipped his whip and the horses left to. Donald was all-alone outside now. Donald turned to face him. He was wearing the biggest smile. Donald nodded his head. Donald waited for a second then got on Harold and galloped off.

Mickey may have got the wrong person but Donald wouldn't and he knew just where to find her. He lost no time in entering the door of Magicia's mansion not bothering to wipe the mud off of his skin. He ran down the stairs and through the last mirror. She was nowhere to be seen. The room was different though.

There was a giant cauldron with bookcases with potions on them and bones littering the floor. Suddenly he felt a searing pain on the back of his head. He lost all of his senses and fell face forward onto the bony floor. He was now a sitting duck in the house of a witch. Magicia towered over him, wand in hand.

She pulled out a gold coin with strange black markings on it. I guess it would be a good time to make another batch of the potion. Professor Ludwig Von Drake was taking longer then he had originally thought. He had supplied all of the parts for his machine and now he had to wait for the professor to finish.

It had taken three months to get the pieces and was taking two to finish. He sat drumming his fingers waiting for the door to open and Ludwig to come out. As if the parts were long enough to wait for he also had to get the galunium to Magicia and her apprentice. Finally the door opened and Ludwig came out. Ludwig Von Drake was an old duck with glasses and a scientific brain. He was now splattered in oil and grease and could barely see out of his glasses.

He gave a low bow to Pete also. He was told to or he would be killed. He was regretting the day he had answered Pete's ad for a science professor back in Germany. Pete strode forward to look at his machine. Ludwig gulped and nodded. It had better or someone is going to pay. He signaled for the Beagle Boys to come here. He took a step forward and through the door and Baggy and Bouncer followed.

Pete slammed the door shut and Ludwig pushed the buttons. The door started glowing and beeping. The Beagle Boys were screaming in pain as the door stopped glowing. Pete took a step forward and opened the door.

Laughter erupted from inside as if there were thousands of them. Chapter 13 Two days had passed and Mickey didn't know where Pete was. His supplies were running low and he was getting tired of looking for Pete. He was wishing he were home right now. He had been going almost everywhere for days and was looking for a rest stop.

disney three musketeers ending relationship

He finally found a mountain. It was so tall that he couldn't even see the peak. He tied Phillip to a rock and let him graze the grass around him. He went up to the side of the mountain to see if there was any water flowing downs it.

He felt around the edge for a soft spot. He started to kick the rock.

disney three musketeers ending relationship

Just give me something. There was a secret door in the mountain. He got up and looked around. The place was glowing and whirling with inventions and machines. He drew his sword and began to scour the laboratory.

There were strange things in bottles and testing labs and everything. It seemed out of place. Like it should be in the future. He ended up finding nothing of great importance. He did find fresh supplies. He sat down on a flat rock. He jumped up from the rock. He looked at what he had just sat on to see a piece of paper on the rock. In big letters it said: Big Time was a Beagle Boy, one of Pete's henchmen. This was Pete's hideout. He quickly ran to Phillip and raced off to England. He may be sworn to protect France but Big Time was considered a France threat.

Chapter 14 The next day, miles away, King Francis of England was standing on a balcony addressing his kingdom on his retirement.

Behind the curtain prince Ford was pacing back and forth very nervous. He was going to rule a kingdom and didn't know what to do. His brother Mortimer was busy doing something in France and he was first born anyway. Mortimer could never be king. Big Time popped out of the sewers into the kitchen. He made his way silently through the corridors, hiding often to avoid being spotted. Mickey pulled up to the castle and quickly dismounted Phillip.

He ran up the stairs and through the castle looking for Prince Ford. Big Time could be any where by now. He had to act fast. Big Time crouched under a statue to avoid a butler. He could hear cheers. The prince was near. Ford was taken from behind the curtain onto the balcony to see his people who cheered for him.

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He smiled and waved like he was supposed to. Big Time crouched at the ready to go beyond the curtain any moment. Mickey was racing up the stairs towards the balcony panting for breath.

Ford was getting ready to say his speech; Big Time was going through the curtain; and Mickey was running into the room behind the curtain. Big Time slipped through the curtain, pulled out a pistol, and aimed; Mickey dived through the curtain sword drawn and yelling; Ford ducked to get away from Big Time. There was a shot and the world stood still. Chapter 15 Goofy was patrolling the outer wall of the palace, practicing for the big night. Minnie, Daisy, and Clarabelle were inside preparing the ballroom for the ball.

Mortimer was nowhere to be seen. Goofy became hungry after a while and decided to go in for a snack. The ball was to start in three hours.

People were already arriving and the other musketeers were still not here. Goofy slipped in to the entrance hall and decide that the kitchen was on the left of the hall.

She was decked out in a pink gown with flowers in the dress. Where were the other musketeers? They should have been there by now. Then he remembered they had stopped for a burger. Clarabelle left and Goofy turned to go back to the kitchen. He bumped into a fat, pompous man. He was clutching an old duck by his hand and it looked like he was hurting the duck. He made Goofy remember Donald for once since he had gotten back. He pushed past Goofy and made hastily for a door on the opposite side of the room.

The man was going into the library. Goofy fallowed, curious on what the man was doing in there.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers - Wikipedia

He tiptoed in and tried to find him. He had to do this stealthily if he was going to see what he was doing. So he did it in the most stealthily way he could think of. There was a slamming of a book somewhere. Then he turned around and left the room. Libraries sure were helpful. Chapter 16 Mickey jumped on Big Time knocking him over.

Big Time kicked and scratched at Mickey trying to knock his sword away. Prince Ford was grasping around the area looking for something to hold onto.

Big Time was now shooting left and right trying to get a clear aim at Mickey. Mickey knocked the gun out of Big Time's hand and put his sword to Big Time's throat. He stared at Ford to see him lying on the floor, blood gushing from a wound in his head. Big Time gagged and sputtered trying to speak. Mickey pushed his blade closer still. Mickey nodded at the clock behind him. Big Time stared at it. He looked back at Mickey and said.

He opened his eyes for the first time since he had been hit on the head. He was looking at Magicia who was stirring something in the cauldron. She stopped stirring and walked down from her platform to meet him. Donald finally noticed that he was bound by magical ropes and was suspended two feet off the floor. I'll tell you all in good time. She tickled his chin and cackled. She made a chair appear out of nowhere and sat in it looking at Donald. She cleared her throat and got ready to speak.

All for One and One for All

Goofy entered the library thinking that it was the bathroom. He walked in and found that he wasn't in the bathroom. He looked up at the central pillar.

There was an old duck and Pete looking through a big book. Suddenly Goofy didn't have to go the bathroom anymore. Pete was looking hard at him. His eyes were like hot coals. Well I guess you aren't that big a threat. Ludwig gulped and tried to slip off the chair and away. Pete grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and hauled him back into the chair. Couldn't hurt to tell you. She was wearing a white dress with a big red heart on the upper torso.

She was now busy putting powder on her cheeks. The door opened behind her and Mortimer slipped in. Have you seen Michelo? He's late and I'm beginning to worry. She heard the door lock and Mortimer turned to her with a devilish smile on his face. Not safe at all. Chapter 17 "Well it all started in jail. I learned from another cellmate about Magicia DeSpell. She wishes her companion the best of luck, and when the duck's back was turned, gave Mickey such a heated look that he was certain the candles had started to melt.

Once Daisy had packed and left, Minnie ever so politely informed Mickey that with Daisy gone, she would be alone in her room while she did her nightly routines, and simply did not feel safe in this predicament. Therefore, she ordered him to stay the night in her room. Stay the night… Even Mickey's honorable naivety had its limits, so he was certain what that entailed.

Yet she couldn't possibly mean…! His princess was unconventional, that was for certain. She believed in fairness and equality for all, rarely acting like a superior to those around her. Instead of sending Clarabelle to jail with the other conspirators of the usurping plot, she had given the cow a job in the castle.

Despite knowing three orphans had no training or credentials to guard her, she still allowed them to keep their duties. She enjoyed long walks in her garden and trips to the theater, much like any young maiden. Had anyone only looked at these matters, they would have known her as an innocent and pure girl… … And then came her relationship to the commoner Mickey, and the terms 'innocent and pure' would start to stretch.

For reasons Mickey still couldn't fathom, she came at this relationship with the burning intensity of a thousand suns. Whenever a moment presented itself, she would snatch him away for kisses and completely throw decorum out the window, along with his shirt.

It wasn't that Mickey didn't enjoy the company, for he most certainly did, and some of his favorite moments as a musketeer were laying his head in her lap and watching clouds drift by. But he was her guardian, and she was royalty, and there were simply lines to keep in mind!

Lines that, were the public to find out, would shock and upset the rest of the kingdom, and then there were the matters of the King and Queen… But thinking these matters over wasn't going to help him open the doors. Swallowing his nervousness down with a heavy gulp, he knocked three times. He carefully opened the door, and stepped inside, startled by the sheer size of the room he entered. Why, they could have fit ten bedrooms from the orphanage in this single one! He whistled a note, impressed by the quality of fancy items strewn here and there.

His eyes managed to find the princess sitting among a small table and brushing her hair in the mirror. He couldn't help but note that even her nightwear emphasized her adorability. Instead of a nightgown, as he had expected — not fantasized about, mind you, expected! It showed off her petite figure, which she caught him looking at in the mirror. Ya told me too, so… here I am. She then sighed, twirling the brush in her hand. Don't you think I'd look prettier with long, flowing hair, like Daisy has?

And I don't think she'd wanna share it. Perhaps he had been over thinking the situation. She just wanted some company, that was all. That kinda hair… just fits ya, I guess. I don't think it has ta change at all. She put down her brush and held her cheeks, feeling ten times prettier. And you're right… Daisy's hair wouldn't suit me at all. I do hope she's having a good time. I miss her, but I am glad to have a little time apart. Something about the way Minnie had worded that spelled trouble. Why don't you come over here?

The King mounting his head on the wall if he ever came back and found out all this! There were things a boy and a girl just did not do if they were not married, and he was a commoner, and she was royalty, and — "Mickey. He helplessly poked the door a few more times, unable to come up with a sound argument to defy her, and then relented, walking towards her bed.

He stood next to her bed, hoping she wouldn't notice how badly he was shaking. Minnie calmly closed her diary, and handed it and the pencil over to him. He looked back to the bed, and saw that her highness had already snuggled herself under the sheets, her head on her pillow.

Confused, he walked back to her side, and saw her eyes closed. She was intent on sleeping. That… that was all? She never wanted anything else? Not even a goodnight kiss? He stood there, dumbfounded. What a silly mouse he had been, worrying over nothing! She really did just want company after all! Instead of bringing relief, he slapped his hands on his face, because that meant all this worrying made him out to be some kind of devious pervert. He had been thinking of all the passionate moves she was going to pounce on him, but all she wanted was a friend to ease her to sleep.