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Viserys insists on Daenerys's marriage to Drogo. Dany's Dothraki handmaidens Irri and Jhiqui dismiss the story, saying that the moon is a .. He also viewed the Yunkai campaign as a distraction from their main goal of taking Westeros. A page for describing Characters: A Song of Ice and Fire - Court of Daenerys I. This is a listing of members of Daenerys Targaryen's Court that appear in A . Game of Thrones: 20 book bits they cut from the show, from Daenerys's lesbian sex to Tyrion's hideous crimes. To continue reading this article.

His decision making about his people was always in their best interest, and she appreciated how he took responsibility for them. Her confidant and friend, Doreah, had been teaching her how to become more assertive in the bedroom. Drogo needed the attention of his wife nightly, but for Dany, it was never gratifying. Mounted from behind, the preferred position of the Dothraki, proved unsatisfying for her.

Although she could not compare his lovemaking with anyone else, as she had been a virgin, Doreah introduced her to the sensual arts and taught her how to please and be pleased. Some time had passed and Dany had not moved. With her eyes still fixed on the dancing flame of the candle, she listened to the noises around her. Around the campfires the men would drink, laugh and tell stories. Drogo was among them.

Dany replaced the burned out candles with new ones and lay back on her bed. She heard the rustling of the skins covering the door as they were swept aside and Drogo entered. Sitting up quickly she stared at the massive bulk as he stood at the entrance. Removing his belt he stared back at Dany, his eyes filled with want for his Khaleesi.

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Watching him undress, she admired his physique. Massive in stature he stood proud. His sculpted and firm chest covered by a dusting of hair. His long ponytail fell forward as he bent forward to remove his boots, rising back up, he flicked it behind him. The swelling of his manhood beneath his leather pants showed Dany how much he needed her. Fast fingers unraveled the laces that secured his pants.

His eyes never moved away from hers. Pushing the soft leather lower, down past his thighs, he bent over to remove them. Walking towards the bed Drogo moved his hand over his erection and stroked it just once before kneeling at the edge at Dany's side.

His hands were already at the hem of her dress, making their way up her thighs. Grabbing ahold of her, he turned her around, pushing her onto the bed on her knees. Dany quickly spun around and sat back, saying "No! Drogo was surprised, but continued his attempt to push Dany onto all fours to take up his usual stance.

His hands moved fast, trying to lift her clothing. But she was mounted on a dragon, not a horse. Some small part of her knew that she was dreaming, but another part exulted. This is how it was meant to be. The other was a nightmare, and I have only now awakened. This passage is one that I have occasionally struggled with. She is standing over me. She thought she could see a shadow, the faintest outline of a shape.

To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow. Pale yellow lantern light flooded the cabin, and Irri and Jhiqui sat up sleepily. Viserion woke and opened his jaws, and a puff of flame brightened even the darkest corners. There was no sign of a woman in a red lacquer mask.

If I look back I am lost, Dany told herself the next morning as she entered Astapor through the harbor gates. She dared not remind herself how small and insignificant her following truly was, or she would lose all courage.

Today she rode her silver, clad in horsehair pants and painted leather vest, a bronze medallion belt about her waist and two more crossed between her breasts. Irri and Jhiqui had braided her hair and hung it with a tiny silver bell whose chime sang of the Undying of Qarth, burned in their Palace of Dust.

The red brick streets of Astapor were almost crowded this morning. Slaves and servants lined the ways, while the slavers and their women donned their tokars to look down from their stepped pyramids.

They are not so different from Qartheen after all, she thought. It made her wonder how many of them would ever have children. Aggo went before her with his great Dothraki bow. Strong Belwas walked to the right of her mare, the girl Missandei to her left.

Ser Jorah Mormont was behind in mail and surcoat, glowering at anyone who came too near. Rakharo and Jhogo protected the litter. Dany had commanded that the top be removed, so her three dragons might be chained to the platform. Irri and Jhiqui rode with them, to try and keep them calm.

Rhaegal could sense something wrong as well. Drogon coiled into a ball, wings and tail tucked tight. Only his eyes remained to tell that he was not asleep. The rest of her people followed: She put the oldest and weakest on the inside of the column, with the nursing women and those with child, and the little girls, and the boys too young to braid their hair.

The Unsullied

The rest—her warriors, such as they were—rode outside and moved their dismal herd along, the hundred-odd gaunt horses that had survived both red waste and black salt sea.

Not only does this earlier identity give Dany a sense of connection to her still-tiny khalasar, but it also gives a tangible connection to the last time she triumphed over a seemingly superior foe. The Plaza of Punishment Now we get to the Big Event of the chapter, and as if to emphasize what kind of social system Dany is about to overthrow, GRRM changes the scene of the crime from the Plaza of Pride to a new location: The Plaza of Pride with its great bronze harpy was too small to hold all the Unsullied she had bought.

There were no bronze statues here; only a wooden platform where rebellious slaves were racked, and flayed, and hanged. At first glimpse, Dany thought their skin was striped like the zorses of the Jogos Nhai.

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Then she rode her silver nearer and saw the raw red flesh beneath the crawling black stripes. The rebellious slaves had been peeled like a man might peel an apple, in a long curling strip. One man had an arm black with flies from fingers to elbow, and red and white beneath. Dany reined in beneath him.

These flayed bodies stand as mute witnesses to the fact that the Good Masters of Astapor, whatever else they might have been, were not innocent. Ser Jorah barked a command, and the trade goods were brought forward. Six bales of tiger skins, three hundred bolts of fine silk. Jars of saffron, jars of myrrh, jars of pepper and curry and cardamom, an onyx mask, twelve jade monkeys, casks of ink in red and black and green, a box of rare black amethysts, a box of pearls, a cask of pitted olives stuffed with maggots, a dozen casks of pickled cave fish, a great brass gong and a hammer to beat it with, seventeen ivory eyes, and a huge chest full of books written in tongues that Dany could not read.

And more, and more, and more. Her people stacked it all before the slavers. While the payment was being made, Kraznys mo Nakloz favored her with a few final words on the handling of her troops. There are many small cities between here and there, cities ripe for sacking.

Whatever plunder she takes will be hers alone. Unsullied have no lust for gold or gems. And should she take captives, a few guards will suffice to march them back to Astapor. In ten years, some of the boys she sends us may be Unsullied in their turn.

Thus all shall prosper. The rest awaits you on the ships, a great quantity of amber and wine and black rice. And you have the ships themselves. The first move is for Dany to show as many of the Unsullied as possible that they no longer belong to the Good Masters: He hears me speak Valyrian. The other slavers were not listening. They crowded around Kraznys and the dragon, shouting advice.

Though the Astapori yanked and tugged, Drogon would not budge off the litter. And then finally, finally, the tension breaks as Dany and Drogon launch their attack: Kraznys screamed and staggered back, the blood running red down his cheeks into his perfumed beard. A lance of swirling dark flame took Kraznys full in the face. His eyes melted and ran down his cheeks, and the oil in his hair and beard burst so fiercely into fire that for an instant the slaver wore a burning crown twice as tall as his head.

The sudden stench of charred meat overwhelmed even his perfume, and his wail seemed to drown all other sound. As violent assaults go, this is a very symbolic one, with Dany turning the cruel whip against the master, and Drogon asserting his freedom with the fire which he embodies and which the Good Masters lusted after and feared for so long. At the same time, curb-stomping one slaver is not the whole of the plan bur rather a signal for the rest of her team to spring into action: Then the Plaza of Punishment blew apart into blood and chaos.

The Good Masters were shrieking, stumbling, shoving one another aside and tripping over the fringes of their tokars in their haste.

She's trying to be this. As of recent events, it's clear that she must claw her way up to this status. God Save Us from the Queen! What quite a few people see her as. It's pretty hard to be The High Queen when your subjects hate your guts, bloody flux rampages through your cities and even your own dragons do not always take you seriously.

How Do I Shot Web? How do I teach my dragons not to eat children? She knows how to lead her khalasar, but she specifically decides to stay in Meereen at the end of A Storm of Swords in order to learn how to rule. Turns out it's damn hard, especially when most of the populace hates you, and numerous people are plotting your overthrow. Then again that's what happens when you're conquering city-states that were once part of an empire that was destroyed by the Valyrian Freehold, which the Targaryens were a part of.

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Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: She's described as small even for her age 14whereas her husband Khal Drogo is a giant of a man. She condemns Robert as The Usurper for taking the Iron Throne by force, conveniently forgetting that Aegon the Conqueror made the Iron Throne via force and her claim is no less rooted in violence than Joffery's. She also has no problem with overthrowing long-established dynasties left and right while gaining power in Essos, largely because she doesn't agree with the intolerable way they run things Basically what Robert's Rebellion did to her family, which is unforgivable and totally different to her.

It's implied that even she's beginning to realize this. When Brown Ben Plumm and the Second Sons swap sides and begin working against Dany, the general reaction is of outrage and contempt.

Neither Dany nor her advisors seem to recall that was exactly how they gained their service to begin with. Daenerys has a strong anti-slavery stance when she becomes ruler of Meereen, but quietly tolerated slavery when she was married to Khal Drogo. She is said to resemble her distant ancestor Queen Naerys Targaryen, though Daenerys is taller. I Have Many Names: She just wants to go back to that house with the red door and the lemon tree outside According to her prophetic dream at the end of ADWD, she's doing the exact opposite of that end.

She had no suspicion at all that Jorah Mormont was spying on her, but in hindsight she knew it to be true. What's even worse is that he pretty much showed her how little "oaths" meant to him from the beginning when he badmouthed and eventually turned cloak against Viserys after swearing his sword to him.

Daenerys has a tendency of taking people's attitudes at face value and she is too quick and easy to both trust the people that support her and hate people that incur in injustice towards others; this is exacerbated by her lack of pragmatism and second thoughts when dealing with injustice, seeing everyone and every situation as black or white.

She is stubborn to a fault and she dislikes to concede even when the situation warrants it. According to her hallucination on ADWD, she has been fighting against having her way by using her dragons; by doing so, she is going against her own nature as a Targaryen and a Valyrian.

Not necessarily cut but her hair has now twice burned off. The first time symbolizing that she Took a Level in Badassthe second as a sign of Break the Haughty. She and Viserys were basically this. It Runs in the Family: Daenerys has the Targaryen slightly cuckoolander, outside-the-boxes greatness in full measure, though it takes a bit of adversity to bring it out.

She's also proved that she's got the Royalty Superpower in buckets more than even some of the early Targaryens probably did, she's not the "Mother of Dragons" for nothing. Taking back the Iron Throne is Viserys' dream, not hers — yet, she's been gearing herself to do exactly that during the entire series if in roundabout ways.

She just wants something like the warmth she once felt living in the House With The Red Door wherever that actually was. The Seven Kingdoms is very unlikely to contain much security or warmth for her should she take it by force, yet it's his inherited idea of going home the Red Keep very much was his childhood home using Targaryen-style blood and fire she's always acted on either wittingly or unwittingly, and not her own wish to find peaceful security and a tight-knit circle of friends.

She finally begins to realise this — a bit late. Also Mirri Maz Duur barbeque. Not initially, but she grows into one. Last of His Kind: She and Viserys were believed to be the last surviving members of House Targaryen. Keep reading to find out if it was true. The Mother of Dragons, the Conqueror of Slaver's Bay and the Breaker of Chains is already one by the time she rules over Meereen, with her legend spreading across Essos all the way to Volantis and beyond, and several people coveting her favour, love, or dragons.

Tyrion is rather impressed at narrating her reputation: Dany becomes more paranoid, afraid that she will be betrayed by someone she is close to. Daario appears to have gone over to her side mostly out of a desire to bed her. Euron and Victarion Greyjoy are also after her, even when they haven't laid eyes on her. Hizdhar mostly married her as a political move and to make money off the fighting pits.

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Some of the greatest leaps of brilliance and insight be they magical, mundane or just too out there to be forecast and prevented by others she makes are preceded by a rather weird reliance on visions and the accompanying dream-logic: She often displays states close to trancing, lucid dreaming or what looks an awful lot like natural self-hypnosis using mantras and sayings, as well, to spur herself along. She's the subject of this outside of Meereen. If even half the stories coming back from Slaver's Bay are true, this child is a monster.

They say that she is blood-thirsty, that those who speak against her are impaled on spikes to die lingering deaths. They say she is a sorceress who feeds her dragons on the flesh of newborn babes, an oathbreaker who mocks the gods, breaks truces, threatens envoys, and turns on those who have served her loyally.

They say her lust cannot be sated, that she mates with men, women, eunuchs, even dogs and children, and woe betide the lover who fails to satisfy her. She gives her body to men to take their souls in thrall. She put up with Viserys' crap for pretty much all of her life, until he threatened to cut her unborn child from her womb.

And when Drogo was preparing to kill Viserys, she let him see her standing there and watching, so he would know that even if she could have prevented his death, she was choosing not to. Then, the woman who caused her to lose her husband and unborn child ended up burned alive for her trouble. She is also very protective of her dragons, which are to anyone's knowledge the only three living ones in the world.

Viserys never quite forgives Dany for their mother Rhaella dying giving birth to her. When she sees someone in pain, she feels compelled to alleviate it, with little regard for practicality or long-term ramifications. Barristan tries to play the role of The Spock to balance her out, but he's too fettered by his oaths of obedience and his distaste for politics. Luckily, Tyrion, who cares about the greater good but is also calculating and pragmatic, seems poised to join them. She does this to Drogo when it becomes apparent he can't be healed.

She is at the least one of many contenders. Played with her slight savior complex. Her intentions are definitely good and the conditions in the slaver cities were horrific, but she doesn't know the best way to go around handling them, which earns her more than a few enemies. The local rulers obviously don't want her therewhile the slaves she frees are still lacking political and military experience and so need her for protecting their newly won freedom.

This forces her to stay in Slaver's Bay to see if she can resolve this peace, at the end of Book 5, she realizes that she's not one of these people and that trying to fit in was wrong, and that her way is "Fire and Blood".

She also never quite gets the grasp on Ghiscari elite culture and cant stop from being either disgusted or appalled by it, which only alienates her more from the rulers she's trying to conciliate. More broadly, Daenerys essentially wants to know if she can resolve things peaceably or if it's even a good thing to do so, since she's not able to find the magic third option while she rules over Meereen, and it's mostly a mix of daily compromises and broken promises.

An understandable case, but she never really considers the possibility of her relatives having made grievous errors. She tries to shift the blame for the whole "Lyanna" fiasco to Elia being a bad wife instead of Rhaegar being in the wrong, and condemns everyone who took part in Robert's Rebellion, ignoring the very good reasons some of them had for fighting the Mad King. The one time Ser Barristan starts to bring up some of Aerys' flaws she tells him to wait until she's in a better mood.

There are several discrepancies regarding the memories of her childhood, especially regarding the "house with the red door with a lemon tree outside her window" which is supposedly in Braavos; the problem is, lemon trees shouldn't grow in Braavos, as it's too cold, too foggy, too urbanized and placed too far north for even a normal tree to take root.

Possible places where the house might have been located include Dorne, Oldtown, the Stepstones or the southernmost Free Cities. There is also the Metaphorically True option regarding Braavosi lemons: Which would leave a lot of questions hanging around. A kid would not understand the whole picture. Particularly if never told. Mirri Maz Dur complicates her pregnancy with Blood Magic and leads her to birth a horrific reptilian baby that may have damaged her womb and rendered her incapable of bearing children forever.

Like her entire family. Still, nothing says mystical like being able to hatch dragons!