Crystal reflections nine of swords reversed relationship

Nine of Swords (R) - Crystal Clear Reflections

crystal reflections nine of swords reversed relationship

Nine (IX) of Swords - The Dark Night of The Soul, Bereft, Despair Keywords Deep Unhappiness, Joyless, Mental Anguish, Sick with Worry, Anxiety, Stress. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Nine of Swords including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an. Nine of Swords says analyze your situation carefully now - focus on your the heart have a blessed opportunity for new relationships and creative expression.

She has the power within her to break free from her limiting and repressive state. What she is coping with is too much at this stage and mentally she is overwhelmed. She can help herself if she could just stop crying for a moment and look up.

crystal reflections nine of swords reversed relationship

Then she will see the steps and realise that she is not trapped after all. She can then use her Swords to heal her and not hurt her. It is a choice that only she can make but we must remember that this woman has consistently had the power to help herself throughout the whole Suit.

Except for her one attempt at getting help in The Four of Swords, her only other response was to try to run away from her problems in the Six of Swords.

crystal reflections nine of swords reversed relationship

The last time we encountered this woman, she was bound up with ropes, blindfolded and held prisoner by her own Swords. Nothing has really changed, even though we had hoped for so much. We had even visualised her ripping off the blindfold, tearing up the Swords and reclaiming her power.

We saw her scramble up the cliff side, her newly empowered Swords clutched in hand, on her way to seek help at the castle. She had been on the run for a long time and had made several futile attempts to outrun her problems and conflict but they always seemed to catch up with her.

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So now she sits here in her bed, in her prison cell of a room, incarcerated in her dysfunctional mind. Once more she feels trapped, has no way out, and cannot bear the pain and despair that threatens to engulf her. She is suffering depression on a deep level. Yes, her mind might indeed be cracking from the pressure of it all. If she did, what sort of state did she arrive in we wonder?

What had she got to say for herself when she turned up at their door shivering and mumbling with mental distress? Had they swiftly taken her in and sent for a doctor or perhaps they thought her a mad woman and sent her away? Then again, she may not have freed herself at all and was discovered by someone from the castle out walking on the beach. She may have been catatonic and collapsed when found. They would probably have called an ambulance or carried her back to the castle until help could arrive.

We now wonder if they have decided to keep her in the castle, to nurse her back to health or has she been taken away to a hospital or centre that deals with her specific problems?

Maybe she walked into another trap upon arrival at the castle and was swiftly thrown in the dungeons until they decided her fate. Who knows where her mind has taken her and there is also a good chance that it is only her that sees the dark black prison room around her. The colourful duvet on the bed suggests that there is warmth and comfort to be had around her.

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If she pulled the duvet over her instead of leaving it at the end of the bed, she may feel a little better, a little warmer, a little safer. However, this would entail making an effort to reach out and grab hold of it. Does she have it in her to do even that much?

It is hard to tell. The blindfold has definitely been removed but she continues to cover her face and eyes. What is it that she is afraid to see or face. Can she not accept the truth and face the facts?

Knight of Swords (R) - Crystal Clear Reflections

She may prefer to stay in the dark for that is where she is most familiar with. The duvet is embroidered with signs of the zodiac and this symbolises that her dilemma is not going to be an easy fix but given time she can heal. What we must now look at is the strong possibility in the Nine of Swords that this woman indeed has very real traumatic issues to face or worry about. They haunt her soul and totally consume her. To try to get inside her head and understand the extent of her suffering we may have to think about what it feels like to be waiting on the results of your scan, the scan that will tell you whether you have successfully beaten cancer or not.

To know what it feels like to wake in the night and remember that you have just lost your young child to illness, accident or murder. To feel the heartbreak when you partner or spouse leaves you for another. To wonder where you will get food to feed your children tomorrow or pay the bills.

She might try to hide her suffering from those around her, in an attempt to protect them from upset, but she really needs to open up to someone so that she can release all her thoughts and fears.

She may be unable to sleep because of night sweats and hormone related insomnia. It has all become too much for her. Again she needs to seek help, the right sort of help, for she may be able to relieve some of her pain. There may be nightly abuse which fills her with shame and disgust. She may be in a very serious situation and close to break down. Then again, the woman may have done something terrible and now has to live with the nightmare of it all.

She might be the victim of bullying or a hate campaign. The Nine of Swords for centuries has been associated with convents, monasteries, monks, priests and nuns.

crystal reflections nine of swords reversed relationship

The Figure sitting in bed may be a holy or devoted person praying for our souls and living a life of celibacy, sacrifice and penance. The person in question may be in danger of a complete breakdown or worse. Because this is the Swords Suit, we must always remember that things may not be as bad as the woman is making them out to be. This may be nothing more than a continuation of the attitude and beliefs of the Eight of Swords. It may just be her perception of the situation that has been blown out of proportion.

She may think things to be worse than they really are. She may be doing all this worrying for nothing. This is a problem in itself because if she is having this strong reaction to a more simplistic problem, then paranoia or manic depression may be driving it. She may be a highly strung person who makes a drama out of everything while people stand around wondering what all the fuss is about.

crystal reflections nine of swords reversed relationship

It really depends on the surrounding Cards to determine how serious the situation really is. What can you do to improve the situation? What thoughts or nightmares are plaguing you? Next to High Priestess: Be prepared to face the truth and do not be afraid. Have faith now and thank God for the blessings you have received — all is not lost. Aces on all sides: Look for a new beginning and accept that what has happened is for the best. Special Messages based on card position: In the first position: As knowledge at this level increases, each increment of growth brings noticeable increments of greater responsibility.

The easy path is the one in which the responsibility is as eagerly sought and welcomed as the knowledge. In the second position: The likelihood that you are too intent on the information itself instead of what it is to be used for. In the third position: While the number of options may be confusing, be flattered, then do your review and make your cuts.

Some will make the team, others will not. In the fourth position: Your thoughts have gotten you here, and they will get you out of here, as well. But you must see this process through to the end.

Note that in the Nine of Swords the swords are not touching the woman in this image. Three swords run past her heart, throat, and crown, in other words, her emotions, will, and spiritual understanding. The other six are above her head; if she is willing to work through this pain, she will regain her peace of mind. The symbols on her bed in the Nine of Swords show that this restlessness is caused by her reflections about morals, ethics, and philosophy.

In the Nine of Swords tarot card, the carving on the bed shows a murder. The squares on the quilt balance passion Roses against reason Yellow background. The astrological symbols on the Blue squares represent questions about fundamental universal laws. Buddhists use the Sanskrit word dukkhu suffering, being dissatisfied to express this state of mind.