Can you find yourself while in a relationship

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can you find yourself while in a relationship

Losing yourself in a relationship can create anxiety, resentment, or even Positive reciprocal relationships encourage giving of yourself while your can end relationships—and in some cases, it is necessary for you to find your way out . And as soon as we get out of a bad relationship, only a few weeks pass until we' re on to Now, when they're long gone, how much do you remember about yourself? Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a. If you want to improve relationships with those closest to you, then I highly suggest Once you start doing this regularly, you'll find yourself being less reliant on the .. The vision of attaining success will drive you to do better while instilling.

Yet, she was terrified to quit her job. She was convinced that she would not be able to find another job because no other company would have her. I have come to believe that the emotional and mental dynamics that keep a woman in an abusive job are shockingly similar to those that keep a woman in an abusive relationship. I've met many women who would never tolerate emotional or physical abuse from a man but choose to stay in a job that does just as much damage to their self-esteem for the false sense of security that their regular paycheck brings them.

When my husband and I decided to move in together, I was so desperate for the sense of security that I thought cohabitating would bring me that I just gave all my stuff away. I literally just sat most of it out on the curb and gave it all away for free. Looking back with regretI can clearly see that this was a reflection of how I felt about my own value. On the surface, I was saying that everything that my husband owned was more valuable and more important than what I owned.

can you find yourself while in a relationship

Deep down, however, I was saying that my husband was more valuable. When did being overworked, stressed out and guilt-ridden become the national pastime for women? When did saying no to others in order to take care of ourselves first become a mortal sin? We have been told for years that we have to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others and, yet, most women seem completely incapable of doing it.

I totally still struggle with it and have to renew my commitment to myself on a regular basis. Because we collapse under the weight of our guilt and our addiction to doing as opposed to being.

Because we have to deeply discount the value of our own needs in order to sweep them under the rug. Because, deep down, we don't value ourselves as much as we value others. This is the big kahuna in terms of losing yourself -- and your integrity. The most recent episode of my life is a classic example.

I knew that something was going on with my husband. That tiny voice in my head was shouting out that something was seriously wrong in my marriage, but I didn't want to listen to it.

can you find yourself while in a relationship

I was too afraid to ask the hard questions. I chose, instead, to keep shoving my head in the sand and focusing on anything and everything else but what was really begging for my attention. The bad thing about shoving one's head in the sand is that eventually you will start to suffocate and be forced to pull your head out and take a look around.

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One Sunday afternoon in early March, I discovered proof of my husband's transgressions that I could no longer deny. Fast forward to today and my husband and I are committed to each other and to our individual recoveries. The tricky part for me has been how to maintain my own sense of self while being an equal partner in my marriage. In order to save my marriage, I have had to learn how to speak up for myself.

I have been pushed to live what I like to think of as an "unfiltered life. I have to tell my husband that he has hurt my feelings or pissed me off even though I still harbor a secret fear of abandonment. Yes, I still find myself pushing through the fear that my husband, who is ever so grateful for my choosing to stay in our marriage, will leave me if, heaven forbid, I actually admit to having feelings or needs and wants. So, as a nation of what I like to call "lost girls," how do we find ourselves again?

How do we become whole again? Well, first, we actually have to know what our needs and wants are before we can ask for them. I'll bet, however, that if you ask yourself, "What do I need in order to take care of myself today?

We're not taught to do this because the answer will often be in conflict with the long list of things we need to get done today. It takes the daily practice of being still and asking yourself what you need and then listening patiently and without judgement. Tomorrow morning just lie in bed for five minutes after the alarm goes off and ask yourself, "What do I need today? They're not just for toddlers anymore.

They are for husbands, sisters, girlfriends and bosses.

can you find yourself while in a relationship

Once you've established what you need, you have to ask for it. From yourself, from your husband, from your job. You have to be willing to draw a line in the sand about what you are willing to live with.

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For most of us, it is a lot less than we think. And, just like you would with a toddler, you have to assign a consequence for the failure to adhere to a boundary and stick to it.

You have to be able to live with yourself and letting others run your life is no way to live at all. Finally, you have to take personal accountability. It might hit you in the face suddenly like a ton of bricks. Either way, losing yourself in relationship is a dangerous path that can only lead to a disempowered, less-fulfilling existence and experience of life. A disempowered and less-fulfilled you. What does losing yourself look like? Here are some sure signs that you have lost that inner-connection to yourself within your relationship: You often act, think, and communicate in ways that you feel your partner will approve of and desire instead of being your true, authentic self.

You consistently ignore your own needs and desires within the relationship. You frequently look to your partner to bring you happiness instead of looking within to be content. So why do we lose ourselves in relationship? Reading the list above sounds absolutely awful and begs the question: How does this happen? Why do you lose yourself in relationship?

Is ‘finding yourself’ a legitimate reason for breaking up?

The answer is Attachment. You became attached to your partner and addicted to them under the false pretense that they could fill up something that is empty within you.

can you find yourself while in a relationship

Many Spiritual teachings say that this empty feeling began at birth. Maybe your partner made you feel amazing at the beginning of your relationship. You felt wanted, desired, loved, and whole.

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Then, like a drug addict who turns to stealing in order to support their habit, you kept chasing after that amazing feeling even though it was no longer there.

You kept running to your partner thinking they would bring you that good feeling again when in fact you were only running farther and farther from yourself. You might have also adopted the habit of acting in ways you think others want you to act from your relationship with your parents or primary caregivers in early childhood.

Perhaps at a very early age you decided that you would do anything to please your parents — including deciphering which version of you got them to love and acknowledge you the most.

You learned to play a role with those closest to you in order to win their love instead of simply being yourself, and this behavior was repeated in your romantic relationship s. This means your primary caregiver was not able to meet your unique desires and physical or emotional needs when you were a baby. Or maybe you were forced into bed at 7pm every night, regardless of whether you were tired or not.

Perhaps you had no choice of what clothes you wore from day to day. From these kinds of occurrences, you learned to defer your instinctual needs and desires to your caretakers and loved ones.

How to find yourself again Now that you understand more about why you lost yourself in your relationship, it begs the question: How do you connect to our own internal needs to find yourself again?

Practice getting in touch with yourself and connecting to your own needs every single day. Here are some tips and tools for you to practice finding yourself again: You might feel you need to only drink fruit smoothies for the day or that you need indulge in that piece of chocolate cake. You might need to take time off from work to hit the beach, or put in a hour day to get a task complete.

You may need to call your best friend or turn off your phone.