Cameron diaz on relationship with jared leto

Who is Cameron Diaz Dating: A List of Her Ex-Boyfriends and Husbands

cameron diaz on relationship with jared leto

As of Monday night, Cameron Diaz is officially a married woman. From baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez to Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto, here's a tried their best to keep their relationship under wraps, but Diaz and the. Jared Leto is one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, and plenty 30 Seconds to Mars frontman dated Cameron Diaz back in the day. Jared Leto has spent the past eight years trying to shake off his pin-up the skinny boy's eyes that I realised it was Cameron Diaz and Jared Leto. . The film was also said to have wreaked havoc on his relationship with Diaz.

He has the same vocal tics as Jordan Catalano, trailing off, making up stories, cagey and cool, except with Leto one gets the impression that the silences and half-sentences are hiding more rather than less. To prepare for his role as a heroin addict he lived, for a period, with homeless junkies and lost 25lb from an already slender frame to achieve a convincingly gaunt look. He had no Hollywood nutritionist to guide him, and lost the weight essentially through starving himself.

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It was dark and personal, masochistic and questionable at times. Just physically it took a really long time to get back to where I was, as a normal human being. I will never gain the muscle back in my legs. I just got used to eating less. Like, you'll notice the sky in a way you've never seen it, and you'll have a rush of emotion that's just tremendous.

Some guacamole and hummus. I was hungry 24 hours a day.

cameron diaz on relationship with jared leto

I went to bed hungry and I woke up hungry, starving, famished. It was great for the role but not great for my personal life. The film was also said to have wreaked havoc on his relationship with Diaz, although we will never hear this from him since he refuses to discuss her at all. He won't even talk about why he won't talk about her.

Jared Leto Imagines Meeting His Love Child: "What an Incredible Surprise That Would Be!"

I carry a big gun. This is America; it's the Wild West. I wouldn't suggest following me around. That was a TV show, right? Because she's looking over here. I didn't know if she was waiting for you.

Who Has Jared Leto Dated ? All the Girlfriends Jared Leto Dated So Far

What are you talking about? I was just excited to see Fergie. This is clearly that school mate, grown up. Or half grown up. That such a big jerk could give a performance as profound as he did in Requiem for a Dream seems incredible until you consider the personal reputations of Sean Penn, Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp and other actors who seem to draw on reserves of deep soul when they actually spend their breaks placing whoopee cushions on chairs. Leto's role in the upcoming David Fincher film, Panic Room, is one of his very best.

In it he plays Junior, a spoilt-rich-kid-turned-robber who, inept and petulant, holds Jodie Foster hostage in her own home. He's a madman, so smart, a master filmmaker!

Cam: 'You've gotta go where the c*ck is!' | Closer

He's just so inspiring to be on set with. In case of a home invasion, the owner retreats to the safety of the bunker - although with Jared Leto tormenting Jodie Foster psychologically via the intercom, it isn't so safe. It is the second time Leto has worked with Fincher.

In Fight Club he plays a would-be pugilist named Angelface, whose beauty so enrages Edward Norton that he beats him into a state of disfigurement. Leto spends the rest of the movie looking like a Francis Bacon painting.

But the strange thing is, Angelface doesn't really mind. It seems to come as something of a relief to him. It seemed a conscious decision on the part of Leto: Personally and artistically, it was important for me as an actor.

Jared Leto Imagines Meeting His Love Child: What an Incredible Surprise That Would Be! | E! News

Your agents, I say, must hate you. But there are plenty of people in this town for them to make money off. If you are wondering who Diaz is dating at the moment, she is dating no one.

As pointed, she is married to Good Charlotte singer, Benji Madden. The two met in and six months into dating, they were engaged. They were introduced to each other by her friend Nicole Richie who was married to Joel Madden.

cameron diaz on relationship with jared leto

The pair seemed to be on the fast lane as after getting engaged just a few days to Christmas, they decided to tie the knot in January in their LA home.

They met a year before shooting for LA Gear commenced. She fell for him immediately they met and tried until she got his attention. The two would go on to date for the next 4 year before they went their separate ways in Speaking about their breakup, Dillon who is yet to get married revealed that the reason why they ended the relationship was that the actress was not ready to settle to start a family.

The actress and the Thirty Seconds To Mars lead singer began dating in and soon, they became a very strong pair. Just as many expected, they got engaged in