Beyond two souls ryan relationship rewind

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beyond two souls ryan relationship rewind

We play games and talk about them, our lives, and how the two intersect. Like Wine - Vagrant Song (Midwest) - Composed by Ryan Ike Surviving Mars - Mama Garden Warfare 2, the similarities between Salt and Sanctuary and Dark Souls 3, No video game talk in this one - it's all live, awkward relationship letters. Bonuses: [Performance Capture in Beyond: Two Souls] Girls", the protagonist wads groped by the bar's clientele, no closer relationship with Ryan will happen. Beyond: Two Souls Poster Cage at an event for Beyond: Two Souls () Ellen Page at an event for Beyond: Two Souls () Ellen . Ryan Clayton ( voice).

For everyone else, I'll explain how Beyond's ending works. As the main protagonista, Jodie, you're presented with multiple choices after the final condenser machine goes haywire, its connection to the afterlife unleashing evil entities.

Jodie is enveloped in the chaos, and if you can choose for her to survive you'll have more choices as seen below.

beyond two souls ryan relationship rewind

The names on the bottom of the pyramid are allies Jodie has met during her journey, and they are who you can choose for her to spend her life with. For a loner with a hard knock life born of broken homes and powerlessness over her choices, this is a pivotal moment for her. A moment that some gamers are completely fucking up.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide, but some choices are better than others as described below as I tell you how to not muck this up. Be sure to only choose the top rated choices from this list or suffer the consequences of thinking for yourself which includes but is not limited to being wrong. These people never let her mystic juju power negatively affect their judgement of her, sharing their food and shelter without second thoughts.

Never mind their own struggles with booze, drugs, and self-persecution, Jody's acceptance was nothing short of familial.

That's a buttload of love coming from folks without actual homes.

Ryan Clayton

We live in a world where avoiding eye contact with the Salvation Army donation Santa Clauses is common practice, so the impact of all of that selfless love for someone like Jodie would be incredible!

Plus, part of this group is the young Zoey recently out of an abusive relationship, a peer for Jodie to relate to. Zoey is pregnant when the two meet, birthing a child depending if you heartlessly let her writhe in agony in the snow during labor.

I accidentally let her die wen I played, but I this group was still an option at the end regardless of her survival. Now, if chosen, Jodie will be shown surrounded by the ex-homeless's surprisingly toothy, smiling faces in their new apartment. They've all gotten back on their feet, too, kicking drug abuse, babies, and alcoholism left and right all thanks to Jodie's help.

beyond two souls ryan relationship rewind

It doesn't get much better than this! The game will show her living alone in an apartment followed by the foreshadowing future cut scene that accompanies each ending choice. But I'll explain further as to why this choice makes a lot of sense for Jodie for trivial reasons such as Her parents abandoning her as a child due to her connection with Aiden always fucking things up.

I imagine potty training a toddler with an unpredictable ghost thrashing about was the last straw. Jodie losing her father figure, Dawkins, due to his foolish, selfish desire to see his dead family again.

beyond two souls ryan relationship rewind

He purposefully causes the giant condenser to go critical in the final moments of the game, almost killing Jodie, Ryan, and Cole Cole is Jodie's other father figure, by the way. If you're wondering, Dawkins does see his family again after the awry condenser kills him. The jury is still out as to why he didn't wait to die naturally as opposed to threatening all of human life and being killed horrifically because of it.

Not too bright, this one. I'm a doctor, dammit. I feel this needs no further explanation as to how Jodie wouldn't be too privy to the whole "trust" thing after such an event. The survivor's guilt alone would probably plunge her into depression, urging her to seek solitude. Man, all of this makes me glad that I have no supernatural powers that government agencies want to exploit.

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I don't even have regular powers that regular people want to exploit, and that's great It's not great. At some point of his life, he married a Unnamed Woman. The couple never had children.

However, Ryan and his wife did not quite agree, and eventually the couple divorced. He is initially very rude to Jodie, though he warms up later.

beyond two souls ryan relationship rewind

He is frequently by-the-book and tries not to question orders or his actions beyond the surface level. More than once, he cites following orders to justify the morally gray actions he and Jodie perform on behalf of the CIA. He can become a romantic partner for Jodie, much to Aiden's frustration. He tells Jodie that he grew up in an abusive household; his stepfather would beat him and his mother. He tells Jodie that after finishing college, he joined the United States Army hoping to get more out of his life, but it was not what he expected.

Why Beyond Two Souls's Ryan is Unsubtlely The Worst

Sometime prior to his discharge from the Army, a CIA recruiter offered him a position within the Agency, and he leaped at the opportunity. He also intimates that he rarely goes back home to see his family, most likely out of anger towards them for his dysfunctional upbringing. He tells Jodie the target is one of the worst warlords in the area.