Rsd how to flirt

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rsd how to flirt

When I talk to women who I consider ''out of my league'', I act too friendly and avoid flirting with them. I'm not at ease when I try to escalate. Hey Diamondog, I've been reading a lot about the importance of abundance with women. But if I'm not up to that yet, can't I flirt with a girl. How To Flirt with a Girl - Attraction Creation by Chode Campos Hi.. guys. This is Chode Campos again and today's topic is: FLIRTIIIIIIIIIIIIING!.

These attributes, which go to make up Appearance are more significant than many people realize. Social Proof Social Proof is primarily about having friends. In group situations, being observed to be popular and dominant — especially, with women flicks the second important basic attractor.

It means other people — women — intuitively feel that you have value. It means other people trust you and are comfortable with you. The killer move here is walking into a room of people and then enter a set which contains people you know, or get introduced to a set by someone you know you greet them all individually with lots of energy — shake the hands of them men, and hug the women.

All without Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt. Do NOT look at them and quickly drop your gaze. Hold their eye for a few secs, until you move onto the next person.

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But it is important that you come across as high er value, and popular. Try your best to prepare short stories and anecdotes that do this, while expressing not impressing your personality and day-to-day life.

rsd how to flirt

Active Disinterest At this fairly early point, you can and should start to introduce Active Disinterest, which is an incredibly powerful Basic Attractor. Basically, it means treating the target differently to the rest of the group.

Whereas you greeted the group warmly, shook their hand, and gave good eye contact, you instead basically ignore the target in comparison. As opposed to using your feet to turn your entire body.

rsd how to flirt

Women are validation junkies. The bad news in some ways is that the less secure the woman, the more effective this technique is. They're just harder to Game, period IMO. You have to learn to let go and understand that this may even lose you some women. But then — would you have pulled them using your old try-hard, rapport — seeking AFC methods anyway?

Vibe This is much harder to write about. Vibe is being relaxed and confident, and being motivated to meet and chat to people without being try-hard. Body language and active disinterest will come much more naturally with the right vibe.

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This needs a separate article in itself but being happy and healthy — looking and acting feeling good about yourself and your place in the world causes certain sub communications that is very attractive to women. Just by observing you, and your interactions with others will trigger her basic attraction. High Value means someone who stands out, has an edge over his peers. Who is at least as valuable to the woman as she is to men. Someone who seems to have personality but leaves her curious about how to learn more about it.

Who enjoys life and can bring enjoyment and leadership to others. Appearance, Social Proof, and Active Disinterest is what most attractive girls do to men all the time. This is just playing them at their own game.

And they love it: She may be attracted even if you spot less than 2 or 3. The more of them you get the more attracted she is. The basic attraction phase really only lasts about mins.

Beyond that and its likely not going to happen if it has not already: She touches her hair, fixes her clothing, or otherwise fidgets or preens herself in your presence 2. Hangs around and makes an effort to greet you 4.

rsd how to flirt

Moving herself to somewhere away from others isolate herself, subconsciously hoping you will follow her and talk to her.

Makes an effort to listen to you and smile at you 6. Turning towards you when you are speaking her feet pointing at you 7. Or unfunny but just said in light-hearted way 8. She makes a subtle, but flirty comment, or makes a subtle compliment on your attractiveness or personality. But if in doubt, always assume basic attraction and move to the next stage: Or at least she senses your vibe and wants to know more.

Because Flirting is all about play. This is the most effective form of flirting in the early stages. For those not in the know it just seems like magic at work: Here, the key concepts are: As opposed to sexy and sophisticated. If you really are arrogant as opposed to confident and annoying, these techniques will just exacerbate it.

Basically, it triggers laughter, mixed with feelings in her of having to CHASE you rather than you chasing her which makes her more comfortable, and of her being dominated and protected by you bit like an older brother, little sister relationship.

She says something that could be construed as impolite.

You screw your face up and look sideways at her. You wave your finger and point to your own chest as you say it. She hits you accidentally or otherwise. So many guys worry about whether looks and money matter. It's the worrying that matters, the shame over not having them. That combined with latching onto a girl is what creates the image of scarcity.

Being fun is what matters.

Girls I've dated have told me about professional athletes trying to date them in the past, and turning them down. Understand what abundance means.

It doesn't mean that when you bring someone home, that there are already other women in your apartment. The woman doesn't literally see abundance. And if you try to throw it in her face "look at these girls in my phone!

rsd how to flirt

Abundance is in the way someone carries himself, even just the efforts he makes. Understand what scarcity means. It doesn't mean that you're new in town, or even how many numbers are in your phone.

rsd how to flirt

It means that you think that your entire future rides on how it goes with this one particular girl whom you haven't even approached yet! Be willing to approach badly. By the time you figure out something great to say, she's probably gone.

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Or even more importantly, let's say you come up with the world's greatest opener, and then she smiles. Keep the conversation going. It's less what you say than the self-confident energy you bring to it. Don't worry about not being interesting enough.