Relationship between style and stylistics


relationship between style and stylistics

Stylistics, a yoking of style and linguistics, is a discipline which has been . the relationship between poetic and everyday language is therefore. Lecture № 1 Notion of Style and Stylistics (1 hour) Plan I. Introduction 1. .. internal laws of existence, development, relations between different phenomena, etc. professional codes and social rituals or our rejection of them. This relationship between the outer and the inner self, between role and personality, is a source of.

Dialect refers to the habitual language of a particular user in a specific geographical or social context. Register describes the choices made by the user, [21] choices which depend on three variables: Fowler comments that different fields produce different language, most obviously at the level of vocabulary Fowler.

Halliday's third category, mode, is what he refers to as the symbolic organisation of the situation.

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Downes recognises two distinct aspects within the category of mode and suggests that not only does it describe the relation to the medium: Halliday refers to genre as pre-coded language, language that has not simply been used before, but that predetermines the selection of textual meanings. The linguist William Downes makes the point that the principal characteristic of register, no matter how peculiar or diverse, is that it is obvious and immediately recognisable Downes.

Literary stylistics[ edit ] In The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, Crystal observes that, in practice, most stylistic analysis has attempted to deal with the complex and 'valued' language within literature, i.

relationship between style and stylistics

He goes on to say that in such examination the scope is sometimes narrowed to concentrate on the more striking features of literary languagefor instance, its 'deviant' and abnormal features, rather than the broader structures that are found in whole texts or discourses. For example, the compact language of poetry is more likely to reveal the secrets of its construction to the stylistician than is the language of plays and novels Crystal.

Poetry[ edit ] As well as conventional styles of language there are the unconventional — the most obvious of which is poetry. In Practical Stylistics, HG Widdowson examines the traditional form of the epitaphas found on headstones in a cemetery.

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His memory is dear today As in the hour he passed away. Nevertheless, Widdowson recognises that they are a very real attempt to convey feelings of human loss and preserve affectionate recollections of a beloved friend or family member. However, what may be seen as poetic in this language is not so much in the formulaic phraseology but in where it appears. The verse may be given undue reverence precisely because of the sombre situation in which it is placed.

What is meant by style and stylistics? Essay

Widdowson suggests that, unlike words set in stone in a graveyard, poetry is unorthodox language that vibrates with inter-textual implications Widdowson. Style as personal idiosyncrasy Style as a technique of exposition Style as a highest achievement of literature Stylistic devices are basically the ingredients of language which is referred as synonym of style.

Each writer has a peculiar way of using lexis and syntax.

relationship between style and stylistics

This peculiarity of applying language is called idiolect that is why we have Miltonic style or style of Coleridge. William could not mistake the style in his article. He has his own observation that develops in his thoughts and finally turns into the shape of words chosen by him.

Style is exposed as a manner of expression in writing and speaking e.

relationship between style and stylistics

William has interesting ideas but he must mature his writing skill, at present he has no style. Whether the style of an artistic piece is comic, tragic or ornamented is decided by this level. Style may be referred as a departure from the set patterns of norms or as an addition of stylistic devices to neutral expression or as connotation where textual and situational atmosphere provide a linguistic feature its stylistic value.

relationship between style and stylistics

There are no strict rules for writing. Every time a person sits to write, he faces different words and syntax clicking his mind even on the same subject.

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Style may change from situation to situation to be referred as register which marks the difference between language of advertisement and that of literature.