Relationship between computer and medicine

Does computer use in patient-physician encounters influence patient satisfaction?

relationship between computer and medicine

Medical research has drastically improved as computers have become the quality of relationship" by increasing communication between office visits and. As David Baltimore, Nobel Laureate, once said “All medicine, will be reduced to computer science.”. Dr Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist, futurist. The new connection between medicine and computer science. (11 September ) For the first time in the winter semester /13, the University of Siegen is .

Other demonstrated benefits include greater adherence to preventive care guidelines and a decrease in the cost of care in the long-term. These include security, time-effectiveness, loss of eye contact, and negative effects on patient-physician relationships.

relationship between computer and medicine

Patient compliance, health outcomes, perception of physician competence, and malpractice suits have all been linked to physician interpersonal skills. A review of studies from around the world from to on primary care computing found that in general, patients were positive about computer use in medical encounters, with the most common concern being loss of privacy and confidentiality of medical records.

The study found a significant improvement in overall visit satisfaction odds ratio [OR] 1.

The new connection between medicine and computer science | Pressestelle

Patients did not report a loss of discussion time for general or psychosocial issues. The transition was not complete from paper to electronic health records, and there was variation between users in familiarity with and appreciation of the electronic health record.

Since my childhood, my dream career has been to become a medical doctor. But early last year I started Web development just to pass the time since I am not yet in university, and now I'm also thinking about studying computer science. However, I still have a desire to be a doctor. I don't know what to do.

The new connection between medicine and computer science

Should I make a decision now to do just one of the two courses or could I do both course, maybe one after each other? The Answer Story continues below advertisement It is common to have a variety of career interests at different times in your life.

I understand your confusion and desire to explore your options for careers in both medicine and computer science. You need to consider the education, training and career paths for these two options.

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Clarify your vision for your education, career and life. Reflect on what it is that you would like to devote your life and career to. Consider your strengths, talents, experience as well as your weaknesses. Find out the qualifications and experience required to enter the two fields of study.

relationship between computer and medicine

The heart of any computer is the central processing unit CPU where arithmetic and logic operations are carried out. In the early days of computing, emphasis was on pure processing power for mathematical and statistical purposes, and at this time the impact on medicine was minimal.

relationship between computer and medicine

Things changed however when the focus of attention shifted to the relationship between the human and the computer and the ways in which a human can become more productive and information-efficient with the help of IT. There followed a systematic analysis of human tasks and activities and an attempt to improve these by means of computer applications.

relationship between computer and medicine

Medicine then became fertile ground for development, and the concepts of expert systems in medicine emerged, with systems for computer-aided history-taking and diagnosis. In the long run, however, it was the more mundane IT applications such as word-processing and database management systems that penetrated the everyday practice of the working clinician, and even more the world of health services management.

The first sectors of hospital activity that benefitted tangibly from IT were patient administration, laboratories and accounts — not surprising, considering the large volumes of numeric data that these sectors handle.

relationship between computer and medicine

At the same time, clinical activities involving calculations were greatly facilitated — the days of nomograms were numbered.