Relationship between biosphere and lithosphere

relationship between biosphere and lithosphere

This two-way cause and effect relationship between an event and a . atmosphere, lithosphere, or biosphere) on each of the other spheres. There is no clear differentiated line between the two. We have not taken core samples that were too deep for microbes to live inside the rock. Microbes also are . Difference between biosphere and lithosphere Get the answers you need, now!.

The entire ecological communities within the physical surrounding of the earth are within the umbrella of living things biosphere.

relationship between biosphere and lithosphere

These ecological communities interact together with the physical aspects of the earth including the hydrosphere, lithosphere, and the atmosphere. Collectively, these ecological communities are made reference to as biomes. Deserts, forests, grasslands, aquatic, tundra, and chaparral are the six main biomes that are present in the biosphere. The living things on earth interact with each other in various ways, which is well elaborated under the trophic levels of food chain — how energy is transferred in ecological systems.

The surface of the lithosphere is uneven as it is characterized by various landform features. Some of the landforms include mountains like the Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Vesuvius in Italy, deep valleys within the mountain ranges, huge plains like the ones in Texas and Brazil, extensive plateaus like Bolivian plateau in South America and the Colorado plateau of the United States, and hills like the black hills.

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The liquid, semi-solid, and solid land components of the lithosphere form layers that are chemically and physically different. This is why the lithosphere is further divided into sub-spheres namely the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core.

The crust is made of loose soil and rocks. The mantle is made of dense rock made up of nickel and iron in the form of silicate rocks and its lower part is semi-solid partially molten rocks.

relationship between biosphere and lithosphere

The outer core is made up of liquid purely molten rock materials. The inner core is the centre of the earth which is purely made of very hot and liquid iron and nickel. The rock materials are divided into three primary categories based on how they are formed namely igneous rockssedimentary rocksand metamorphic rocks. Atmosphere Air All the air in the atmosphere makes up the atmosphere. The higher the atmosphere, the thinner it becomes and this trait gradually moves towards space.

Other layers of the atmosphere include the troposphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and the exosphere. These atmospheric layers exhibit different chemical compositions and temperatures, and the temperatures and chemical compositions widely vary within the different layers.

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The troposphere is where most of the weather happens and it becomes colder with altitude. The answers to this question are the sphere sphere interactions. This approach of answering the questions above is performed during every ESS analysis; simply replace the term "event" with the event you wish to investigate. This forest fires event occurred in and destroyed tremendous areas of the park.

Below are some of the event sphere interactions discovered during an ESS analysis of the Yellowstone forest fires event: Event Hydrosphere A lack of moisture in the soil and in vegetation may have provided a dry environment in which the fires, once burning, could continue to burn.

Heat from the fire may have further removed moisture from the air, soil, and vegetation through the process of evaporation. Event Atmosphere A lightning strike from the air may have started the fires by igniting the dry vegetation.

relationship between biosphere and lithosphere

Gaseous pollutants such as carbon dioxide CO2 may have been produced during the burning of the vegetation and carried into the air by the wind. Event The intense heat from the fires may have caused some rocks to break apart. Event Biosphere Dead branches and pine needles on the ground may have provided fuel for the fires.

The seeds of some plants may have required that their outer shells be burned before they could germinate; therefore they benefited from the forest fires.

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Below are some of the sphere sphere interactions discovered during the ESS analysis of the Yellowstone forest fires event: Lithosphere Hydrosphere Increased erosion of loose soil see "Lithosphere Biosphere," below may have led to increased sediments i.

Lithosphere Atmosphere Ash particles in the air may have been carried by the wind and dropped on the ground miles away from the forest fires; the ash particles--which have a high pH--may have changed the pH of the soil.

relationship between biosphere and lithosphere

Hydrosphere Biosphere Ash particles in the water may have clogged the gills of fish and other aquatic organisms and choked them. Hydrosphere Atmosphere There may have been more precipitation in neighboring areas because ash particles in the air may have become condensation centers upon which raindrops could form.

Very dry, windy air may have drawn moisture out of the living grasses and trees through the process of evaporation. Biosphere Atmosphere Smoke in the air may have coated the lungs of animals--including people--and affected their ability to breathe.

relationship between biosphere and lithosphere

Remember, these are NOT all the possible event sphere and sphere sphere interactions that could have occurred as a result of the Yellowstone forest fires.