Importance of relationship between counsellor and client

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importance of relationship between counsellor and client

Free Essay: Relationships play an important role in everyday life. You or I may define a relationship with a person in many different ways depending on the. The relationship between a counsellor and client is based on a As with any professional relationship the setting of boundaries is important. As a therapist, my role in a person's life is a unique one. as referring to “the quality and strength of the collaborative relationship between client and therapist, .

Clients often differ in their preferences for particular approaches.

importance of relationship between counsellor and client

That is, one client may like a particular approach and a second client may not like that approach. Therefore, an important factor in achieving success in therapy is finding an approach which is a fit for you. Examples of approaches include the widely used and research-based approach known as cognitive behavioural therapy CBT.

CBT is a collaborative, structured and goal-oriented approach in which clients learn skills to change their thinking and behaviour to address their issues. Solution-focused therapy is another widely used approach in which clients are guided to find their own solutions to their problems.

importance of relationship between counsellor and client

So if the approach and methods used by your therapist do not fit for you, there is likely another therapist with a different approach which will be a better fit for you. How to determine whether a particular therapist is a good fit for you One reliable method to determine whether a particular therapist is a good fit for you is trial-and-error in which you work with a therapist for one or more sessions to see if there is a good fit.

Fortunately, there are ways to find a therapist who will be a good fit for you which are less time-consuming and expensive. One such way is to do internet research. The vast majority of therapists these days have websites from which you can get insights into their approach and methods so that you can determine whether their approach would be a good fit for you.

Many therapists also provide information regarding their background and interests. This can help you determine whether there would likely be a good personal fit between you and the particular therapist.

The importance of client-therapist fit in counselling

Potential clients can use the consultation to ask the therapist questions about their approach to determine whether it would be a good fit for them. A consultation also allows enough interaction for the potential client to form an initial impression of the therapist which can suggest whether there would be a good personal fit. No therapist can have success with every client they encounter.

The reason is that no therapist, no matter how skilled and likeable they are, will fit with every client they encounter from both a personal and methods point of view. When I encounter clients or potential clients with whom there is clearly a lack of fit, I do not view it as a negative reflection on either the client or me. Instead, I see it as an indication that this individual should be matched with a therapist with whom they have a better fit.

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importance of relationship between counsellor and client

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I feel hopeless, this person won't be a trained psychoanalyst I did explain this on the phone to the receptionist but she just said 'try it'. Sick of wasting time seeing counsellors, and find they are useless. SilverJay - Nov 5: Trust - 4-Nov We learn about all theories and not one specific one which is beneficial because every client will be unique therefore requiring different approaches.

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