How did louis tomlinson and eleanor calder meet yahoo

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how did louis tomlinson and eleanor calder meet yahoo

Louis Tomlinson is "excited" to get his son Freddie in a room with Louis is also a father, to month-old son Freddie, and he hopes that their kids will be able to meet up soon. girlfriend Eleanor Calder, saying while he does relate to some of the From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom. One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has become a father after in May last year following his split from long time girlfriend Eleanor Calder. One Directioner Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder posted pics on Instagram. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Weigh in below! More One When President Donald Trump met Lt. Gen. Paul LaCamera, the.

In March, they released their debut album, "Up All Night," which has sold 1. The year-old with the foppish curls has admitted to flirting with fans in the past.


Much to their dismay, he dated the much older British TV host Caroline Flack, 32, who was subjected to death threats from Styles' young fans. I didn't kill someone, I just went out with someone younger," Flack told Look magazine in August.

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Since their breakup in January, Styles' lothario reputation has grown with reports linking him to Taylor Swift and Burberry model Cara Delevingne. We go out, we have fun, we meet girls and stuff like that," Styles told The Associated Press recently. Before One Direction, he was lead singer of a group called White Eskimo. Perhaps it's Horan's Irish charm, which has put him ahead of Styles in the sales of dolls made in the band's likeness.

how did louis tomlinson and eleanor calder meet yahoo

But fans may be disappointed to learn that the year-old has been spotted recently canoodling with a year-old college student, Amy Green. As a child he had to literally be pushed onto the stage, though he overcame his fears at 14 to audition for "X Factor" in Cowell told him to come back in two years, which, of course, he did.

After breaking up with his girlfriend of two years, Payne wasn't shy on Twitter about his crush on previous "X Factor" winner Leona Lewis, despite their eight-year age difference.

how did louis tomlinson and eleanor calder meet yahoo

The pair are now dating and Lewis, 27, recently opened up to Look magazine about their romance: We see each other when we can. And I was variously told to kill myself, that I was fat, ugly, stupid, irrelevant, homophobic, and sent by management. But the One Direction fandom is primarily composed of girls and young women, many of whom are experiencing all the drama of fandom for the first time.

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Several 1D fans writing The Dot yesterday positively compared the experience to a religious fervor. But like any deeply held belief system, challenges to the devotion fans feel can create tensions and outrage. The idolization can also spur unhealthy behavior. Numerous fans pointed out Eleanor Calder has inspired a mini-fandom in her own right, known as Calderics.

how did louis tomlinson and eleanor calder meet yahoo

Several Calderic fans told the Dot that their journals are about celebrating Calder and aspiring to be like her, but other fans claimed that these are actually pro-ana communities, predicated on images of thin women and weight loss to a degree they find unhealthy. They are people, you know.

how did louis tomlinson and eleanor calder meet yahoo

Despite all the harassment, Katherine insisted that she was as devoted to the fandom as ever: I have a lot of friends on here which wrote so many messages telling me to keep strong.