Anna and elsa meet greet tips for getting

Meeting Anna and Elsa: An Honest Account - Team Whitaker

anna and elsa meet greet tips for getting

By following a few simple tips and tricks, guests can meet Anna and Elsa to Norway, guests can get in line for the meet and greet before the. I was there for the first show and have lots of tips and details on what to expect. Let's get started on how to see that show and how to meet Anna and Elsa, too. I think it's important to really get into the magic of Disney. My daughter Anna. Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to My daughter was so excited to meet Elsa, and I think a little more warmed up. . We went to meet her twice but just missed her meet and greet times.

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There was a reservation time at Akershus, the restaurant in Norway, for 9: Then, just as I was drifting off to sleep, it dawned on me that this might be our chance. That means that we could have breakfast at 9: I nudged Havarti and told him to make the reservation.

Technology is so cool. So we got to Epcot the next day at 8: Epcot other than the World Showcase opens at 9: The only other people were those who also had breakfast reservations around 9: We got over to Norway at just before 9: To help our chances of avoiding a substantial wait, we booked breakfast an hour before park opening at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.

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It was quite a sacrifice to have breakfast at Akershus just so we could get in line early for Anna and Elsa, but you know we Divas will do anything to get the scoop and help out our readers! Our worries were unfounded. We were able to walk in with only about a 2 minute wait.

Meet Anna and Elsa from Once Upon A Time

And while this may have been due to the early morning arrival, we checked backed periodically thoughout the day at Epcot, and the wait was never the unreasonable length it was prior to the opening of Royal Sommerhus. They do NOT appear at the restaurant. Having breakfast, then visiting Royal Sommerhus, which is literally steps away from Akershus, is a fabulous way to meet lots of princesses in a short time!

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A room that would eventually lead to another room where teenage girls dressed in costumes pretending to be cartoon characters will finally validate my efforts as a father. All of that food, shelter and love I had provided all these years was merely a shadow of the accomplishments achieved this morn. I get it Disney, you win.

anna and elsa meet greet tips for getting

A stroller and 2-year old were frankly ill-prepared for such an expedition. I told her that mommy was on her way to meet us but she may not make it in time before we meet Anna and Elsa. Just minutes before we were led to the princess room mommy arrived. Bounding over security personnel and disgruntled parents with a two-year old in tow, she made it just in the nick of time!

The rest was typically Disney-esque and magical as Anna and Elsa welcomed our family, signed autographs and took pictures all whilst making them feel like they were voting citizens of Arendelle. After the obligatory purchase of goods from the ever-present merchants that seem to conveniently follow every ride in the Mouse Trap I can imagine there will come a time when Disney imagineers figure out a way to put a shop at the exit of even the bathrooms.

anna and elsa meet greet tips for getting