Where to meet men in their 30s

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where to meet men in their 30s

As a 30 year old guy, I was actually contemplating the same exact thing the other day. If I were single, where exactly would I meet somebody if I. Here are the top 5 places to meet great men if you're a woman who is in her 30s. The Secret to Meeting Great Women in Your 30s, Revealed settings — not everyone will be expecting their gym class to be a singles mingle.

Alumni fraternity parties Alumni football or basketball watching parties. If a college team is good at a sport, then most of the alumni will have a party. Do not just talk to every man at work you see trying to date them because then you may get a bad reputation.

What Men in Their 30s Want in a Woman

Y ou can read my blog here on how to date someone at work. BUT many people do find marriage and long-term relationships at work. You already have a leg at work by knowing what the man does and how he has as a person.

where to meet men in their 30s

Since you see them at work in some capacity, it is better than actually meeting and getting to know someone from scratch. Think of music that 30 plus-year-old men want to listen to.

Think Jazz club or even oldie but goodie music artist type concerts.

where to meet men in their 30s

You are much more likely to meet 30 plus men in these types of environments. People bring their dogs to work, and also people bring their dogs to dog parks. Some of these dog parks are even better than human children parks. So if you have a dog, then you may want to hit up a well known and nice dog park to meet 30 something single men. There are men of all ages there, so once again the type of gym you go to can make a difference in the kind of men you meet.

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I have a gym near my job, which is a business district and is surrounded by million dollar homes. What this means is that people who go to that gym are either going after work which means they are businessmen OR it means they live around the area.

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Which means that if they can afford a million dollar home, they are probably more established in their career, which tend to be men that are 30 plus. Also, as I mentioned try to do these things in a business district or a beautiful area so that you are likely to run into 30 something-year-old men.

where to meet men in their 30s

Choosing somewhere like Central park to go run in at Manhattan may not get you the same results as running in South Central California. Try to go somewhere that other people tend to go and is known for having the type of man you want to attract. Like I mentioned before, running on a college campus will have you more likely to run into a bunch of college aged men.

where to meet men in their 30s

I know I am going to sound like a broken record, BUT there is a way to maximize your results doing this. Going to areas that are more geared toward professionals, if there is a shopping center around condos. Even for myself, when graduated from my undergrad I do not live in the same area that I live in now. Meet People Through Activities And Hobbies One of the next best options after meeting prospective partners through friends is to meet them through a shared interest in mutual activities and hobbies.

Again, this is a kind of built-in filter mechanism: Be careful about hitting on women in these settings — not everyone will be expecting their gym class to be a singles mingle, so make sure that you approach respectfully and be cool about rejection if she's not actually looking to date right now. The great thing is, you've already got something to talk about if she does let you take her out!

Don't Just Hit On Women In The Street Most women don't actually want to be bothered with pick-up lines and aggressive flirtation when we're just going about our day-to-day business. It conflicts with the narrative propagated by movies and romantic novels, but it really is best not to bother that girl in the subway clearly submerged in a book, or the flustered student searching for ripe avocados in the supermarket.

What you want to know about dating in your 30s

Ditto hollering at women on the street — collectively, we're much more aware these days that this counts as street harassment rather than harmless flirtingso if you really must approach a woman you see out in public, be extra deferential and polite, and absolutely respect her right to tell you she's in the middle of something and keep walking.

It really is best to stick to the other methods outlined here, so leave this one to the cliched rom coms.

where to meet men in their 30s

Be Careful When It Comes To Coworkers Because so much of our time is taken up by our s, it's common for romances to blossom in the workplace — in fact, almost a fifth of us are meeting our partners this way, according to Mic. However, this is a setting ripe for dating disasters: So, while we won't outright dismiss workplace dating, we will strongly suggest you take extra caution here.

Make sure you're in different teams or departments, and speak frankly with each other about how you'll mediate workplace awkwardness, both while you're together than in the unfortunate event of a breakup. It's a burgeoning scene, and for the increasingly time-starved among us, it's an efficient way to meet potential partners — allowing you a strong degree of control over your presentation and exposing you to a much wider pool of options than you'd normally encounter IRL.

First up, you're going to need to craft an engaging and attractive profile. Make sure you have a diverse range of photos that accurately express your personality and interests; a witty, engaging bio that isn't the length of a bible; and enough basic information about yourself location, career, religion, etc that women can decide if you're worth pursuing.

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It's packed full of singles and is incredibly well-run and easy to use.