When will luffy meet his dad

'One Piece' Creator Teases Dragon's Mysterious Origins

when will luffy meet his dad

Dragon seems to expect great things from Luffy, much like his grandfather. to lead his own crew as a pirate, although he believes they will meet someday. well nami and luffy never kissed so but the creator of one piece oda would like to add romance at the end of one piece when luffy becomes the pirate king nami. As of now he never actually "met" his father. When do you think it'll happen and what will his reaction be?.

Unfortunately, that made him even more aggravated. When we got to Zou Nami, Brook and Chopper told us about it. They were surprised too. They said he's the third son. The teen inwardly gaped at that. Figures that that Sanji guy wouldn't have told even his own crew about it and Dragon silently applauded him.

Even if it wouldn't have changed anything between the crewmates — though it would if some of them knew the name — it would have also been an unwanted dead weight on their backs through their adventures.

when will luffy meet his dad

He still had things to ask and explain to his son. I've got to save Sanji! He was finally going to a cake island and he won't be allowed to eat anything! The thought of disobeying his dad came and went, but in the end Luffy decided to heed to his warning. He was sure that Dragon must have known what he was talking about.

Can I ask you something, dad?

when will luffy meet his dad

A black eyebrow shot up when the kid started sweating buckets and his mouth did a funny thing that left the revolutionary nauseous for a moment. If there was a time when the older man should be alarmed, it was this. Dragon was no doctor. Swallowing a rather large gulp that showed quite amusingly with his rubber neck, the younger man looked down and occupied himself by playing with his fingers as he spoke.

What kind of person was my mom? His curiosity had been sparked for a while now, ever since he had met his dad in this dumpy black cell and the pirate decided this was as good time as any to ask about it. Obviously, Dragon didn't know that so the first thing he did was to be shocked about the face and the question before his mind went into overdrive and began its usual process of analysing every possible reason for this sudden topic and its implications.

Of course the kid would be curious, it was a wonder this wasn't the first thing he had asked him when they met. He was partly thankful for this restrained curiosity, as Garp's words could sometimes be misleading at best and he surely didn't want the old idiot opening his mouth on such subject.

It was Dragon's decision to make what he'd tell and what he would leave out of the story. Alarm bells went inside his head the moment his gaze fixed on Luffy. Not even a muscle had twitched in light of the answer. Dragon debated whether telling him would make a difference. At some point it will, especially with the innumerable possibilities the future holds so he settled for something that would put Luffy's special mind to rest for the moment.

Let's leave it at that! Weren't you with Iva-chan and Sabo? Dragon knew very well the nature of the relationship between Luffy and that bastard. Did he attack you?! His fiery gaze locked on Dragon's cold one and his fists clenched in the fabric of his pants. We succeeded in driving them out of Baltigo. Sabo is fine, too. It was a no-brainer really. The raven head nodded hesitantly.

Dragon swiftly crossed the list of spent subjects of conversation inside his mind and he was partly disappointed to see only one remained. It was truly surprising how much speaking with Luffy could positively increase one's mood. He was inclined to think he got it right, seeing as barely more than two years before in Loguetown Luffy had declared that to the whole world. It was not safe to tell secrets to enemies, though the small pang in his chest at that word informed Dragon that he really didn't want to be considered as such by his own son.

No matter how little they met and talked. But you aren't a stranger.

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Say, what do you know about One Piece or Raftel? It's really awesome, right? Now we only have to search for the other three! No one knows where it is. But it was really surprising!

You should have seen it! We all were so shocked and at some point we started yelling around. The black haired man was inclined to believe the kid was suicidal. There was no need to try and warn or tell him off. The kid would do whatever he wanted to and even if he was his father, Dragon couldn't and wouldn't control him.

Luffy had to do whatever he felt like doing. That's what it meant to be free. But that didn't mean he couldn't give him one last encouraging word, something that the kid's mom had once said to him.

That's got to be the outcome of your choices.

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Make sure they are not wasted, Luffy. You know that person, too? Despite their cell being on the very last level below deck, the shouts and gunshots that went off were heard and felt through the thick metal. Dragon sighed and stood up along with Luffy. The man's mind briefly flashed back to the begrudgingly acquired feeling of fascination he had felt back in Loguetown when the revolutionary had finally understood the potential of Luffy's Devil Fruit.

So many years of thinking it was useless had been crushed down by that lightning strike. Truly an eye-opening experience. And as far as he heard from Sabo, he wasn't the only one who had been impressed by Gomu Gomu no Mi's feats.

The sound of the gunshots grew steadily louder before, at long last, the sound of footsteps stopped just outside their cell's door. Dragon wondered who the one handling the keys behind that metal barrier was. His question did not take long to be answered. The heavy cell door moved with a starling screech of metal against metal and a thoroughly peculiar sight greeted them. Luffy jumped up in joy and ran forward to greet their savior — which was a fucking skeleton.

In spite of his foreknowledge about the strange bunch his son had strung together, Dragon still couldn't believe he was really seeing the real thing. It seemed that Soul King Brook's concert poster was no lie or exaggeration. The guy looked like death with an afro and as ironic and funny as it would sound, it was sadly true. Dragon stepped forward too, intent on making himself scarce the first chance he got.


Unfortunately, Luffy was not as scatterbrained as he looked. The corners of Dragon's mouth twitched. Dragon was half tempted to growl at him. You are the Chief of the Revolutionary Army! Suddenly, the much older man bowed, taking his hat off his head. Dragon nodded and made to step away again, but a last thing popping into his head stopped the swift exit. Noting that the marines might very well be on their way, the long haired man resolved to make it quick. This was a new and improved version of the last one.

The man was grudgingly impressed and relieved at the same time. Luffy was no more like his grandfather than him, though sometimes they could have fooled him. The revolutionary allowed a smirk to crawl up on his face.

This kid had freedom mastered down to an instinct. It was really something else to see the real thing and Dragon felt he could learn something from him. Either way, he was glad Luffy was not selling himself cheap in things that could make the difference between life and death. Alliances were double edged blades.

Dragon grunted and turned back to face the door. We'll see each other again, Luffy. In spite of it being barely a day, Dragon inhaled the sea's salty smell greedily, basking in the warmth washing the deck. A battle cry on his right alerted him a bit too late of his incoming attacker, but before the sword handling marine could bring down the blade, five arms sprouted on his body and stopped him effectively.

Dragon turned around to gaze at Nico Robin's smiling face, her arms crossed guardedly in front of her chest, ready at any moment to strike if necessary.

The revolutionary nodded back in greeting before redirecting his eyes towards the deck for a closer inspection. It certainly looked like a battlefield, but nothing could compare to the amount of bodies that looked like have been mangled by bites. He certainly hoped Brook wasn't the one to do that kind of damage and before he could stop himself, a dark eyebrow shot up in surprise.

Nico Robin released a short laugh as she disabled another three marines. You're not with the whole crew? It was a little too happy for his tastes, but he could clearly see his son sailing on it. He only spotted an orange head aboard.

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Their navigator, Cat Burglar Nami, Dragon concluded. It was indeed his ship sailing towards them at full speed, Sabo's blond locks clearly discernable even with the considerable distance.

Figures those idiots couldn't stay put for at least a full day. Instead, the woman laughed again. Our captain is a special case. The man sighed tiredly. Good luck taking back that Vinsmoke kid. We've cleaned these guys well. He was still in the process of figuring out how Luffy had managed to get another animal-man to join his crew.

Or was he a crewmate? It's not my fault theirs was the first to leave. He did not want to make that lion attack him. Now he knew where those bites had come from. She waved her hand to make sure she got her crewmates' attention. We've got to leave soon! Dragon nodded and turned back around to face his subordinates. They were close enough to the Marine vessel that he could hear their cries of his name and other appellatives. The man shook his head and stepped forward, preparing to board. He did not plan on staying more than he had to on the Navy ship.

He doubted these no-names would hold anything worthwhile on their persons. He should have honestly expected it. No incoming wars or apocalyptic scenarios that included escaped Impel Down prisoners. No pirates to be dealt with immediately and no idiots trying to scare poor people into surrendering their money. No shitty Worst Generation for the moment to destroy countries or fight with Yonkos. No Garp and his gang of old timers to complain. The Devil Fruit user looked through the window to the outside world, taking in the peaceful harbor and the barely seen waves of the ocean.

A couple of seagulls flew by the glass, basking under the kind sun outside. Sakazuki returned his gaze to the last pages of his paperwork and smiled.

Like, a real upturn of the lips. The best part yet: It would be the epitome of this amazingly good day he was having. A small pang inside his chest brought him back down to reality and the Fleet Admiral allowed a scowl to replace his earlier smile. He had been so lost in daydreams for a moment there that he let his guard down.

when will luffy meet his dad

Never in his entire career as a Marine was it going to be just a normal, uneventful day when nothing happened. In his early years, the Devil Fruit user thought it might be just a normal thing, but he quickly concluded that it might just be his luck and fate in the works since most of his colleagues were allowed to have such days when happiness didn't have to be found in the simple act of sleeping early. That is why he worked so hard to keep things in a relative balance.

Maybe, just maybe, he could have a normal — by normal people standards — day. Meanwhile, two young marines, under the Vice-Admiral's command, have a joyful reunion with members of the Straw Hats. GarpMarine Vice-Admiral and celebrated hero. Garp expresses disappointment that his torturous training regimes did not inspire Luffy to follow in his footsteps and become a Marine.

The two continue to argue and Garp reveals that Shanksthe man who inspired Luffy to become a pirate, is a member of the Yonko. Garp's speech is cut short by Roronoa Zorowho arrives back at the Galley-La Company compound and begins fighting the assembled marines.

Unfazed, Garp instructs his two best students to combat Zoro. However the two are easily subdued by Luffy and Zoro and revealed to be faces from the past, Luffy's former companion Koby and his former enemy Helmeppo.

Ivankov remarked on Dragon's family ties being revealed while Dragon expressed surprise that Ivankov protected his son and sounded grateful to him. His relationship with Dragon is still a mystery, though he knew that Luffy is Dragon's son, a fact that even Ivankov did not know until he met Luffy at Impel Down. Though Kuma was working with the Revolutionary Army in secret as a Shichibukaihis final modification into a full Pacifista placed him fully under the World Government's control.

Dragon is seemingly aware of Kuma's deal with the Marines. Sabo Edit Dragon's hatred of the nobles does not seem to include Sabo. In fact, Dragon was shocked to hear the boy's shame of being born a noble, and listened to what he had to say.