What to wear when going meet your boyfriends parents


what to wear when going meet your boyfriends parents

Here's what to wear if you're meeting the parents for the first time. You can change into the strappy pair your BF loves later in the evening. "A night out with the girls and meeting the parents are two different occasions," warns . and acknowledge the work that goes into preparing for the meeting. Check out what to wear to meet your boyfriend's parents - whether it's brunch loves you babe), but what the sh*tballs are you going to wear!?!.

  • How to dress to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the very first time…

Don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend for some information on his parents; he obviously wants you to make a good impression, too. Ask him about their quirks or pet peeves so you can avoid doing anything to annoy them.

what to wear when going meet your boyfriends parents

Not only should you ask about their expectations, you should also know little things about them that you could bring up, should there be a lull in conversation. Use these little facts to your advantage: What did you think of the finale?

For example, in many Asian cultures it's rude to tell a host or hostess that you don't like the food or do any kind of complaining. Even if your boyfriend's parents are not of a different ethnic background, the same advice could apply for religion.

15 Things You Should NEVER Wear When Meeting His Parents

Get to know what their spiritual beliefs are if they have any. Even if you know they follow a certain religion like Christianity or Islamreligions can have different denominations where traditions and beliefs can vary. Hiding it will make it worse.

what to wear when going meet your boyfriends parents

For example, if you have allergies and his parents have seven dogs, then you should probably say something. Flattery may win some people over, but some can see straight through false praise.


The last thing you want to do is come off as fake. So, how do you know what to wear when you meet his parents? Where are you going? This is also not the time to flaunt your figure or breasts with a sexy little number. Meeting at a restaurant will give more leeway when it comes to dressing up but keep the sexy numbers at home and opt for something a little sophisticated.

what to wear when going meet your boyfriends parents

What time are you going to meet up? A casual brunch calls for a daytime, chic look. Evening occasions will be dressier, and this is where your LBD might be more well-suited. How do you want to come across? How do you show a bit of personality?

what to wear when going meet your boyfriends parents

The best way to show off your personality is through prints, accessories or clever styling. Not gaudy statement pieces or skin-tight garments. Think about how you can add an interesting twist or an unusual accessory to a classic outfit.

You are letting everyone know your taste and style without even speaking. Clothes are amazing in that way.

what to wear when going meet your boyfriends parents

However, you can certainly make some massive mistakes in how you dress when you meet the parents The fact that you could lose the approval of his parents just from what you are wearing is terrifying. So, how should you dress?

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It may be okay to wear leggings to the gym, while binge-watching Stranger Things, to your 8 am class, or when running to CVS because you need tampons. We'll let the whole leggings not being pants thing slide in those situations because leggings are totally comfortable and awesome. They make your butt look hot and they are generally pretty slimming.

Leggings also, though, put everything on display.

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Go the extra mile and wear jeans. Actually, really go the extra mile and wear some cute slacks or a dress. When we said no leggings, we meant any form of leggings and jeggings are still totally leggings.

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Sure, jeggings almost look like jeans, but they are not. They are made of material that is similar to leggings and your whole lower area will be on display, as if you were wearing leggings. You are not fooling anyone.