Weston twilight meet 2012 nissan

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weston twilight meet 2012 nissan

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He claims to have unified the forces of nature, and to have created a unified field theory. He claims, moreover, that his paper, The Schwarzschild Proton, has won serious academic acclaim. All of these are patently false.

He knows that taking on the air of authority of a research physicist will give weight to his outlandish ideas, many of which are in the language of physics. And he knows that this will bring him followers and cash. While I suspect that Bob is a trained and credentialed scientist, we do not know this for certain. No one will touch it. Phil Plait had this to say about a video he saw of Mr. Haramein expounding various astronomical theories the relevant part starts about 50 minutes in: Hoagland is an infamous pseudoscience purveyor and conspiracy theorist.

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Any mention of Hoagland as a credible source should set off alarm bells. Need more to convince you that Mr. Check some physicists kibbutzing about him over at Reddit. Here are some of the comments: This pseudoscientist is either deliberately misleading the public, extremely deluded or mentally ill in some way.

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Nevertheless, I took the liberty of correcting one of your hecklers. Haramein Say In Response? Here are a few excerpts: Here the inhibitors are constraints resulting from a style of education in which what is taught is proclaimed as the truth and the only truth, and where students are discouraged and severely reprimanded if they tend to wander in the awful world of untruth as predetermined by the Obvious Truth Holder… [H]istory speaks for itself as any new significant changes that were brought to the scientific community were typically largely resisted, ridiculed and then eventually accepted.

weston twilight meet 2012 nissan

First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

weston twilight meet 2012 nissan

Nevertheless, Bob responded to the response. To summarise, his rhetoric is great! Surely, somewhere in all that work, he must have? It would be great if we could keep it to the physics. Meanwhile, as you can see for yourself, he has had fun doing what he does best — inventing things to entertain his fans, and telling them what they want to hear.

weston twilight meet 2012 nissan

Haramein is actually quite interesting. Because I can only present the smallest snippets of it here, I strongly recommend that anyone interested in evaluating Mr.

Looking at this material certainly led me to a a conclusion regarding the level of credibility to which Mr.

weston twilight meet 2012 nissan

Academia, Credentials, and the Value of Experts. A key theme that you should see emerging from this analysis is that Mr. Haramein does not and cannot back up any of the major assertions he makes with any evidence or argumentation that passes muster among professionals in the fields he opines on—physics and ancient history.

If you read Mr. I wrote an article about this about 18 months ago on my other blogspecifically in the context of conspiracy theorists, and explaining why their views on academics and experts are wrong. The same principle goes here. People who accept fringe beliefs exhibit a curious form of bipolar behavior when it comes to experts. On the one hand, they really wish that some credentialed experts would agree with them so it would lend credence to their pet theories.

The problem with this argument, however, is that it presumes the legitimacy of credentialed experts and institutional knowledge—academia and peer-review, if you will—is essentially arbitrary and has little to do with the substantive content of their fields.

The reality is very different. You do not have to be a credentialed expert with a Ph. You could be a plumber and still come up with a revolutionary new idea that totally redefines scientific truth.

However, whether you are a Ph. You do not have to possess a Ph. You could work at Subway and still come up with a revolutionary theory that redefines ancient history as we know it.

weston twilight meet 2012 nissan

This is what Mr. Scientific inquiry and historical analysis have been built up over centuries, even millennia. Democritus was doing science in Thrace in the 4th century B. But our process of asking questions and seeking answers, of judging hypothesis based on verifiable facts, and of testing the evidence for its reliability are remarkably similar to the processes that experts have been using for centuries to get at the truth of various problems.

Want to know something else? After all, he won a Nobel Prize.

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Through his rhetoric about institutional knowledge and credentialism, Mr. You'll be notified if your comment is called out. The remainder is held by GDF Suez. But now, asking markets to trust such so-called forward guidance "is going to require a great deal of credibility and communication," she said.

He was found dead in his flat by his former partner in Darlaston, near Birmingham, on May 2 this year. The complaint said system flaws havecreated "significant safety risks" for drivers, diverting theirattention from the road when the product malfunctions andfailing to contact during emergencies as designed. The prospect of a government shutdown or, worse, default on the federal debt, rekindles memories of when Washington's infighting prompted the loss of the United States' triple-A credit rating and was a primary driver behind the stock market's last full-on correction.

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He takes office on September 4 and will be faced with the task of leading the country out of a month political crisis sparked by a military coup. It hasapplied for a Web gaming license in New Jersey, which isexpected to launch online betting in November.

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