Non cat people meet kittens for adoption

non cat people meet kittens for adoption

% of the cats we help are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and, when not feral, For all of our adoptable cats, please meet us at our adoption fairs or visit us at the . before we could take her home and making sure we were good people. Dogs need quite a bit of interaction with their humans in order to be happy. Many organizations (including Best Friends) will not adopt cats out as outdoor pets. Adoption Fees and more info on how to adopt a Purr Partners cat or kitten. Follow us I am timid when meeting new animals for the first time. It takes me a for a nap. Please give this girl a chance and show her that not all humans are mean.

She loves to bounce, and pounce, and frolic with other kittens and cats, most especially her very handsome brother, Frosty, but dogs are not on her happiness list. Before she jumps into an activity or gets to know someone new, she wisely looks things over … More Hailey Hailey and Harley are a delightful pair of bonded tabbies.

They were adopted together as kittens they are littermates and recently returned because a family member moved in with a dog that is NOT cat-friendly. They are, understandably, a bit bewildered about losing their home Part of her is quieter and more observant that the average kitten, and she can be counted on to notice everything her sweet brother and sister are up to. But soon the observing turns into all-out playtime because this … More Islleigh Islleigh and Lulu are darling sister kittens rescued along with their beautiful homeless mom.

In their great foster home they have been full of fun and affection and have endless little kitten explorations and adventures together! In loving foster care she has been a sweet heart of a girl who loves to play with the other foster kittens, knows how to happily entertain herself, purrs a lot, appreciates a gentle approach until she gets to … More Ivy Sweet little Ivy I.

non cat people meet kittens for adoption

Ivy has had extra snuggle time with her foster mom because she was behind the others in weight, but now that she's caught up she's ready for fun, love, and a wonderful new home! Meet midnight black Jack, who loves to explore everything and have fun with his brother and any available toy!

Yes, she can be a talker! He loves to play with his cutie pie brother and sister, and has been fine with other kittens and cats and his … More Jonathon Martin Jonathon Martin is a simply amazing cat!

He was recently returned through no fault of his own allergies and he would love to find a wonderful new family. He got along amazingly well with the large dog in his home and wouldn't mind dogs in his new home. He's playful, friendly, quick to purr, he loves to play and he's just a … More Joy Meet Joy, the sweetest, best little mamacat ever!

This calm and loving darling has had some rough times giving birth and fending for herself and her four tiny babies without the soft comforts of an indoor life until they were rescued. But her luck has now changed, her beautiful, healthy kittens are ready to leave the nest, and she is … More King The golden-eyed silver tabby is as stunningly handsome as he is friendly. He followed a nice family home one day and they spent a lot of time looking for his owner He's just a nice, … More Kitten Meet curious and fearless Kitten !

He enjoys the other cats in the adoption center, but especially loves to romp around like he's the KING. He loves the crinkly fabric tube and anything that dangles or can be batted and chased!

The mop is the very … More Kitten This handsome tabby boy is kitten and he is here to steal your heart. This kitten is a mellow guy that likes to spend his time sitting at the top of the cat tree and lounging while staring out the window. He is sweet and purrs upon seeing you.

More Kitten Cat is a gorgeous calico kitten with a lot of spunk. She likes to explore her surroundings when she is somewhere new. She is a little shy, but loves attention and will play with anyone, cat and human alike.

Adoptable Cats & Kittens

Please consider Cat when you apply. More Kitten This cute little grey guy is looking to snuggle up in a nice warm bed of his very own! A very curious kitten, he's always looking for something to do or find something new to play with, and that could very well be you! If you're looking for a sweet kitten with a lot of love to give, adopt this little guy!

He's very social and … More Kitten This handsome guy is SO friendly that you wont want to leave without him. Kitten is finally ready to find a home. He is a very good looking tabby with white kitten that will get along with anyone. He gets along with other kitties, bonding almost immediately, and loves people so much he purrs at the sight of them. If you are … More Kitten This little black beauty is kitten She is super friendly with people and cats alike.

She will wait by the door for love and attention, and loves to play. She also loves all of her kitty friends, and gets along very easily. If you are interested in a beautiful kitten with a lot of personality, please consider Kitten He's a friendly sweetheart who … More Kitten This sweet girl is ready to find a forever home! She is a gorgeous little calico with tabby stripes! Kitten is a bit shy, and we recommend she is adopted with her best friends, Kittenso that she is more comfortable adjusting to her new home.

She … More Kitten Our darling little gal, is ready to be adopted. She absolutely loves being around people and around her own kind too!

non cat people meet kittens for adoption

Kitten loves to play and loves to have her little tummy tickled! Her wrestling and climbing … More Kitten Bernadette Our little champion and sweetheart, Bernadette. She was rescued from a local taco truck stop after being severely burned on all four of her paws. Kitten is a sweet little girl, she loves to hang out with the other kitties and nap, sometimes she wants to just relax and watch the birds outside. She gets along really well with other kittens and loves to cuddle in a group.

More Kitten Andy Handsome Kitten is a great guy, with a lot to offer. He is super friendly with people, and loves pats. He also loves hanging out with his brothers and spending the day napping. HE gets along with other kitties, but it may take him a little bit to get used to them.

non cat people meet kittens for adoption

Fostered with cats and small dogs. Good with cat-friendly kids 3 year old. Once he is comfortable, he'll run around … More Lulu Lulu and Islleigh are darling sister kittens rescued along with their beautiful homeless mom. She's particular when it comes to toys, and is especially happy with toys that crinkle!

She loves watching the world go by on her cat tower and she enjoys climbing up high. Miss Maggie was fostered with other cats and did great! She's the biggest sweetheart, and just loves love. When Mandy isn't napping, she's tearing around the house with her toys, and exploring every inch of the house. If you're looking for a snuggle bug who loves to play, Mandy's your girl!!

She has been fostered with other … More Mia Mia has a gentle spirit who enjoys the company of people. She was a great mom who is now a great cat. She's very inquisitive and bright and will appreciate a home where she is the center of attention.

She's also quite playful!

non cat people meet kittens for adoption

This foster home has children, cats and dogs. She's quick to purr, quick to pounce, and can often be found waiting to pounce on her littermates like the mini furry ninja she is! Playtime is always a highlight of her day, full of kitten games and little adventures that suit her active, curious personality. Hops and jumps are … More Mom Cat Seven If you're looking for that extra spice in your life, please consider lucky Mom Cat also known as Seven.

Seven has a very unique marking and gorgeous BIG blue eyes. She absolutely loves people, but unsure about other cats. She tolerates small dogs, but we think she would do best as an only cat.

She is a very friendly girl, who is as mellow as could be. She is a polydactyl cat, which means that she has extra toes. Which is why we call her Mickey, she has big white gloves!

This kitty is a very sweet girl, and deserves to have a great home. If you're interested, don't hesitate to … More Patches Precious Patches was rescued after she was thrown over a fence surrounding a local business. She has made a lot of progress in her foster home but is still working on getting over that sad trauma. They are snuggly-cuddly, playful, social and engaging. This darling classic orange tabby boy is cute as can be, full of loving affection, joyfully playful, and a total purrasaurus!

Meet Rey and Fin who were dumped without a mom and were hiding under a car. In foster care they have both proven to be the happiest and liveliest of kittens!

They absolutely love to dream up little adventures, leap and pounce on the feather wand, and always … More Rolo Meet handsome, easy-going Rolo who was sadly abandoned outside a local Home Depot.

She watches everything and appears to think before she acts. She likes to snuggle and follows people from room to room. She loves feathers, crinkle toys and toilet … More Smokey Inky black lovebug Smokey is one of five fabulous little fluffbugs rescued together.

They have been nurtured in a loving foster home where other cats, dogs, and visiting children have enjoyed their happy-go-lucky, affectionate personalities. Smokey uses those beautiful, molten gold eyes to check out everything, and likes to assess … More Snowball Snowball is a doll - like a marshmallow on legs!

His favorite sidekick is his cutiepie manx brother Bob. Being held by his foster mom and exploring, especially if it involves a little climbing, are … More Speck The award for Cutest Nose Ever! He looks like the little pre-schooler who highlights his nose with a black magic marker and likes what he sees! In this case the pre-schooler is a darling tabby-striped boy with bright white legs, feet, and bib.

His foster mom says he likes to assess new people and things, but … More Storm Storm has a purr that sounds like rumbling thunder. He loves loves loves to have his chin scratched! He is a friendly, outgoing fellow who likes people and other kittens and he is often found sleeping in a happy cuddle puddle on TOP of his littermates. This kitten was fostered with cats, kittens, dogs and children. More Tuffnut Please only apply for Ruffnut and Tuffnut as a pair they are bonded and can not be split up.

Tuffnut may be small but he is brave. He wants to see everything, smell everything, EAT everything. No problem, he thinks that everyone wants to be his friend. Doesn't slow him down, he wants to visit. Visits are by appointment only and you must submit an adoption application and receive an approval e-mail before making your appointment. Please call for an appointment. Our off-site adoption center at Petco, N. Blackstone Ave at Ashlan in Fresno, is now open daily 10am-5pm and Wed 10am-6pm.

Please call CAT for more information. Sanctuary Visiting Hours We are open 7 days a week, except major holidays, by appointment only.

For all other matters, please see our contact page. For adoptions, you must submit an online application and receive approval before making your appointment. If you plan to stay overnight in the area, several local hotels offer special rates for our visitors.

You may also visit our off-site adoption center at Petco, N. Blackstone Ave at Ashlan in Fresno. Call for more information. Not Ready to Adopt? We still have kittens we've rescued from local shelters. Many are very young — too young to be adopted — and need lots of TLC and handling to bond with humans. Never done this before? He likes being brushed and petted. He likes to get your attention for a few pets or a few minutes of play time, and then he goes off to sit in a window and watch the birds and squirrels go by.

He loves to play with other kitties. He is fine with older children. Can you offer this boy what he has been dreaming of — a forever home with a loving family? Justin previously lived in an apartment where his owner had a baby gate at the front door and Justin would sit in the apartment and greet the other tenants walking past in the hallway.

He is now fitting in at his new foster home and gets along with the other kitties but Justin would love to find a new home with a lap so he can go back to being a lap kitty. Would you have that lap?

Though she has a calm demeanor, she is not shy and will always let you know when she is nearby or hungry. She has the sweetest little meow and when you call her she will answer you back. My head is HUGE. I weight at least 15 pounds.

Here is my story as my foster mom understands it. I used to have a family who kept me inside the house. Then one day my family moved and left me behind — outside. I was just waiting, patiently, for them to come back for me once they realized they forgot me. Well, that never happened. Eventually, someone else was going to move into the house so they said I had to go.

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I am starting to trust my foster mom. She is nice to me. She scratches my head and gives me treats. I have a feline friend here. I sure hope my next home is forever! I am a faithful companion and I miss my old life.

My foster mom said not to worry because I am so big, gorgeous, and unique that my true family will find me and want to adopt me soon. Could that be you?

Without Cat Vs. With Cat

She came to Purr Partners at less than a month old, and she had to be syringe fed for a week or so. She is such a loving kitty and begins to purr as soon as you pick her up. Kizzy also loves feathers, and she loves to have someone shake them so she can pounce and jump. This is one little girl with the sweetest face and the personality to match.

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Kizzy will eventually get to full cat size, but it will probably take her a little longer to grow because she is so petite. Everyone knows that the best things come in small packages! This boy is incredibly affectionate and has a loud purr! He loves to play with other kitties and then looks to people to love him.

No such thing as too many cuddles for this sweet boy. He is a lapcat through and through. His foster family treasures him and knows that he will make and knows that he will make a wonderful addition to any home.