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ndea meet 2012 jeep

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While returning Mr Jammeh was immediately picked up by men in plain clothes. Family members say when they were informed about the arrest of their loved one they began to search for him and traced him to the NIA office in Banjul.

They added that when they visited the NIA on Saturday 17 October with a bowl of food, clothes and other needs, they were told by agents they met at the gate that food and other items would not be allowed in and they were also not allowed access to him. His children keep asking for him and we cannot tell them that their dad is arrested. We told them that he has travelled and is yet to come.

He was reported missing for days but family members say that they have finally traced their loved one to the Janjangbureh Prison in the Central River Region CRR. Family members are still pleading with the authorities to come to their aid and help them find their loved. Earlier reports indicate that Imam Colley was transferred from Yundum Police Station to the National NIA headquarters in Banjul less than a day after he presented himself there following instructions from a distant caller in Bansang.

The brothers of the detainee explained that on Thursday 15 October,while Imam Colley was at home he received a telephone call from someone, who claimed to be calling from Bansang Police Station and asked him to report to Old Yundum police station. He said this unknown caller told Imam Colley to call him with his mobile phone when he reaches the station so that he the caller could talk to the station officer SO.

The source further explained that they accompanied Mr. Colley to the station and while they were there, their brother called the said caller from Bansang to talk to the police they met there and who later asked him to hand over all his personal belongings e. He said the brother then complied with this police order.

A close family source said when they returned to the station around 7am the next day on Friday, they were told by the police officers they met there that their brother was no longer in their custody. According to reports Imam Gassama was arrested on Monday, 2 Novemberat his residence by an operative of the National Intelligence Agency NIA who was accompanied by a police officer in uniform from Brikamaba police station.

An eye witness disclosed that, when the Imam arrived at the police station, he was detained briefly before being finally taken to Janjanbureh Prison on the same day. A member of his mosque congregation said they are appealing to the authorities to release the Imam so as to enable him to lead prayers in the current reconstruction works of their mosque.

The family source said that in March they visited the said prison to get the authorities to allow them access to their loved one but the authorities turned down their request, which has led them to have sleepless nights and worries over his continued detention. However, the family are making efforts to secure his release and are calling on the government to free their loved one. The source added that on several occasions attempts have been made to have access to him at the prison but without success.

Jaiteh, according to reports, was picked up at his home in Manjai Kunda, by men in plain clothes on 27 August and then whisked away in a numberless vehicle with tinted glasses. He was finally traced at the NIA in Banjul where the family members were initially allowed to be taking food to him but this lasted for only few days. According to family sources of the ex-military officer, they are still searching for their beloved brother and would like the authorities to do a proper investigation into his whereabouts.

He added that they have been visiting the prison and following the pronouncement of a grant of amnesty by the president, which led to the release of some convicted prisoners and detainees, they went to Mile Two prison on the 24 Julyin anticipation that he would be among them but were disappointed not to see his him. Reports indicated that Lt. Lowe was among the military officers who were arrested in the wake of the 21 March attempted coup.

It was later announced by the state media on 4th April that Bai Lowe had escaped with four other security officers while being transferred to Janjangbureh prison in the hinterland but up to date no one has seen or heard of him. Reports indicated that after his abduction, he was taken to different detention centres in country. The father of Chief Manneh, who cries while explaining the situation of his son, said that he would not rest searching or requesting from the government about his missing son until he sees him.

He added that he will try all best to mobilise religious leaders to go with him to President Jammeh at his residence in Kanilai to enquire from him about his son, Chief Manneh. He said he first visited all the known security detention centres around the country without any trace of his son and had also approached personalities such as the then NIA Director General, Mr Harry Sambou; the then IGP, Mr.

The family is calling on the state to mount an investigation into the disappearance of their loved one, because they were very much traumatised about the disappearance. The court held several proceedings but since the commencement of proceedings on 16 Julythe Government of The Gambia repeatedly failed to appear before the ECOWAS Court after being served with several summons. While the plaintiffs presented two witnesses from the Gambia who testified, the state failed to secure the appearance of senior Police and Military officers who were subpoenaed to testify.

On 5 Junethe ECOWAS Court entered judgment in favour of the missing journalist and ordered the Gambian government to release and compensate him an amount of USDollars but still now nothing has been done. The position of the Gambia Government has been conflicting.

The Gambia government never made any public comment about the missing Journalist until February when the matter of Chief Manneh was raised in Parliament by the then Minority leader Momodou Sanneh.

The then Justice Minister Mrs. However, her successor Mr.

BREAKING>> Frozen Vegetable Recall: Risk Of Deadly Contamination

Edward Gomez, told Daily News, that Chief Manneh was still alive but failed to give any supportive evidence about his claims. The Inspector General of Police IGP Yankuba Sonko at the time also told a local newspapers that the missing journalist is residing in the United States of America, but he also failed to give provide any evidence. The Solicitor General, in told Amnesty International Researchers that the government believed Chief Manneh was abducted as it has been claimed, though nobody from the government had been involved.

The disturbed family members of the two US citizens are dissatisfied with the lack of progress as they both locally and Internationally they are yet to trace their whereabouts or to secure their release.

The two were abducted from the same apartment at Brusubi on the same day. Family sources noted that the duo came to The Gambia with the intention of investing in a cashew exporting business. The added vehicles include nearly 89, Pilot SUVs from the model year, as well as about 11, Civics from and another 5, Accords from model year. Honda said that it's the first recall of Pilots for potential problems with driver's air bags made by Takata Corporation of Japan.

The inflators can blow apart a metal canister and spew shrapnel into drivers and passengers. At least six people have died worldwide due to the problem. The recall affects Ford Explorer and Police Interceptor utility vehicles from the through model years.

The company traced the problem to a spring that controls the interior door handles. The spring can become unseated and may become unlatched in a side-impact crash, increasing the risk of Injury. Honda Motor Company recalled an additional 4. The new wave of recalls adds to what was already one of the largest recalls ever for a defective part. Honda has been the automaker hardest hit by the recall. Toyota's Takata-related recalls have ballooned to 8. Nissan's have grown to about 4 million.

In the latest problem, a leak can happen while the vehicle is in use causing a rupture and the air bag could explode, according to Honda. The earlier recalls were for exploding air bag inflators that stemmed from defects during production of the air bags. The cause of the defect is not yet pinpointed. No North American vehicles are affected by the latest recall.

Other regional breakdowns were not immediately available. No injuries have been reported related to the latest problem.

It's accused of dumping documents on the agency without the legally required explanation of what's in them. Takata has denied it is not cooperating fully with the investigation.

Recall repairs have been slow to happen. Takata has had difficulty keeping up with demand for replacement inflators. As of last month, Honda said it had fixed 19 percent of the recalled inflators.

Some of the recalls date to At least six people have died worldwide due to the defect for which the original Takata recalls were carried out. Before the latest recalls, 10 automakers recalled 22 million vehicles worldwide because of the Takata air bag problem.

The radar system problem affects 22, vehicles in North America, nearly 6, vehicles in Europe and nearly 11, vehicles in Japan, for the and models years. A system software update will correct the problem. These has been one reported accident for this problem, in which a radar system in a Honda vehicle on a Tokyo street mistakenly thought a vehicle was approaching and automatically braked, causing the vehicle behind to crash into its rear bumper.

No one was injured, Honda said. Additiona vehicle models added to takata air bag recall Air Bag Recall adds 1. The company says it's expanding a previous recall after Takata Corporation of Japan agreed to double the size if its air bag inflator recall to Vehicles added to a passenger air bag inflator recall include the to Corolla and Matrix, and Tundra pickup, to Sequoia SUV and the to Lexus SC convertible. Flat Chrysler recalls 1.

ndea meet 2012 jeep

The company will update software to insulate the vehicles from being remotely controlled, and it said in a statement that hackers are committing a crime by manipulating vehicle without authorization. The recalls affects vehicles with 8. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requiring the company to offer to buy back certain Ram pickup trucks and Dodge and Chrysler SUVs with defective steering parts that can cause a loss of control.

More thanvehicles were recalled inbut the company would only be required to buy back a third of those because many of the pickups have already been repaired. The company owned by BMW says that if crash-test requirements are not met, rear-seat passengers could have a higher risk of injury.

Dealers will install more energy absorption material between the rear interior side panels and the body starting September 12, The company said in documents filed with U. Ball joints allow the wheels to pivot when the steering wheel is turned. Dealers will replace the joints on both sides. When parts become available, owners of older vehicles in states where salt is used to clear roads in winter will get repairs first.

The recall comes after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into the problem in June [].

When the investigation was started, no crashes or injuries had been reported. The recall is for eight models, including the Jetta, Passat and Tiguan, with model years between and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says debris can rip a cable that keeps the front are bag powered, which could lead to failure to deploy.

GM says it has four reports of fires but no injuries.

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The company says the problem happens because of a weak electrical connection in the module that powers the defroster.

All are from the through model years. Fiat Chrysler says a company investigation found that some trucks may have steering wheel electrical wires that can wear due to contact with a spring. That can cause a short circuit that could make the driver's side air bags inflate without a crash.

Severn more companies including electric car maker Tesla Motors, could be facing recalls because they air bag inflators made by Takata Corporation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration raised the possibility in letters sent to the manufacturers last week. So far, about The inflators can explode with too much force, spewing metal shrapnel.

GM struggling to fix car fire hazard: In the previous recalls, in andGM told owners to park the cars outside until repairs could be made, because most of the fires happened shortly after drivers turned off the engines.

A spokesman was checking to see if the same recommendation applies this time. Ina GM spokeswoman said the cars were responsible for fires, including at least 17 that burned structures. Over time, a valve cover gasket can degrade, allowing oil to seep out. Under hard braking, oil drops can fall onto the exhaust manifold and catch fire.

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Flames can spread to a plastic spark plug wire channel and the rest of the engine. The problem first surfaced inwhen 21 consumer complaints about engine fires in some of the cars prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate.

ndea meet 2012 jeep

That probe found three injuries. Most of the blazes happened five to 15 minutes after the engines were turned off, according to agency documents. The investigation led to the recall in March of more thanU. A year later GM recalled almost 1. Dealers replaced the spark plug wire channels, but documents filed with the government don't mention any repair of the oil leaks. GM hasn't come up with a final fix in the most recent recall, spokesman Alan Adler said.

The company will use state registration databases in an effort to track down the owners, he said. The 1, fires were discovered when GM began investigating whether to recall some models, Adler said. The recall is so large that it could affect GM's fourth-quarter earnings, although Adler said that has not been determined. In nearlydodge Journeys and Fiat freemonts from being recalled, moisture can build up in the anti-lock brake control module, disabling the system and the electronic stability control.

Dealers will apply a sealant and replace electrical parts if needed. The company also is recallingJeep Grand Cherokees and Liberties from and because the air bags can inflate for no reason. Honda recalls a few SUVs: THE recall affects of the small sport utility vehicles, and Honda says only 30 were sold before dealers were told to stop sales. It's the latest safety problem with air bags made by Japanese supplier Takata. They cited company violations that could lead to patient infections.

The devices are intended to kill bacteria and micro organisms found on flexible endoscopes after hospital procedures, so that they can be reused safety. But the Warminster PA-based manufacturer has a history of violating federal rules for manufacturing and quality control. The agency ordered the action under terms of a legal settlement with the company. Nissan is recalling nearly 34, of its Rogue models to fix a defect that could cause the sport utility vehicle to unexpectedly shift out of the park position.

The auto manufacturer said the problem is caused a faulty shift selector knob that allows the Rogue to move out of park even when the brake pedal isn't depressed. Mitsubishi recalling 25, Mirges: New York - Mitsubishi Motors is recalling roughly 25, Mirages with model years and on concerns wires could corrode and cause issues in the vehicles air bag systems. The NHTSA says the Mirages have a design flaw in which melting snow could soak through the driver's-side floor carpeting and corrode wire connections running to a junction box nearby.

The corrosion could cause delays in the deployment of the vehicles' front air bags. Mitsubishi will notify owners, and any repairs necessary will be made free of charge. DETROIT - Nissan is recalling nearlyAltima mid-size cars worldwide - some for a third time - to fix a latch problem that could let the hood fly open while the cars are moving.

The new recall covers cars from the to model years includingin the U. Continental Automotive Systems says in documents filed with the U. If that happens, air bags may not inflate in a crash or they could deploy without a crash.

ndea meet 2012 jeep

Already Honda, Flat Chrysler and Mercedes have issued recalls. Honda reported tow injuries from the problem. Continental says less than 2 million of the affected vehicles are in the U.

Toyota calls back SUVs over flawed rear seat belts: Toyota is recalling about 2. Rear seat belts in the vehicles could be cut by metal seat-cushion frames in severe front crashes and fail to restrain passengers, she said. The seat belt issue poses risk to the RAV4's image as the model becomes one of Toyota's most significant in the U.

The recall also tacks on to what is already one of Toyota's biggest repair campaigns involving safety devices. Toyota is among 14 manufacturers calling back about 24 million vehicles to replace Takata Corporation inflators that have ruptured and led to the largest U.

Older RAV4 models also are included in the Takata air bag recall. Toyota is initiating its latest recall after Canada's regulator reported in October [] that seat belts had been damaged during crash-test research, Doi said, The recall is because of Toyota's vehicle design and not its supplies, she said.

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Dealers will install resin covers for rear metal seat frames at no cost to customers. The recall includes about 1. In a separate recall, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation is repairing about 1. Haruo Otani, a ministry official, said by phone. Detroit - Hyundau is recallingSonata midsize cars in the U. The recall covers Sontas from the model year when the car was Hyundai's top-selling U.

The company says in government documents that the computer circuit board in the power steering control unit can become damaged. If that happens, the cars would still have manual steering, but it would take more effort to turn the cars and could cause a wreck.

Hyundai says it's not aware of any crashes or injuries from the problem. The company started investigating the problem in March after getting warranty claims. Investigators found the circuit board could fail over time when exposed to the environment. Tesla is recalling SUVs for safety fix: Tesla Motors Incorporated is recalling 2, Model X SUVs after the automaker;s own tests showed the third-row seats could snap forward in a crash. Tesla says the Model X passed 15 seat-strength test before failing a 16th designed to meet more stringent European standards.

The company has received no reports of seat failures from customers. But tesla says customers should not use the third row until it is repaired. Recalled items were sold in plastic bags and are marked with "Use By Dates" located on the back of the package.

Listed below are details regarding the recalled items, including their UPC codes and "use-by" dates: True Goodness By Meijer, 10 oz. Consumers are urged not to consume these products. Consumers who purchased these products may take them back to the store where they purchased them for a refund or simply discard them.

Consumers seeking information may call Monday through Friday, 8 a. Nissan cars being recalled: NEW YORK - Nearly 4 million Nissan cars are being recalled due to major safety problems where passenger air bags or seat belts could fail in a crash, leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Defective sensors might incorrectly think that an adult is a child or classify the seat as empty, thus turning off the air bag.

The recall applies to certain cars of the following models: GM says corrosion on a connector causes the problem. If it happens, the cars still manual steering, but that requires more effort to turn the wheels and increase the risk of a crash. GM says no crashes or injuries have been reported.

The company says the problem happens because police cars often run 20 hours per day and heat can build up under the hood while the vehicles are idling. The German automaker hastily pulled the ads after last year's admission had installed illegal software on its diesel vehicles to cheat emissions tests. The Federal Trade Commission alleges that Volkswagen deceived customers during a seven-year period by selling its diesel cars based on fraudulent claims made through its marketing campaigns.

That campaign included Super Bowl ads, online social media campaigns and print advertising targeted to "environmentally conscious" consumers.

The Kansas City, MO. The recall covers single-serve products and multipack boxes. Hot hoverboards force recall: More thanhoverboards are being recalled after some of the motorized scooters overheated, burned riders and damaged property. There have been 99 reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission of hoverboard battery packs that exploded or caught fire, the U. At least 18 injuries were reported, such as burns to the neck, legs or arms, the CPSC said. Property damages were also reported.

Hoverboards were a hot item during the holiday season, but videos and photos of the two-wheeled motorized scooters on fire or spewing smoke were soon showing up frequently on the Internet. They were sole online and in stores nationwide between June and May of this year. Stroller recalled over wheel danger: Pacific Cycle is recalling more thanjogging strollers because of a defective front wheel.

The company said the front wheel can become loose and detach on certain instep and Schwinn models. The company has received reports of such complaints, resulting in injuries ranging form head injuries, cuts and sprains to bumps and bruises.

The recall involves single-swivel-wheel strollers that have a quick-release mechanism for removing and reattaching the front wheel. General Mills recall for E. Batches of Krustez Blueberry Pancake Mix and more than two dozen types of pre-made appetizers products by Kabob's Acquisitions are subject to recall because the products contain General Mills flour processed late last year [] that could be contaminated with the life-threatening bacteria.

Listeria concerns prompt recall of Bar-S hot dogs: Department of Agriculture says Alstus, OKla. The USDA says Bar-S has not received test results, but is recalling the items due to recurring listeria issues at the company.

The government says no reports of illness have been linked to the products. The new problem was traced to improper welds, and it's separate from the trouble that has caused the largest automotive recall in U. The driver's front air bag inflator can separate from a plate, shooting out metal and other debris. No injuries have been reported. Kia is recalling nearly 72, SUVs in the U.

The recall covers Sportage models from and Kia says in government documents that water containing road salt can get into a brake control computer. That can cause wiring connections to rust and a circuit board to short, possibly sparking a fire. Ford is recalling more thanmidsize sedans mainly in North America because the front seat belts might not hold people in a crash. If that happens, the belt might not hold people. Ford says it knows of two injuries related to the problem.

Pre-tensioners tighten seat belts when they sense cars are stopping. Cuinart recalls 8 million machines: If you own a food processor, there's a pretty good chance it's a Cuisinart. And if it's a Cuisinart, there's a pretty good chance you are now part of a massive product recall regarding the blade. So far there have been 69 reports of people finding pieces of the blade in their food, including 30 reports of mouth lacerations or tooth injuries.

Consumer Product Safety Commission and Cuisinart announced a voluntary recall on the blades of about 8 million food processors sold from July through December According to a tweet from Scott Wolfson, communications director for the CPSC, it's the largest kitchen appliance recall in the agency's history.

The recall covers certain 3 series cars from toand some E5 SUVs from to The automaker says the vehicles may have had a driver's air bag replaced with a Takata inflator after a crash or in a previous recall. Takata inflators can explode with too much force and spew shrapnel into drivers and passengers. Dealers will replace the inflators if they're made by Takata.

The recall is expected to start on March The recall covers Altimas from the through model years. Nissan says in government documents that the latch and lock cable in the doors may not have been routed properly at the factory. Euthanasia drub found in dog food prompts recall: Company's voluntary action affects cans sold in 15 states DETROIT - Evenger's is voluntarily recalling some of its dog food after a drub that is sued to anesthetize or put down pets was found in it.