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Second Life's official website. Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can create, connect, and chat with You never know who you'll meet in SL. Aug 5, Fast Interview: Second Life founder Philip Rosedale talks about how SL is open for business, the allure of virtual meetings over real ones, and. Jun 5, I logged into "Second Life" in the year A.D. It still exists, sort of. Residents and businesses Two strangers, meeting in the void. I typed a.

The limitless freedom attracted furriesgovernment spiessex freaksand disturbingly pedophiles. It sometimes made it difficult to keep the servers alive. A friend once told me the following anecdote at a party, maybe apocryphal, possibly typical SV lore, totally unforgettable: His acquaintance, an engineer at Linden Lab, had to deal with a series of mysterious server crashes.

Upon further investigation, he found that a single user had made a 3D model of a dick that was so massive and detailed imagine: I haven't been able to confirm any of this yet Everything was going to change.

Snow Crash was becoming a reality. It's hard for anything to live up to such lofty expectations, especially running on a crummy Dell laptop built circa The software was glitchy and slow. It felt like a glorified chatroom.

It seemed to me that, like a lot of Silicon Valley creations, "Second Life" offered the promise of a revolution, but merely delivered a normative, if slightly recontextualized reality. Another transfer of wealth with good PR. In a world where everyone could fly, people still built stairs. Eight years after I first tried "Second Life," I logged in again.

My partner was teaching an internet art class that utilized "Second Life. By this point it was already on the decline. When my partner purchased a house to display her students' work, it was in the middle of an empty suburb, surrounded by homes abandoned long ago, waiting for owners who would likely never return. We made matching avatars. They had smooth nude bodies without genitalia, and giant eyeballs for heads. We roamed around, low-level trolling. We visited a red light district.

There, one could buy 3D models of genitals to attach to their avatar. One vendor offered a free sample, called the Demo Dick. It is limited in that it is purely cosmetic; it can't get erect. I immediately installed one on my avatar. With my new Demo Dick, it seemed appropriate to visit a nude beach. We spotted a couple making love on an outdoor bed. Maybe it was our eyeball avatars, which perhaps suggested a level of voyeurism too extreme even for "Second Life," but users were pretty uptight about it.

One man became so distressed by our presence that he actually ran away. We chased this nude man around the beautiful beach, as he yelled at us to leave him alone. It was a great night. I was probably a little too harsh on "Second Life.

meet second life

And it's actually pretty fun, especially if you have a friend to explore with. It was created in to promote the former Senator's presidential campaign. This was before he lost the primary, and it was revealed that he had had an ongoing affair while his wife was dying.

In February ofit received mainstream media attention after it was vandalized. According to a blogpost on Edward's campaign websiteall sic: I witnessed this event, taking names and photos, including the owners of the pictures.

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I also kept and saved a copy of the chat log. I have filed an abuse report with Linden Labs, and am awaiting their investigation. If all of this sounds vaguely familiar to how elements of the election played out online, well, yup. The internet has always been the internet.

Nothing showed up in the game's search engine. I tried asking around. Which companies are using it?

meet second life

IBM in particular has been a real innovation leader, using Second Life aggressively for a couple of years now. On the order of a thousand people came to a multi day virtual event in which Sam Palmisano, their CEO, spoke from a recreation of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Obviously, with the concern about the ecological impact of business travel today, as well as increasing fuel costs, the savings are very substantial for businesses to have meetings in Second Life.

What makes the virtual world attractive to business users? The first one was the ability to use 3D voice. If someone is on your left and someone else is on your right, you hear them on your left and on your right. You can sit around the table in Second Life with a bunch of colleagues from remote offices and one of you can show a presentation, a PowerPoint or a Web page, up on the wall in the virtual meeting room.

One of the criticisms of Second Life is that people visit out of curiosity, get bored and go away. Is this a way to draw more users? We are still very early in the functionality and adoption of virtual environments in general.

meet second life

People would give up before they found the content they were looking for. What we tend to see in Second Life is a very small number of people staying. These are the three places someone else will glance over first, because residents have control over what appears here, so this information is unique.

Also, the quality and presentation of this information, specifically, can persuade someone to dig deeper into your Profile. The Photo area is the place to drag-and-drop in an image of your avatar. It's usually a "pic" that's taken in-world, using a combination of poses or animations, the Snapshot tool, and the Camera Controls. The final product if you like it and decide to keep it is saved to either your computer's desktop, or to the Photo Album folder in your Inventory.

Second Class in Second Life? If you are willing to upgrade from a free Basic account to a paid Premium account, and put your personal details on file with Linden Lab, then you will be judged more positively.

Linden Lab will be happier to have you around, and so will other residents. This situation did not always exist. Back in the days when Second Life was a smallish community of thousands, free Basic membership wasn't necessarily a detriment. Dating & Socializing - Find friends, partners, love & more in Second Life & beyond!

As a marketing strategy, obviously, it has served Linden Lab very well to allow curious people to try SL without making a commitment. But now SL is exploding, both in population and notoriety. Basic membership used to be a big selling point, a far better way to try a virtual world than time-limited trialware or feature-limited crippleware. Now it's become an easy way for troublemakers to access the grid with speed and relative anonymity.

In fact, the increasingly common sentiment about Basic members is that they are griefers, hackers, and other people who don't want to be held accountable for their actions, until proven otherwise. Linden Lab has acknowledged this shift in perspective, and they've added new features in response.

If you own a small island a private SIMyou can set your security tools to automatically deny entrance to avatars without payment information on file. So if you are using a Basic account to have a free look-see, while you're trying to decide whether or not to join Second Life, your tour might be restricted.

You really have to pay for a Premium account to be able to go anywhere and see everything. However, there's an additional wrinkle in this situation, which is wholly technical.

Chat Hot Spots

Linden Lab used to say its current server setup would support a maximum of 30, residents in-world at the same time. Now they cite the maximum to be 40, At this writing, it's possible for a few thousand extra residents to sneak in, but server performance suffers badly. Lag becomes persistent, and residents who can get in-world are more likely to crash. It's also logical to assume that the longer this situation lasts, the fewer people will try to get online when the online population is at or over maximum.

They've learned that the hassle isn't worth it. Critics and tech-types have speculated that restricting unpaid residents to one part of the Second Life world would be a logical short-term solution. But the potential social consequences of such an action are already, also, widely publicized. If Linden adopts this strategy, they will formalize the growing underclass, and sabotage their well-advertised, egalitarian credo.

Indeed, universal unrestricted access is a key feature that makes SL unique among other virtual worlds. If that changes or gets taken away, SL will become a little more disappointingly similar to the competition.

Meet People and Make Friends in Second Life

However, the ideal size for a Profile Photo is by pixels—a much smaller finished product than the file you'll create. It really does take a certain eye to compose or filter out what won't end up in the finished Photo while you're snapping the full-screen image. So if you want a really nice photo for your profile, find a good portraitist or photographer and pay a few Lindens to get a professional's help.

Here are some nicely composed, well-proportioned Profile Photos Figures 4. The Groups text box just beneath the Photo is a scrollable list of all the Groups you've joined. Although you can belong to 25 groups, the Profile page lists them alphabetically and only the first three appear in this window.

Still, whatever appears in your Groups window will provide a glimpse into your hobbies and interests, and may open or close doors for you socially. Some role-playing communities require a "record" of association with or proven interest in the game, world, or novels upon which their RP is based. This requirement guarantees a basic degree of familiarity with the culture and the rules, so everybody who is playing along will know what they are doing and why.

Also, landlords often carefully screen the Profiles of Second Life residents who want to rent property. If a would-be tenant belongs to a Group known to attract griefers, or whose members are wannabe hackers, a landlord may think twice about inviting that kind of mayhem onto his or her private property. An avatar a resident, really that deliberately causes distraction or disruption inside Second Life. Griefers can be simply annoying by following someone around, by streaking in PG-rated areas, or by refusing to follow role-playing rules.

But griefers can also cause serious chaos by using scripted objects that attack or disable the Second Life grid.

Lindens don't like them obviouslyand neither do most residents, so this is one pastime you might want to pass up. Group membership also serves many practical purposes because of the way the Second Life grid works. For example, many designers and businesspeople in SL use Groups to make announcements to customers, affiliates, and other interested parties—you can send a single IM to everybody belonging to a group or hold a collective discussion without anyone else overhearing.

Group membership may also limit access and activities on a particular bit of land. You can use Group-related settings to keep strangers out of your home, to prevent nonmembers from leaving trash on your lawn, and even to allow or deny someone else the ability to build on or terraform your property.

To change the relative height of land compared to the relative height of water, in order to create topographical features such as lakes, rivers, hills, mountains, etc. Similarly, doors may be scripted to keep out everybody who does not belong to that household's Group.

These are other, significant reasons why someone else might browse the Groups list on your Profile. Sometimes, the Groups to which you do or do not belong have a lot to say about the people you trust or the people who trust you.

The third all-important area on the 2nd Life tab page is the About: What's the most intriguing, descriptive, or crucial thing about you that you want others to know? This is the place to spell that out—not in characters or less, but actually four lines or less.

Text box may be scrollable, but it's a lot like a Web page. If you don't grab somebody with the first "bite" of information you provide, without them having to click-and-drag that scrollbar, chances are good they won't bother to read the rest. So use the About: Text box to summarize the meaning of your avatar's Second Life. List your business, praise your friends, declare your love, spell out expectations. You can expand on all these things in subsequent Profile pages, but this area is where you are guaranteed to get one point across.

meet second life

Designers have created blogs to announce the debut of new products and Web sites to promote their entire product lines. Landlords, real estate agents, and other residents who buy, sell, or rent land will use a Web site to list all their properties.

Groups with a "dual-world purpose," such as the organizers and participants in the Second Life Community Conferences, use a mix of in- and real-world resources to keep vital information circulating.