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meet market aidc at 3

Let's Talk Replaces MeetMarket. Dec PM is announcing Let's Talk. Let's Talk is AIDC's new market initiative replacing its pre-sale market; MeetMarket and is supported by Screen Australia. Let's Talk is a response to the . The AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-kuo commonly known as the Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF), is a Originally, the ROCAF listed the priority of the XF-6 behind the XA-3 Lei Ming single seat attack aircraft, due to the the Northrop F Tigershark (which had been developed largely to meet Taiwanese national defense needs for. The conference runs from Sunday, 3 March to Wednesday, 6 March Travel – Business & Marketing and Travel – Skills Development & Exposure. Read more:

However the flipside to this is that decreased cost should enable more frequent product upgrades as end users will be more able to take advantage of the latest technologies as the budget requirement will be less.

AIDC manufacturers will follow this trend of commoditisation and lower cost devices but will extend their product portfolio to develop products to meet specific vertical needs.

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The development of specialist devices built on extremely high levels of knowledge and expertise within a certain vertical will help the AIDC manufacturer to differentiate its products and put up barriers to entry against the commodity manufacturer.

The commodisation surrounding AIDC hardware will also see a large increase in the number of VARs with web shops as the purchasing route moves increasingly online as confidence in Internet transactions grows. Users will become fully familiar with AIDC technology, as it will be very similar to that of consumer technology, and will be far more comfortable selecting and purchasing hardware.

This will result in the Internet becoming a major component of the supply chain. The future picture with regard to the AIDC channel is fascinating. As hardware commoditises end users will have less need to work with a VAR to advise them on the best hardware for their requirements.

meet market aidc at 3

VARs will need to change their offering, focusing more on solutions and services than hardware alone. We will see a rise is hosted SAAS software as a service offerings whereby the end user can pay a fix price per user per month for a solution that is fully maintained, backed up and supported by the SAAS provider. VARs will offer a range of professional services around the SAAS model to get the end user up and running, such as development of a functional specification, installation, training and creation of custom reports.

meet market aidc at 3

VARs will also need to firmly set out their market stall to position themselves as experts in a specific field i. This is likely to be one or a number of key vertical markets in which the VAR has extensive experience and differentiation from the more generalist VAR. Resellers will need to focus on delivering solutions for these chosen verticals. It will not be enough to simply offer standard AIDC products to fit within a vertical marketplace.

Solutions must be designed for the specific demands of each marketplace. Unitech is already looking to extend its vertical offering with the launch earlier this year of its relationship with Precision Dynamics Corporation Europe PDC-Europea pioneer in wristband technology.

The United States refused to sell the General Dynamics F Fighting Falcon and the Northrop F Tigershark which had been developed largely to meet Taiwanese national defense needs for an advanced jet fighter to replace their older F-5 jet fighters [5] thereby ensuring the continuation of the indigenous fighter project.

This opened the door for US technology transfer and assistance to Taiwan's defense industry, including the IDF project. Safe Flight [7] and divided into four sections in Development of the airframe.

Some cooperation with General Dynamics.

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Development of the aircraft powerplant and propulsion. Cooperation with Garrett Now Honeywell.

meet market aidc at 3

Development of the avionics systems. Development of air-to-air missiles. Joint investment with Garrett became the only practical solution. Infollowing the success of the TFE engine, U.

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However, the JAS 39 Gripen project decided to continue with a single F, and Piaggio asked to participate at a later date due to financial concerns. However, to avoid pressures from China, the US government had asked all American companies cooperating with the Taiwan on the IDF project to remain low-key. Therefore, the perception that "the TFE is merely the civilian engine TFE with an afterburner" was never completely dispelled. Preliminary studies had shown that the IDF could supercruise with the new engine.

However, after the IDF order was cut in half due to budget concerns, the TFE engine upgrade plan ended as well. GD sent personnel to Taiwan to complete the project. GD's assistance was restricted by the US State Department's arms export control, which limited GD's work to initial design consulting but not further development, production, or marketing.

After the General Electric J79 was officially abandoned as the potential engine solution inthree configurations emerged from AIDC. Configuration C was similar to the F At the same time, GD worked on the G configuration in parallel.