Meet ariana grande contest 2014

Wanna Win A Trip To L.A. To Meet Ariana Grande And Watch Her VMA Performance? Here’s How! - MTV

meet ariana grande contest 2014

Did Ariana Grande shade fans at a Meet and Greet? Ariana Grande left fans devastated after she abruptly left a Meet and Greet at the MTV VMAs, his daughter Jen had won a contest to meet the singer at the VMAs. Wanna Win A Trip To L.A. To Meet Ariana Grande And Watch Her VMA this contest, where one lucky winner will fly out to Los Angeles and meet the You'll also get to attend the MTV Video Music Awards, where your. Then, Ariana Grande walked away from her prize-winning fans without even . L.A. Meet n Greet. Ariana blog 1. Jen and another contest.

Treating contest winners as an annoyance is not really cool. This was not a case of interrupting a celebrity on the street, or in a restaurant, and it was not a large scale meet and greet of hundreds of people. It was three contest winners, with one guest each. Ariana has tweeted that she was saddened by the contest-winning artwork that featured a drawing of her and her departed grandfather. We do not dispute the fact that she may well have been so affected, but this is important to note, please: That young man poured his heart into that, and traveled across the country to hand it to her.

meet ariana grande contest 2014

The lack of banter with anyone — not even asking their names, or if they were the contest winners as opposed to the guests. Heading off to leave after spending just seconds with each winner. She was already walking away from her fans when my daughter Jen mustered up the courage to approach her with the artwork.

meet ariana grande contest 2014

Jen and her sister Kelly had recently lost their own grandpa, and their intention was to tell Ariana that they loved her and that they felt her pain because they knew what she was going through.

Jen wanted to give Ari the originals to keep. The other piece of artwork featured Ariana and Iggy Azalea, and it was this drawing that Ariana was looking at when she ordered all pictures deleted.

She had not seen the grandpa drawing yet. When she did see the grandpa drawing, she walked out. Remember, she had been on the way out already, before Jen walked up to her with the artwork. She had taken the fan selfies and was on the way out. We believe that Ariana was affected in some way by seeing the artwork, we are not challenging that.

The fans were treated horribly before that final few seconds. So, to answer the above questions, there has been no contact at all from Ms.

Ariana Grande Explains Why Her Meet-and-Greet Went Wrong

Grande to the fans in the week that followed. We received a midweek phone call from Mr. Carozza asked me to update the blog by writing that we now understood why Ariana acted as she did — because of her being in mourning. I told him that I was sorry for all that, but that my girls had been affected too — as they were receiving death threats. I reminded him that MTV knew exactly where the contest winners were staying for all three nights — as they had placed them in that hotel.

Carozza got it to call us in the first placehome address, email address, and quite literally — their picture IDs and social security numbers. Perhaps the Ariana letter could have been sent over to the hotel when MTV had the VMA passes driven there two days after the meet and greet?

I suggested that maybe Ms. Ariana spotted Jen smiling at her. I saw your tweet and hoped I could come down and meet you. Check out my new hoodie! Do you like it? Ari threw up a peace sign. I took the picture. Ariana never asked to see or approve of either picture. Jen deleted the first one, without being asked to do so. She did it out of common respect. As they said their goodbyes, Ariana hugged Jen, and Mrs. Joan Grande actually thanked us for coming to meet her daughter.

It was a wonderful experience, and Jen has told the world about it for years. Ariana Grande was one of the nicest celebrities we have ever encountered — and between originally living in New York, then Vegas, and our frequent trips to L. Flash forward to August, Ariana is a superstar. But surely she is still the same sweet girl where it matters most — in her heart. Contestants had to produce some art and say why they loved Ariana so much.

Jen spent days working on artwork of Ariana, wrote why she loved her, and amazingly, became a finalist. She was then interviewed via phone by an MTV rep for the second stage of the competition, and a few days later was announced as one of the two MTV winners there was another winner through VH1.

All winners were permitted to bring a guest to L.

meet ariana grande contest 2014

The winners were placed at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. They were told to get to the L.

UPDATE: Ariana Grande’s Latest Response. One Week Later. | primalscreaming

Forum in Inglewood for a 5 PM meeting with Ariana. They had to provide their own transportation. Jen and Kel arranged for a taxi to take them. Jen brought her winning artwork because she wanted to give it to her idol. She also wanted to remind Ariana of their prior meeting by the Titanic exhibit, when it was just Jen, Ariana, and that cute hoodie.

They were not allowed inside, or even permitted to wait in the safety of the parking lot. Turns out, they were never permitted in the building at all. Also, this neighborhood is unsafe so be careful out there. They waited till around 7: They were all hungry and cold, and despite a huge party barbeque going on in the tent beside their benches, they were offered nothing but a bottle of water the entire time. Jen and the other MTV winner a young man of 16 who traveled across the entire country for this meeting were interviewed on camera by MTV to be broadcast at a later date.

They were told what to say, almost word for word. I know Jen feared that if she refused to do this, she would not meet Ariana though she was not told that. After the bogus interview, Ariana was set to appear. First, she did an on-camera interview. She then approached her fans without a smile — just an icy look as she toyed with her hair. She was surrounded by 8 to 10 assistants.

Ariana stood by, with a blank stare, as the rules came fast and furiously from a staffer: Give them to security and they will get them to her. You can take a selfie with her, but nothing else. The 16 year old boy had recorded a CD of beautiful violin cover versions of Ariana songs. It won the contest for him, and he wanted to present it to her. It was taken away by security. Ariana Grande, the superstar, then walked toward her three contest-winning fans. She spent perhaps 15 seconds with each of them.

That is not an exaggeration. They took an approved photo with her and that was it.

Ariana Grande Costume Contest

Ariana gave that grin for each picture, but then it was gone again. She never bothered to even ask anyone their name. No peace sign from Ari this time. Then Jen took out one of the drawings that won the contest for her. Kelly snapped a photo of her smiling little sister giving Ariana the drawing. The MTV reps on scene seemed startled, but at a loss for what to do.

They were seated three rows from the back of the top balcony, possibly closer to the sun than the stage. I had told them to expect that, though.