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marty rodriguez meet our team mortgage

The people who can't create clients out of thin air without starving first. . Another one- Marty Rodriguez, a Century 21 mega top producer Hang out at birthing centers to meet growing families who may need to move up?. Martin P. Bonnes. Commercial Loan Quaint Oak Mortgage Lending Team . Rey Rodriguez Please visit to meet our real estate team!. Broker; Hugh Martin Sales Representative; Nency Rodriguez The trademarks REALTOR®, REALTORS® and the REALTOR® logo are controlled by The.

I would like for her to be my mentor. Barri Spratt The most informative training class I have been to. The teacher was insightful and connected with the trainees. Brandon Higgins Kathy was great at explaining things and walking around the room to ensure that everyone was comprehending the information. She is a very good teacher. She speaks in layman's terms, which is very helpful to first time people like myself.

Excellent ene Kim S. Rhodes The instructor really knows the industry and gave us important and informative inside info I would have never known. Kathy is wonderful, eager to assist and has strong communication skills. Melissa Powers I was very impressed with Kathy. She really knows the business extremely well. I learned so much. She is very sincere and has a creative spirit.

Jones Very good basic information for anyone new in the business. Kathy was very well spoken and informative with a lot of examples of her experience in the field. Karen Sommerville Most knowledgeable class of 8 hours I have ever taken.

Kathy is one of the best instructor I have ever learned from. McClary Kathy is one of the most informative and knowledgeable people I've met in our industry.

marty rodriguez meet our team mortgage

Ron Scalf Kathy was very well spoken and very helpful. I would consider her an excellent teacher.

marty rodriguez meet our team mortgage

Childers Interesting, funny and very informative. A great motivational and inspirational speaker. Paul was a hoot. I have never had as much fun in a continuing ed class as I had today. Karen Roche Paul's genuine concern and care for our industry makes this class a must for all. Jeff Davis Paul is very congenial and I enjoyed his lecture on ethics. Platzer Good selling and ethical concepts. Paul is a dynamic speaker and is able to keep attention. Canaday I enjoyed Paul's unique experience and perspectives on origination.

He is highly energetic and a great instructor. Rick Davidson Awesome, regenerated energy to move ahead further. Lange Upbeat presentation, whether brand new or years of experience.

Paul seems very knowledgeable and has the hands on Bob Wilkerson Paul was incredible. I was truly dreading this class and much to my surprise I actually enjoyed AND learned something. I believe Paul believes in what he does. I feel invigorated and ready to sell! Bailey Great information, awesome insights, powerful instruction. You are a walking ball of energy and optimism. Paul really got my attention. He has a style and presentation worthy of prime time television.

Sean Gardner Just Paul's attitude alone gave me inspiration. I had never heard of Paul before but meeting him today has pretty much made my mind up as far as my career goes. Lawrence I would recommend this class to anyone.

Just excellent presentation skills. Rocky Ward I have never had an instructor quite like Mr. Kept my attention, good voice quality. Patricia Eubank Paul uses his own unique personality and experience to relay vital information for a LO to be the best at what they do.

Tony Jones Ability to take a myriad of regulations and condense each to the most salient points. John Rawlings Professional training organization that practices what they teach. Kathy's examples come from her own experiences. You can tell she loves the industry and is delighted when she can solve a borrower's complex financial need. Katherine Mitchell The statistic of the highest pass rate speaks for itself.

Mike Bolynn Really, really like Kathy. She is very well versed and knowledgeable.

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Linda Funk Paul is professional, prepared and knows the business. The impression is that he loves what he does and wants to share it. Darlene Malecki Paul is energetic, amusing and charismatic. He takes a very dull subject and breathes life into it.

Scamacca Did a good job. Was energetic and passionate about the industry. Brett Kicklighter Paul Donohue was very professional and knowledgeable. I wish I could have him mentor me personally so that I could retrieve some of this expertise and pick his brain.

Joe Thomas Paul is knowledgeable in the field and has the ability to convey his knowledge in a dynamic manner. Cindy Adams A natural leader. A thorough, insightful overview of industry and responsibilities of professionals in the industry. Brian Driscoll I've been in the industry 6 years and have never seen so much important information in one place.

I think we are getting on the right track. Everyone in this industry should take this class. I don't care what level.

marty rodriguez meet our team mortgage

John Bennett Sorrell Wake up call to our industry. Future is bright by doing the right thing. Randy McDonald Paul understands the legal and ethical issues of this business. He challenged us to operate at a higher level than required by law.

Doug Jones Truly the most informative and fun update I have ever attended. Paul is very motivating and expresses conviction about an industry!

Amy Nicholson Wealth of information. Paul makes eve the basics interesting. Info on laws keep us all out of trouble. Everyone in the mortgage business needs this info. Donohue genuinely cares about this business and that makes the difference in his teaching. Renee Wheaton Ideal… leaders talk what they know and lead where they'll go… so apparent Paul has… and does!

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Willie Baker Excellent oratorical, communication and people skills. Knowledgeable of industry, laws and marketing. Yelverton I would recommend this class to beginners as well as long time loan officers. It is very informative and an excellent refresher course. Kimberly Watson I thought the instructor was great and I would really like to work for him one day.

Gray I feel as if I am ready to further my commitment to become an ethical, professional loan originator thanks to Paul. I have the business already. The amount of knowledge I'm taking with me is overwhelming and exciting.

I enjoyed it very much. Donna Roy Excellent personality, very knowledgeable, highly ethical. If I were not a mortgage broker I would go to him for a mortgage. Rippy I found Kathy to be a great salesperson, presenting everything in a positive light for both parties. She is obviously very good at her job! Candace Edmonds Kathy is very knowledgeable of the industry and makes it exciting to learn.

I was never bored and stayed very interested. His speed of delivery was perfect for me. As a new broker I feel much better about my new business. Carmen Watson After 7 years in the industry I was dreading this day, but I actually enjoyed myself.

Intelligent, knowledgeable, exceptional motivator. Makes you want to get to the office and go to work! Teri Moss This was an excellent class. Instructor was knowledgeable and passionate about what he teaches. Marcus Todd Wilson Very smart. Knows what he is doing. I would love to have him on my team. Jeff Malsk Kathy was great! Easy to understand, conveys the materials in an interesting manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Nina Barber-Moore I've learned more in 8 hours than I did in 6 months.

Delois Johnson She loves the industry and it shows in her presentation. She brings lots of knowledge from her experience doing the job!

James Bowen Kathy has lots of energy and you can tell she is very successful and ethical. Lance Johnson Kathy is very good at holding the attention of her students and very thorough wonderful! She knows her stuff! Mikki Sanderlin Excellent presentation of the material. The pace of the class was perfect. Wonderful, lively and explained concepts very well for beginners and experienced alike. Alice Shackelford She was very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining the concepts and material.

Jim King Good speaker with a contagious enthusiasm for her profession. Barbara Cooksey Kathy was very nice, extremely knowledgeable and very articulate. Mathew Cubell Having spent years as a sales trainer myself, I found Kathy to be knowledgeable, believable and captivating.

James Felds Kathy is so good that I came back for a refresher course and I learned more than I thought. Arabela Coble Most instructors used to originate. Nancy Burgess I was pleasantly surprised on the approach of the seminar. What a wonderful experience from start to finish. Nick Stamatakis Paul is very entertaining.

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He has a way of relating the learning experience to our everyday lives as loan officers and makes you think outside of the box. Susan Bailey Good job. Paul is passionate about the business and it shows. John Williams It is rare to attend a class where the teacher has more knowledge than I do. I found Paul to be informative and helpful and learned a few things as well. David Maso Very thorough class.

Brushed up on the basics and learned new regulations, laws, etc. Keri Austin Paul said at the outset that his goal was to have those of us that already know everything learn at least one more thing. I learned at least 5 new things and was certain I knew it all!

Donohue did an excellent job.

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He was extremely informative and knowledgeable and at the same time kept the class fun and energetic. Elaina Duke Paul is inspiring.

marty rodriguez meet our team mortgage

My whole staff will be back. Charles Coberly Paul was enthusiastic and passionate about doing business the right way. What an incredibly powerful speaker. I learned so much and had a great time as well. I will definitely be back for more info from Paul Donohue. Rachael Cushing Having Paul Donohue speak was so refreshing and has encouraged me to reach for the stars… Mr. Donohue is very respected and successful in this industry. Who better to learn from? Christy Lewis I have been to many, many continuing education courses.

Donohue excelled as an instructor. I have never learned as much. Maleta Dickerson The class hits all the main concepts of loan originating as well as the laws and bylaws of North Carolina. Paul was easy to listen to and made the class very enjoyable. I wish my college professors had been that good!

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Steve Shetter Instructors knows the mortgage industry… has many helpful insights into being a successful originator. You will bring away good ideas for success in originating and building a long-term career. John Vanderschaaf Excellent presentation with captivating energetic atmosphere. Intense, motivating and packed with useful information. Excellent teacher and public speaker.

Kathy is a great speaker and teacher. She was very educational and I personally benefited greatly and highly enjoyed her class. Kim Bush She was very patient and answered all the questions we asked. She also gave me the confidence that I can do this no matter how hard things may seem or be.

Tia Toomer She was very well spoken and answered all questions without hesitation. That's what it takes to be an instructor. Heather Dickerson Kathy has superior presentation skills and tied her real world Ross Copenhaver Kathy did a very good job of covering the required materials while still including her real life experience. Ken King Kathy made the class interesting, exciting and very informative. Donohue is full of energy. Cheree Cardwell Very nice guy and very inspirational.

Gordon Bartholomew Paul was a fantastic speaker. Wayne Tucker Excellent explanations and delivery of content. Kept the class interesting with energy, analysis, and testimonials. Craig Dye I am leaving today with a greater understanding of my responsibility and opportunity in this business. Amelia Watkins Very energetic. Where do I sign up? Originally Posted by kab Not only is that unprofessional but it would guarantee that I would never do business with them or the firm they were affiliated with.

And I would have said so to him. I'd save his info so I never hired him or his agency in the future. Originally Posted by Georgianbelle Very annoying and intrusive way to try to get business. Think of it this way. The door knocker is just trying to increase his chance of finding business.

You would have never hired him anyway, saved info or not. So it really doesn't make a difference. The probability of your hiring this specific door knocking agent without his knocking on your door is like winning the Powerball. But by knocking on doors, he has increased his chances of winning with someone. Some people like to say- "don't find me, I'll find you. Wanna take my challenge?

Originally Posted by Ninotchka P the point I was trying to make is that if I were looking for a realtor, I would not pick this one.