Indian army covert operations and the relationship

RAW & Mossad: The Secret Link

indian army covert operations and the relationship

A Chinese soldier and an Indian soldier stand guard at the Chinese . successive requests from RAW for authorisation of covert operations. The debate over the June 9 raids by the Indian Army's Special Forces unit The second reaction defends the present covert operation, but believes the Myanmar army, with which it had good relations even during the long. The Pak Army has charged Durrani with violating its Military Code of Conduct Tel Aviv says even in the '70s when India and Israel had no diplomatic relations, Any intelligence agency worth its salt will have a covert action.

The technician flagged the conversations as being suspicious and passed them on to his superiors. RAW believed that they were worrying and immediately alerted the office of the National Security Advisor.

However the intelligence was ignored.

indian army covert operations and the relationship

The suspect is brought to India, interrogated in black siteslater shown as arrested at an airport or border post and is usually produced before a court. There had been growing concern in the Indian government, on the increasing influence of economic and military rival China in Sri Lankan affairs. Rajapaksa further upped the ante by allowing 2 Chinese submarines to dock inwithout informing India, in spite of a stand still agreement to this effect between India and Sri Lanka.

The growing Chinese tilt of Rajapaksa was viewed by India with unease. Further, it was alleged, that a RAW agent, helped coordination of talks within the opposition, and convincing former PM Ranil Wickremasinghe not to stand against Rajapaksa, but to choose a common opposition candidate, who had better chances of winning.

The agent is also alleged to have been in touch with Chandrika Kumaratungawho played a key role in convincing Maithripala Sirisena to be the common candidate. Fears arose that it could turn into the KGB of India.

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Raman has criticised the agency for its asymmetric growth; "while being strong in its capability for covert action it is weak in its capability for intelligence collection, analysis and assessment. Strong in low and medium-grade intelligence, weak in high-grade intelligence. Strong in technical intelligenceweak in human intelligence. Strong in collation, weak in analysis.

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Strong in investigation, weak in prevention. Strong in crisis management, weak in crisis prevention.

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After retirement, Chaturvedi had a diplomatic passport issued for himself and his wife. Infuriated, Pakistan named eight Indian diplomats and mission staffers in Islamabad as spies, burning their alleged cover, thereby rendering them useless to operate in any country. Their information has helped prevent many terror attacks in major Western cities. Foreign policy depends a lot on intelligence inputs. The State Department hated India. The Americans supported Pakistan, through which it was arming the Mujahideen.

Everyone wanted to know what India was thinking because Afghanistan is the most strategic country in the region.

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Inafter the Soviets withdrew and the Mujahideen executed Afghan President Najibullah, it was suddenly free for all. India faced an intelligence crisis since its only contacts were the Pashtuns and no information was available on other tribal warlords.

indian army covert operations and the relationship

Indian intelligence opened clandestine ties with mujahideen leader Ahmad Shah Masood in According to former diplomat MK Bhadrakumar, Pakistan Interior Minister Nasirullah Babar, known as the father of the Taliban, gave his fighters the necessary support to fill the power vacuum in Kabul.

In lateIndia botched a chance to establish a working relationship with Taliban president Burhanuddin Rabbani of Afghanistan who had asked to refuel his plane in Delhi on his way to Jakarta to attend the Non-Aligned Movement Summit meeting in September.

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AfPak experts presume he wished to use India as a counter-force against Pakistan. In the end, all espionage comes down to one thing—business. COVERT POWER While diplomacy is the promotion of national interest through well-established norms, espionage works for the same purpose through undercover action that includes kidnappings, assassinations and sabotage. Establishment support is crucial to any intelligence agency. Any intelligence agency worth its salt will have a covert action capability ready to use, when necessary.

Dulat recounts chatting with Durrani in Islamabad over glasses of Black Label whiskey—unimaginable today owing to the almost total Islamic radicalisation of the top ranks of the Pakistan Army.

indian army covert operations and the relationship

RAW agents have reportedly conducted successive anti-terrorist operations on foreign soil. A RAW agent had procured a hair sample from a saloon in Kahuta where Pak scientists went for haircuts. Tests revealed the hair had signs of high radiation and bomb-grade uranium. The agent also obtained a copy of the blueprint of the nuclear plant. He then refused permission to Israeli warplanes to refuel in India on a mission to bomb the Kahuta facility. In retrospect, Morarji is singularly responsible for the nuclear threat in the region.

The last blow was the dismantling of the Technical Services Division in and the persecution of its chief Major Hunny Bakshi as a result of inter-service rivalry between factions of the Indian Army. There is no substitute for development of trust through tourism, trade and so on, but these cannot be forced.

Every step taken by the counterparty is interpreted in the worst light possible and used as a pretext to behave aggressively. Real friendship between the two countries is not yet possible, and so they need to obtain information about each other by other means. Those other means are efficient intelligence and espionage which both countries need to improve. Strange as it may sound, China and India need a basis in espionage to improve their relationship… Strange as it may sound, China and India need a basis in espionage to improve their relationship.

They tussle over sea routes in the Indian Ocean, spheres of influence in neighbouring countries and relations with Pakistan.

indian army covert operations and the relationship

They need to know each other better. Neither country engages satisfactorily in normal people to people interaction. OnlyChinese tourists visited India last year, compared with 2. There is also a dearth of diplomatic exchange. Only 9, Indian students study in China, with even fewer Chinese students studying in India.

Surveys have shown that Indians and Chinese do not like each other very much. This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs for two of the greatest civilisations to have existed but it is unlikely that stronger ties will develop quickly. It is vital that the two countries improve the one area of understanding that is available — that of state-sponsored intelligence. The data provided is mostly useless, and if useful, often ignored.

But India does not have an effective team focussed on China. Meanwhile, China has not devoted resources to India— its government accepts that it lacks detailed intelligence on India but believes there is no need to assign more resources.

China invests more in espionage than India, but its effectiveness is overstated in Western media and by foreign militaries. First, it prioritizes internal control within China over overseas work and even the latter is geared towards Taiwan and Hong Kong.