How to host a clothing swap meet

How to organize a clothing swap | From the Grapevine

how to host a clothing swap meet

Discover how to get rid of garbage and get free, new clothes at the same time, all while being environmentally-friendly. Need some new clothes but don't want to pay for them? Invite some friends over for a swap meet! Make it memorable with these tips. Looking for to spice up your wardrobe and clear out some old items? Host a chic clothing swap party for you and your closest friends!.

how to host a clothing swap meet

Give your friends detailed instructions in the invitation. Tell them to go through their closets, drawers, and the storage boxes under the bed and pull out any clothes, shoes, scarves, hats, jewelry, purses, etc. Ask them to be cautious in their choices.

I saw a wedding dress swapped once. It was pretty cool. Tell them to bring it all to the swap, and to wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of.

how to host a clothing swap meet

Set up your home the day of the swap. I designate areas for types of item: Pants and jeans go on our biggest couch. Shoes get lined up against one wall.

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Things shift throughout the event, but starting off with some sort of organization, via your own items, helps. Use the first half-hour or so for display only. Run through a few quick rules. Before you give the go-ahead, let people know they are welcome to take anything they like.

How to Host a Clothing Swap Party – Rules & Ideas

I also recommend that each person find a spot in the house to claim as her own for the event, a place to stack findings while digging through the piles. This means you, too.

how to host a clothing swap meet

As I remind myself, keep hosting, and it just might come back around. Final Note One more thing: Clothing swaps are incredible money-savers, but, yes, they tend to divide the genders.

I think men could get in on their own swap game, but it just may not happen in the realm of clothing. Household items and homemade goods make for great exchanges.

how to host a clothing swap meet

Some other friends have attended local beer swaps — everyone brought a favorite craft brew six-pack and exchanged individual bottles to take home. And my second favorite option, after wearables, for swaps?

how to host a clothing swap meet

Books — good for readers of all ages and gender. Though admittedly, these parties typically turn into much calmer and quieter events.

If you invite nine girls who are all a size four to eight with the exception of one, who is a size 14, you risk having her feel left out without the ability to swap with other attendees. Set the Rules If you just let your friends show up at your place and start trading clothes, you might not give everyone the chance to check out the wares.

Swap ’til you drop: Here’s your ultimate guide to hosting a clothing swap

Set some rules for the swap and send them out via email or in the invitation a week prior to your event. Settle on a number, such as 10, as the number of pieces each swapper must bring along to participate. You could even set up some sort of lottery system where numbers are drawn out of a hat to determine the order in which each participant selects a piece of clothing.

How to Host a Clothing Swap

Set It Up Presentation is key to a successful and chic clothing swap. It will look less like your bedroom floor and more like a posh party. Get It Started Make sure everyone is aware of the rules. A clothing swap party is supposed to be fun and beneficial for everyone involved — no girl should go home with more items than she brought. Once the rules are explained, let the fun begin! Donate Once the swap is over, there are bound to be pieces left that no one was interested in.

Since lugging home items could make party-goers feel bad about the clothes they brought, sneak over to the tables and bag up the leftovers while your guests are noshing and mingling.

That way, no one has to see exactly which items were snapped up, and which pieces languished on the swap tables.

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