How can i meet tom delonghi suburban

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how can i meet tom delonghi suburban

Dec 22, - Rent from people in Darlinghurst, Australia from €18/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in countries. Belong anywhere with. Coffee Maker Wattage >> Delonghi Italian Traditional Espresso Coffee Maker Coffee Maker Wattage >> Best Delonghi ECAM Coffee Maker Prices in. always replace it somewhere down the road if it doesn't meet expectations. Tribus: A suburb of BFE; Sioux City, Ia. Tom the Melaniephile.

The place is decorated with antique items- from the early s film camera; s magazines and books; to a s poker machine and chesterfield couch. From the airport the apartment is a 25 minute cab ride or a 15 minute train ride.

You are a 5 minute walk from Museum trains station which is on the Sydney Airport Railway line. Check in is anytime after 2: Check out is before Enjoy the comforts of this modern 75sqm apartment that boasts spacious and luxurious living.

All within a 15 minute stroll to the Central Business District. Surry Hills and Darlinghurst are decidedly cool. Explore the concept stores of Liverpool Street or chill out in famous Victoria Street eateries.

The place to be in Sydney. We stayed during a rare cold spell but luckily the apartment is equipped with a floor heater which was great! I rate this as the best place I have stayed in Sydney and couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Out of the touristy areas which is great and easy to walk or transit to anywhere you need. Great shops and unique area. Very clean and tidy, it was a pleasant stay! A few blocks from the subway, only 2 stops from the harbor. Good restaurants all nearby. Left a message Wednesday-no reply. We called them as their address was local to fix a hinge on our fridge door. We gave them the details so they could bring the part and fix it in one visit.

The tradie came, had a look for a couple of minutes and said he'd book another time to come back with the hinge and fix it!! Absolute waste of time We then texted several times to follow them… up - our fridge was getting harder and harder to shut but no response.

Then we received a text threatening us with debt collection!. We immediately text the number back - no response. So, we called several times but when we got through and asked "what are you doing sending that? We kept ringing on different numbers and the same thing happened time and time again! We left messages on their office line but still no response. In our opinion- this is the worst customer experience ever and they don't deserve to be in business.

Making money through these type of shady business practices is appalling. Lesson learnt- this site will be our bible when seeking out new tradies AB did not respond to communication. I had to issue a chargeback through my bank in order for the money to return to my account. I did not think this sounded right given it wasn't that hot, and if C was all a Bosch freezer could handle how on earth did they work in hotter climates and why had it worked fine for the years I have had it, when the summers had been at least as hot, if not hotter.

So I got another service agent in Able Appliances who's guy took one look at it, pulled it out, cleared two blobs of black mouldy stuff from a small easily detached hose in the back of the freezer, squirted some warm water on the ice build up inside the freezer, sucked the dust away from the cooling fins and was gone in under 15 minutes - freezer fixed and working fine - Clearly this would not have resolved itself had we gone through the hassle of emptying the freezer for 24hours!

So, basically I would like my money back please. Thanks for your assistance with this? Responded overnight to inquiry, got someone there that afternoon.

how can i meet tom delonghi suburban

As good as it got. Pulled it apart and left. Finally a reply waiting on part from Australia, will give me update.

Again no update so 5 days later chase up - no reply so I email 10 days after job started. Told part turned up yesterday, tech will be in touch Takes yet another week to get job done. Tech phones in morning saying I can be there at 10am? Tech finally coordinates, takes hours to fit the hose - has to ring his boss in the end to ask how to do it.

Then gets it done and charges us for the entire time he didn't know how to install. Poor communication, and not sure if using machine with water leak was safe. Wisely they have mobile eftpos machine so they don't have to wait to get paid as long as the customer has to wait to get the job done. Wish I had read this site first!! Would not recommend" Rating by: Still waiting three months later. Phone calls go to an answering service. They don't respond to messages or emails. After being late to the first appt he did not return calls or turn up to two subsequent appointments.

It took 2 weeks to get our dishwasher fixed only after several calls to another employee, possibly his boss and we were given multiple excuses as to why it was taking so long. To top it off he used the F word at least twice with my 3 year old present complaining about the fact that people were calling his cell phone while he was working. Explained we preferred a plug and socket to be installed as we understood that was the legal requirement.

Electrician arrived 45 minutes late we were his first job of the daywith no apology.

A B Services Ltd | Appliance Repair Services Waitakere City and Suburbs | NoCowboys

Looked at oven situation, spent 10 minutes talking with his boss on the phone. Came back and told me he would need to go… buy a plug and socket and we would need to rebook for the following week as he was "pretty busy actually". Called their office and asked for an explanation.

He said he would try and sort something out for that day though, and also he would check up whether the law required them to install a plug and socket. He then proceeded to try and wire in the stove, getting instructions on the phone from his boss. He took almost an hour to get the job done. Overall, a lot of stuffing around that has left us with a half completed job at full price.

What is more efficient? Old baseboard heater or newer oil-filled radiator?

The dryer issue was rectified and before any work was done I was told what the problem was and given a total cost for repair. I couldn't have been happier. My latest issue was with my refrigerator leaking a small amount of water from the bottom front of the unit.

I called on Monday, and could have had an appointment on Monday but my schedule did… not permit, so I was given the first appointment today, Tuesday. Pete called this morning when he was on his way and arrived prior to the window I was given! Pete was as polite and professional as Mark, who fixed my dryer, and the matter was fixed within an hour!

You cannot go wrong with using AB They are he best in the business!! I was making dinner on Friday night and my oven went out. The burners and broiler worked but the oven wouldn't maintain cooking temperature.

So I called AB and got an immediate response with a potential diagnosis and was given the next available appointment. Today the repairman called about 30 minutes prior to the The problem diagnosis was spot on, ignitor, and I was given the parts and labor cost as previously had been done.

The work was done quickly, professionally and the oven was checked and all is right with the world again! These guys are the absolute best! You cannot go wrong by using them. They are always professional, clean up and fast! Pete and his entire crew have a customer for life in me. Their prices are all given upfront and much better than trying to have another company diagnosis the matter only to tell you that you need a new appliance. I am very happy with your service!

Alex was exceptionally professional, helpful and quick but thorough with his work. The "en route" text was awesome, and the level of service plus the cost of repair was just outstanding. Thanks for an excellent experience! I call AB" Rating by: Some people have had a good experience but I too wish I had looked AB up here before I contacted them - Which I did because they had a local technician in Kumeu. I wouldn't have gone near them if I'd looked here, and wish that I hadn't.

As a coincidence I saw their van at the local petrol station and approached Peter to ask him if he had time to look at our 90cm gas hob oven. Heat was escaping and it was either needing a new seal or new hinges. Also it… needed new ignition switches for the gas hob. Peter said "Yes" so I asked could I text him my details and the details of the job i.

Nothing was heard for 3 weeks so I phoned to ask if he could still do the job. He had apparently never heard from me. Although later he said he'd found the text and forgotten.

how can i meet tom delonghi suburban

He took the oven door away to replace the hinges then rang to ask the model number as he needed to order new ones. I'd given him the model number twice and asked him to order new hinges weeks before.

Meanwhile the tenants were left with no oven door while he ordered the hinges and tried to fit them. The tenants told me afterwards he took the greasy oven door off and left it lying on the carpet and in a dangerous place where people would trip on it.

When the new hinges finally arrived he came back with them but they didn't fit so he said he had a plan to cut holes in the door to fit them. I should have left it at this stage but said to go ahead. Surprise surprise, it didn't work. Our tenants told me afterwards they had very little faith in Peter by then but they knew he job had to be completed.

Again one of them had taken time off work to meet Peter, and she said he was patronising when she asked him to look at the ignition switches on the gas hob as they weren't working. Peter said "There's nothing wrong with them. You just have to push harder".

His idea of fixing them I imagine. I wanted to start again with someone new but the tenants had been waiting ages and he said he could get the deLonghi I wanted very quickly.

So I thought stupidly How hard could it be to fit an oven? He arranged to meet the gasfitter on site with the oven and when they got there the gas fitter asked where the gas was. Peter apparently said "Don't ask me. It's a really big house". An appliance expert hadn't even checked the gas situation or phoned me to ask where it was if it was supposedly so hard to find - Under the sink!

So the job couldn't be done as the gas fitter found the gas and said it is no longer compliant to have it indoors and the job couldn't be done that day. Peter then supposedly made arrangements for the nearest possible date a week later. He and the gas fitter would work together to install the oven. Luckily I rang the gas fitter that morning to double check where the bottles were going and he said he didn't have the job booked. Peter had asked him did he have time free and the gas fitter said "Yes.

Between 9 and 10 that day but you need to let me know if it's going ahead". By now the tenants had had no oven for over 4 weeks and it was getting beyond a joke so I asked Peter to deliver the oven and send me the invoice as I was sick of his excuses on the phone and the gas fitter said he didn't want to work with AB anymore. The tenants were also sick of having to make arrangements to meet Peter to let him into the house.

So I went to the house and met our usual electrician and the gas fitter who did a sterling job that very Saturday to help us out In retrospect there were so many warning signs but it's hard when you're liaising between your tenants and a tradesperson.

I just want to add that he said he wouldn't deliver the oven until I'd paid the invoice which couldn't be paid until it was generated by his HQ wherever that is.

It felt like he was deliberately trying to be difficult because I had to ring them and chase the invoice up and pay it immediately worrying everyone would arrive to do the job and he wouldn't have dropped off the oven. When I got the invoice it said I had 2 weeks to pay it So he could have dropped it off straightaway. Trying to make a point? Also with regard to finance when he came out the first time and we needed new hinges he wouldn't do this without me sending him my credit card number via text - Which I did without the security number as I thought that was very odd.

Saying he wouldn't do a job without all my credit card information. I told him I'd give him the security number over the phone once the job was done. The hinges attached and the door amended.

Which I did stupidly when he convinced me he could fix the door. The money for this part of the job was taken out of our credit card without any invoice being generated or sent from the company and I thought this was very unprofessional and untrustworthy. So when he said he wouldn't deliver the oven without being paid I said wouldn't the company have our credit card details on record to use. Which he wasn't happy about. Overall the terrible communication, the lack of professionalism and the utter and absolute waste of time as well as the constant defensiveness are the reasons I'm leaving this rating.

It's the first time I've bothered to give a negative rating. Normally I only go on this site to thank people for a wonderful experience but I want to help others know that this company may have some reputable operators But not so the ones in the North West I'm afraid and it's been really interesting reading through seeing many other similar experiences with Peter and Alex who I understand works with him. I arranged to meet Peter to give him the door, he arrived on time, explained the problem and what needed to be done to fix it, including a 24 hour curing time for the special silicone adhesive, and the parts he would need to get.

By 6pm the next day it was all fixed, I collected it from his… workshop, and his charge was very reasonable. Full recommendation for AB Services and Peter, many thanks for your great service and professional repair.

I believe I found it. Saw these Appliance guys has the highest ratings and went with them. Made an appointment online and received a phone call from the a customer service rep the SAME DAY to confirm and arrange for a repair person to come out.