Florida middle school cross country state meet 2013

FLYRA MS State Cross Country Championships - Meet Information

florida middle school cross country state meet 2013

CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES. BOYS. Region Champions: , District Champions: , , , , , , , , , , , , GIRLS. State Champions: CROSS COUNTRY PROGRAM HEAD Middle School Athletic Director (FTL) Fort Lauderdale, Florida What is the address for IMG Academy for my GPS? Bradenton, FL The clerk's tent will be on the back side of the track like it was for the high school state m . Put on quality middle school championships for cross country and track of ; we purchased the uniforms for 13 new middle school cross country. Florida FHSAA Cross Country State Championships - Nov 9, Apalachee Timing - Gainesville - FL Womens 5k Class 3A XC Bib#NameYrSchool Time Pace 95, , Hinds, Shiree, 10, Miami Central, , 77 . Mccarthy High School Track & Field and Cross Country - Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

But following the move to the longer distance, Friedman said the participation numbers barely wavered. Participation numbers aren't the only reason for skepticism.

Short changed

Coaches have also voiced concern over the amount of time it takes girls to finish a race. The average girls' runners complete a four-kilometer race in approximately the same amount of time the average boys finish a five-kilometer course. That thinking doesn't sit well with some of the nation's elite harriers. The four-kilometer race changes the strategy for some top athletes.

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In states where the distance is shorter, the race is substantially different. Six-tenths of a mile can adequately separate runners who are better conditioned or, as in Hauger's case, those who get stronger as the race gets longer.

Colleges looking for the best and the brightest have a hard time comparing girls who run the five-kilometer distances with those who do not. Maria Hauger won a Minnesota state championship in the 4K but was forced to change her strategy for longer postseason events like the Foot Locker Championships.

John Nepolitan "I coach a pretty large team," Haselhorst said. The boys run 1, [meters] and the girls run 1, But for whatever reason, the game changes during cross country season.

florida middle school cross country state meet 2013

But all of the states surveyed signaled that several of their coaches have openly wondered about the negative fallout of an increased distance. They get thrown into coaching, and they do it to the best of their ability, but they have this perception, for whatever reason, that to ask these girls to run another 1, meters is going to hurt the sport. I don't think they ever actually take the time to ask their kids. Once we get a feel for what the total population [of the coaches] wants, we'll take it to our fall meetings to administrators.

That's the kind of philosophy we have. Until we get some real vibes from our coaches that, 'Hey, we want to change this,' we're not going to do anything. In other states, it's not that simple. Nebraska, for example, enforces a rule that would prevent large-school classifications from changing their rules without the smaller classifications following suit. That prevents coaches like Haselhorst from finding an acceptable strategy for all parties -- allowing the bigger programs to move to 5K while placating the smaller schools that are concerned about participation numbers.

That process is under review and may change shortly. What is the schedule of events? Will it run on time? We will try to stay on schedule exactly. There is a possibility we could run behind.

florida middle school cross country state meet 2013

If we do get behind, we will try to make it up in other places and get back on schedule. We will NOT run ahead of schedule. If we are running ahead, we will pause and start at the designated time of each event.

Pay attention to the schedule and listen for the calls for your event. Will the race videos be available after the meet? Will there be photos? What coverage will you have? The archived race videos from the webcast will be available to watch on-demand on flrunners. In addition we will have video interviews, thousands of photos, articles, and complete results from the meet.

Where will live results be posted? We will link to them prominently in our coverage. Where are the heat sheets? Where does my kid rank? The heat sheets and performance lists will be posted on Thursday. Only athletes, officials, and credentialed journalists will be allowed in the infield. The one exception will be for the pole vault, we will have a designated viewing area for this.

The throws areas are outside the track, so you have access to that up close. Is there some place my athletes can warm up? The soccer field just outside of the back left side of the stadium warm up area. There will be hurdles available in the warm up area.

Can we workout at the facility on Friday night? The track will be open and we will be around until sundown.

The track will be locked up after dark and the lights will not be on. Where can I set up my team tent? Team tent area will be along the back side of the traffic, close to the soccer fields.

There will be ample trash containers in place. Can we set up our tents on Friday?

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The tent area will be open to set them up all day on Friday until sundown. Where do athletes enter the track to check in for events? The southwest gate to the track will be closed so athletes and coaches will need to walk on the path in the stadium south if the scoreboard to access the clerk of course tent.

The clerk's tent will be on the back side of the track like it was for the high school state m Will concessions be sold? Yes, IMG Academy will have a stocked concession stand with food, snacks, and drinks. Girls and Boys Hurdles: What are the shot put and discus weights? The weight should be stamped on the implement and may be weighed at event check-in. Will you be accepting any entries at the meet? What if my person did not get entered? Can I make a change?

florida middle school cross country state meet 2013

Are you doing a scratch meeting? No, there will be no scratch meeting.

florida middle school cross country state meet 2013

Any scratches will result in empty lanes. We will not be re-seeding heats. Will you have water for the athletes? Yes, in addition to water fountains in the stadium, we will have water at the start and finish lines and available to field athletes. What kind of spikes are allowed on the track? Will there be a coach meeting or check in on Friday? You'll be able to come into the school and set up a camp and look at the track or do a light workout in the warm up field.

But we will not have a table or official meeting set up. You may be able to find us there at the facility and ask questions, but nothing formal. When does the gate open on Saturday? On Saturday, where do athletes go to get in?

Where is check-in or packet pickup? Athletes and coaches will enter through the front gate, just like everyone else. There will be two sides once you enter the gate. One table for admission and one for check-in. The main gate will be the only gate that is open.

Are there actual packets to pick up? No, there is not. We'll have a check in for unattached athletes and teams on Saturday. We will give out our complimentary coach admission pass, verify you have paid, etc.

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But there is not a literal packet. Are there bib numbers for athletes? For certain events they will be given hip numbers when they check in to their event. But no bib numbers or anything like that at main check in. Why is so-and-so not listed? Why was my athlete rejected?