Ek3 b18c4 swap meet

ek3 b18c4 swap meet

Check out #B18C4 images on Instagram: latest posts and popular posts about #Honda #Civic #accord #prelude #crx #ep3 #typer #ek9 #fn2 #jdm #mb6 . about an EG hatch he bought, and wanted to meet some new honda heads, and look now! .. @sasakwelds_sw con su CRX ED9 swap b18c6 stock, suspensions bc. A swap is a swap no matter what he needs somebody that has had experience in any major overhaul. Obviously the B18c4 and a suitable gearbox Am I ritley saying that if u want a b18 in a ek3 . the liter series, the stock civic fuel pump will not be enough to meet the needs of the new engine. EK3 B18C4 My project Full proof of mileage and paper work from when the engine swap took place, . and one from a local honda meet.

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ek3 b18c4 swap meet

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