Best meet and greet poses with carter

best Meet & Greet Goals images on Pinterest | Meet and greet poses, Magcon and Magcon boys

best meet and greet poses with carter

Explore Maddi Harris's board "Meet & Greet Goals" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Meet and greet poses, Magcon and Magcon boys. Maggie Lindemann (left) and Carter Reynolds (right) in happier times. For a 19 -year-old, he was on top of the world. . Magcon, which stands for "Meet and Greet Convention," was created by a . Though a few fans were happy to pose for Vines and pictures with Reynolds, many started boo-ing him. Explore Tyler Harris's board "|| meet & greet ||" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Meet and greet poses, Magcon and Magcon boys.

In her free time, Paige is an avid bibliophile and loves spending time with her puppy, Oliver photo above.

Meet and Greet Poses!

Paige is also always looking for the newest local restaurant or coffee shop. No matter the group size, travelers consistently remark that Paige is attentive to their needs and makes them feel like a valued and integral part of the trip. This, combined with her diverse performing experience and hands-on Disney training, make Paige a tour de force on the road.

Music Travel Consultants was excited for Paige to share some answers to our questions: I have been with Music Travel Consultants since the beginning of I stumbled into band by accident…then continued to march all of my time in high school, and then turned around and taught throughout college.

Recap: I Went to an Aaron Carter Concert and Felt Very Nostalgic for My Childhood — Mairead Kelly

How did you get started tour directing? One of my closest friends from DCI, Morgan Burgett, worked with MTC as a tour director and suggested that to me as an opportunity to combine so many of my passions into one amazing opportunity. I love to travel and this job is always keeping me on my toes and never fails to introduce me to some truly amazing individuals. How many trips have you tour directed? During my time with MTC, my trip total is seven so far!

Hoping to break double digits this coming year!

'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter gets Hollywood star - in pictures - The National

However, I think the hardest parts about being a tour director are also the most fulfilling. I feel so accomplished coming off a trip, having successfully made it easier on my travelers.

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What is the largest group you have tour directed? Is there something you wish travelers knew before their trip departs? She sipped her beer and shrugged her shoulders. Where was Aaron now? Amongst an audience of drunken college girls, numerous forty-something mothers, and a dude in a fedora and cargo pants, I spotted him.

best meet and greet poses with carter

Like a lightweight boxer making his way around ring, Aaron appeared in flashes. He bobbed and weaved around the venue, speeding his way through the crowd and ducking under the brawn of venue security. He retraced these paths almost frantically, moving back and forth again before planting himself in a corner to watch an opening song or two with a woman on his arm. But like a butterfly to a buzzing swarm 90s pop fans, Aaron only fluttered off again. The sleepy hype man of MTV Wild 'N Out fame kickstarted a stream of energetic party beats alongside some extremely predictable dialogue.

Like some sad game, Aaron pretended too, smiling warmly to the audience before launching into what quickly became, good or bad, one hell of a show. Two dancers flew onstage to whip their hair and shake uncontrollably in denim hot pants.

'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter gets Hollywood star - in pictures

Aaron continued his chorus from here with a string of nasal harmonies, his sidekicks tossing smiles with jazz hands and endless hip thrusts alongside him.

As if to distract from the stunt, Aaron threw himself on a nearby wall and gyrated against it dramatically.

best meet and greet poses with carter

I moved forward in the crowd to snap a photo of his antics and felt a body dancing against my own. Confused, I turned to meet a girl my age and felt a gut-deep reaction of her mockery.

best meet and greet poses with carter

As my heart began to race and my face lost all color, I looked into her eyes to deliver a slew of cutting insults. But just as soon, I knew any argument was pointless.

Looking back at me were barely eyes at all—but two puddles of raspberry vodka.

best meet and greet poses with carter

I took a deep breath and let it slide. This girl was completely wasted.

best meet and greet poses with carter

There, on the booze-soaked floor, a realization dawned on me like the early morning sunrise of a preteen sleepover.