Azubu blaze vs meet your makers review

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azubu blaze vs meet your makers review

First, old moniker or new, the boys at Gambit Gaming still have their touch. As we saw in Katowice, MYM still has a few things to work out in order to be Darien (Semifinals: v Azubu Frost and Grand Finals: v Azubu Blaze) . IPL Face- Off Wrap-Up — IEM Gamescom EU Regionals Review — PAX Prime. Azubu Blaze vs Meet Your Makers - Group A - IEM Katowice League of Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. total video gamers - video game reviews, news, trailers, chats, walkthroughs and. The Korean teams, namely Azubu Frost and Azubu Blaze who were after one hell of a battle with MYM that ended , Dragonborns. of five, on versus one battle; the stream of this showdown broke the . Privacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseHelpAdvertisePartnershipsCareers ReviewsNewsVideos.

With Darien playing Renekton with such ferocity, it's no wonder why Nasus is hiding from the competitive scene. Unlike his ADC counterparts, Urgot plays very much like an anti-carry. He aims to assassinate champions during laning phase and midgame.

azubu blaze vs meet your makers review

But for such aggressive plays to be beneficial, a team needs to be properly built around the Urgot pick. Woong confirms the threatening potential of an Urgot pick with the highlighted matchup of Group B. Blaze goes into the game with a set plan after seeing nRated locking in Leona.

azubu blaze vs meet your makers review

Woong goes into lane aggressively pushing. While pushing the lane is generally frowned upon, Woong and MadLife act with purpose. As soon as Woong hits level 2 the first and only champion to hit level 2Frost's bot lane aggros and successfully secures first blood before 3 minutes in. Three minutes laterCloudTemplar anticipates nRated's aggressive Leona and positions himself to counter nRated's play for yet another Woong kill. The game snowballs from here as Urgot becomes a juggernaut, demolishing any Fnatic champion that shows up.

While no first blood was scored, it displayed an entirely different GG than Day 1 of the tournament. But a quick Exhaust by Genja saved Edward for certain death.

Azubu Blaze vs fnatic - Match 1 - Semi-Final - IEM Katowice League of Legends [Full HD]

DiamondProx responded swiftly and evened the numbers back to a 3v3, with GG having the upper hand in health. Alex Ich also collapsed on a retreating Blaze, GG secured an successful against Azubu Flame with their quick reactions on the countergank.

Azubu Frost Group Stage: Frost sensed weakness in SK's position and kills him in one volley. Frost continued to chase for another two kills for free. Olympic Javelin Track and Field Award: They were ahead in gold, kills, and team objectives for the majority of the game. However, Fnatic clawed their way back to keep the gold difference between the two teams to a minimum.

Alas, the curse of SK struck again.

azubu blaze vs meet your makers review

HitooN on Olaf was already facing down a 1v3 at Bot lane in the first four minutes of the game. But in a complete series of blunders: Shaco get nicked by Undertow, dies to turret aggro to give first blood to Olaf. If that isn't enough, Kayle Teleports in as Sona dies to the turret as well. SK lost Sona to turret and wasted Kayle Teleport. For the Spanish mid laner, see Diamond.

IEM Season 7 Katowice

Biography Diamondprox hails from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is one of the world's most known junglers, known for his play on such champions as Lee Sin in Season 2, and innovating the popular Season 3 jungle play of Nasus and Volibear. He became known in the high elo ladders of League of Legends end of Season 1 and pre-Season 2. Pre Season 2 He started making headway in the scene when he joined Team Empire as their jungler in October ofafter being invited by friend Edward.

It would be here that Moscow 5 would make a name for themselves internationally, as they had little fame prior to IEM Kiev. At the event, Moscow 5 would show a dominant performance, going undefeated in group stage against Dignitasagainst All authorityand Sypher. Moving to the finals, Moscow 5 defeated North American powerhouse Team SoloMiddropping their only game of the tournament.

His team's next high placing at a major tournament would be at the online Corsair Vengeance Cup. Coming out of the group stage of the tournamentMoscow 5 had a strong run in the playoffs, defeating Hauteur 8, Intent Gaming, TeamRedbyteItalia, and Meet Your Makers in the first four rounds of the playoff bracket, before falling to aAa in the second phase of the winner's bracket, knocking the Russian team down to the loser's bracket.

Moscow 5 would face off against Team SoloMid in their first match of the loser's bracket, where the Russian team would come out victorious Diamondprox and Moscow 5 then faced and defeated SK Gaming in the next round of the loser's bracket, which put them up against aAa once again. This time the team would come out victorious, defeating aAawhich put the team up against Counter Logic Gaming EU in the grand finals of the Corsair Vengeance Cup.

Unfortunately, Moscow 5 would fall short to CLG. EUlosing to the team once again in a finals setting, and taking home second place. Advancing to the semifinals, Moscow 5 would face off against Curse Gaming EUwhere the Russian team was able to come out aheadadvancing them to the grand finals.

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Poland after qualifying online with a victory over CLG. EU, sending them to the loser's bracket. This would mean that the teams would meet again in the group stage, where Moscow 5 took second place, going and defeating EloHell. In the semifinals, Moscow 5 had a strong showing, defeating Curse EUachieving a perfect score in the second game. At the finals, Moscow 5 would meet their rivals CLG. After having an record against them in lan events, Diamondprox with his team were able to claim their revenge with a commanding victor,y making them the ECC Poland champions.

Matched up against the recently formed Polish team EloHell, Moscow 5 would take a victory to advance to the second round of the playoffs.

azubu blaze vs meet your makers review

There, they were able to come out victorious against Fnatic in a close match, qualifying for the Season 2 World Championship in Los Angeles and advancing to the grand finals of the tournament. Continuing their dominant performance, Diamondprox would help win the finals against SK Gaming. Although iG consistently pressured M5's early game and won the laning phase, the Russian squad was able to overcome their deficits in the midgame and take the series Advancing to face the Taipei Assassins in the semifinals, M5 continued their dominant form in the first game of the match and quickly secured game one.

azubu blaze vs meet your makers review

However, TPA matched M5's aggression in the next two games and successfully turned the series around.