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american austin bantam club national meet

wga-newsletter_09_final RROC National Meet , Bantam Club Meet ( 2) Mike Bell AACA Show, American Austin meet, Vernon Woods show. Above is a perfect re-creation, hand built by a member of the Austin Bantam Fans of American Austin and Bantam cars and trucks, Bantam Reconnaissance Cars We hope to meet you some day, perhaps as you look over the Austins and. National car association events are bringing several thousand automobile last month hosted the American Austin Bantam Club's 48th annual national meet.

A non-profit organization that since hosts many events each month for its members and in support of our local community. We currently have about active members. Our club welcomes all American made classic cars and trucks that are pre Our club goal is to share the history of old cars with families that have never had the pleasure of experiencing a classic vehicle. This is our way of bringing the public together while helping promote miscellaneous community sponsored events throughout each year.

We are based in Ventura and welcome all from surrounding areas. We are open to all Makes and models of vehicles. The Donut Derelicts; Open to all vehicles with wheels. Check out their website. Take the Storke Rd. We meet the first Wednesday of the month. The location varies but is on our calendar page. Visit us around town or at: Open to all vehicle types and years! We just like to cruise and have fun!

american austin bantam club national meet

Our roots started in Santa Monica in November when a couple of us came together wanting to do canyon drives. Fast-forward to now and Eurotopia is one of the fastest growing driving enthusiast events in Southern California.

american austin bantam club national meet

Check us out on our website: The home of GM high performance in Southern California. All General Motors performance vehicles are welcome, no matter the make or condition.

Our members represent a wide variety of vehicles from sports cars to trucks, SUVs and sport compacts. We meet weekly and have frequent club events and cruises to enjoy the Southern California sunshine. From mod days to help you fix your cars, to car shows where you can display your pride, GMEternal has a place for you!

Registration is free and easy.

The American Bantam Story!

There are no dues or required meetings. Just come out and enjoy your car the way it was meant to be: Based in Ventura County. We are based around the family and enjoy car shows, BBQs, cruise nights or just spending time working on our cars.

Todd at or email bellsxfour msn. Active with local, Regional and National Meets. Monthly local events and extensive technical assistance are a major part of the club.

american austin bantam club national meet

Details are posted on our web page and monthly newsletter. Everyone interested in enjoying Hudson products are encouraged to participate in our activities. The only car Club ever inducted into the Route 66 "Cruzin Hall of Fame", some of the other past inductees are names like: Inland Vans Berdoo has been around since and started the Van Craze of the 60's's's and still today. It was a problem that quickly fixed itself, as the Great Depression was on its way to looking ugly for the American economy — and for the world.

Orders fell drastically and the factory closed in the spring of Evans, the largest automobile dealer in the South. Two-and-a-half years later, production was still under initial demand, as only 20, cars and light-duty trucks drove out of the Butler assembly plant.

With production back up init seemed economic forces were again making it difficult for the small company to get its feet off the ground as the country went into a rather deep recession. Still, five new models were added to the line in At about this time, the U.

Military officials went to Butler to take a look at the current production vehicles and plant capabilities. By the time bid requests were sent out, unfortunately Bantam was already to its knees financially. But while the engineering department had been disbanded, Bantam was determined to come up with a prototype in less than two months. The Ford and the Willys were far overweight, as well, and the Ford was badly underpowered with its 20 horsepower engine. Colonel Patton was bringing pressure to bear, and most of the unqualified officers were reassigned, but the pace was still slow, especially in the Congress.

Despite its low bid, Willys Quad was to be written off. The weight ceiling had been increased at least twice from 1, to over 2, lb ; Henry Ford had powerful connections, even though his company was building trucks for the German Nazis and was personally sympathetic to the Nazis.

american austin bantam club national meet

Only Bantam, which had built another model, the BRC60, in Decemberhad stuck to the weight requirement. The BRC60 had many improvements, all which had been recommended by the Army.

american austin bantam club national meet

Ford remained the unknown. Willys expended a great effort, and rebuilt its Quad into the MA model, pounds lighter than the Quad.

Austin, Bantam, and Willys: Birth of the Jeep

After riding some Senators, Congressmen, and reporters up and down the capitol steps, the conference ended. Supposedly, one of the reporters then asked the Willys representative what the vehicle was called, and he responded: Jim Allen, in Four Wheeler, wrote about pre-Jeep jeeps.

He quoted Major E. See more on how the Jeep got its name. Ford created the seven-slot stamped steel grill, which cost less, and solved the headlight mounting design; Willys adopted it shortly afterwards. Harry Payne eventually got enough contracts for Bantam to stay alive; they had built their last Jeep at the end of Decemberafter making 2, and, ironically, would never build another. Bantam made a profit from the Detroit facility when it was acquired by the War Requisitions Board in February Bantam was told to create a trailer suitable for their BRC60; it was to handle pounds, and be as rugged and reliable as the Jeep.

MINUTIA - Microcars & Minicars: Club of the month - American Austin-Bantam Car Club

Bantam built 73, of them. Even before the war ended, Willys started advertising by showing the accomplishments made by the Jeep, and tried to make Jeep its own trademark, though they had not invented the name; the company applied for the trademark inand won it inafter it was contested by Bantam.

Jeep was a worldwide phenomenon, including even the Soviet Union.