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view results. Lost Dutchman. February , view results. Neptune Hosted Meet - Phil Levine Invitational. January 31 - February 2, view results. In early , following a showing at the Olympics near-universally into the multiple failures of the Australian swimming team in London – was published. After decades in which Australia's elite athletes – and our swimmers in . The results leading into Rio, especially at last year's world swimming. for spots on the Team USA roster for the Pan Pacific In addition, results from the Phillips 66 Nationals and Pan Pacs determine the Team USA roster for holder in y BR, set at AZ Lost Dutchman Invit.

Dick Advocaat took over from Michels on the understanding that he himself would be replaced by Johan Cruyff the following year, although Advocaat actually stayed in charge for over two years. In the World Cup in the United States, in the absence of the injured Van Basten and the striking Gullit, Dennis Bergkamp led the team with three goals and the Netherlands advanced to the quarter-finals, where they lost 3—2 to eventual champions Brazil.

They then played France in the quarter-finals and lost on penalties. Soon afterwards, manager Guus Hiddink resigned to be replaced by Frank Rijkaard. The Netherlands co-hosted Euro with Belgium and won all three wins in the group stage and then defeated FR Yugoslavia 6—1 in the quarter-finals.

In the semi-finals, Italian goalkeeper Francesco Toldo made two penalty shootout saves to eliminate the Netherlands. The Netherlands failed to qualify for the World Cup after crucial losses to Portugal and the Republic of Ireland, prompting manager Louis van Gaal to resign. In addition, on 21 August, the Netherlands won Nasazzi's Batondefeating Norway 1—0, unifying for the first time the two trophies.

The Netherlands qualified for the World Cup under new manager Marco van Basten and were eliminated in the second round after losing 1—0 to Portugal, in a match which produced 16 yellow cards which matched the World Cup record for most cautions in one game set in and set a new World Cup record of four red cards two for either side ; it was nicknamed "the Battle of Nuremberg " by the press.

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They began with a 3—0 win over world champions Italy in Berna first victory over the Italians since However, they then lost in the quarter-finals to Guus Hiddink's Russia 3—1, with Ruud van Nistelrooy scoring an 86th-minute equaliser to force extra time, where the Russians scored twice. Following the tournament, Van Basten resigned to become manager of Ajax. In the quarter-finals against Brazil, the Brazilians held a 1—0 lead at half-time, having never lost in 37 World Cup matches 35—0—2 in which they had held a half-time lead.

However, the Dutch scored twice to advance. From August to Septemberthe team was ranked number one in the FIFA World Rankingstherefore becoming the second national football team, after Spain, to top the rankings without previously winning a World Cup. Johan Cruyff criticised the team's star players of poor build up play and sloppy execution of the easy passes, [17] [18] while manager Bert van Marwijk resigned after the disappointment. In the World Cup UEFA qualifying roundthe Netherlands won nine games and drew one, topping the group and earning automatic qualification.

The team avenged their defeat by defeating title holders Spain 5—1 in their opening match, with Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben scoring two goals each, and Stefan de Vrij the other.

Muller-Parker Bussie H d. Troiano-Nate Koelper ; 3. Kyle Kreps-Davis Vanderveen H md. Callan Louis; 2. Charlie Marks O d. Parker Bussies 1; 3. Ben Turchin; 4. Soren Zeliger; 5. Eliot Heaton; 6. Brandon McKena Will Thieman; 2. Conor Breen; 5. Thieman-John Russell ; 3. Robert Cawood H d. Peter Rothstein; 2. Steve Hanselman K d. Mike Korn K d. Jason Muller; 4. David DeSimone K d.

Robert Hudson K d. Cody Herbruck; 6. Alan Faber K d. Jonathan Panzer Aaron Hendrick A d. Bobby Cawood, ; 2.


Nik Artaev A d. Kristoff Saari A d. Kyle Mastellar A d. Kyle Kreps; 5. Frank Fischer A d. Cody Herbruck 82 ; 6. Andy Struble, Cawood-Gabe Casher ; 2. Caleb Knust T d. Parker Bussies H d. Joe Dunbar; 3. Dan Desper; 4. Dave Murray; 5. Joey Clark; 6. Nick Ihrie Dunbar-Zach Richardson T d. Josh Gove, ; 2. Logan Beard4 ; 3. Trent Pontius; 4. Jared Guy 7; 5. Gordy Rumschlag, ; 6. Chad Barnhart Bobby Cawood-Matt Culver H d. Casey Feenstra; 2. Brett Michaud GR d. Keith Lannon; 4.

Andrew Amante; 5. Matt Culver H d.

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Trent Clark; 6. Connor Carbonaro Bussies-Jason Muller H d. David Hernandez; 2. Alex Loyer M d. Parker Bussies3; 3. Charles Lai; 4. Seth Shavers; 5. Eglis Bizhoti; 6. TJ Brogan H d. Jay Garcia Kyle Kreps-Vanderveen H d. Hope 9, North Central, Ill. Adam Ciccone; 2. Rustam Saini; 3. Gabe Casher H d. Josh Rodig; 4. Mason Sass; 5. Chris Tippett H d. Jesse Adamson; 6. Ben Johnson H d. Travis Kaszynski Kyle Kreps-Johnson H d. Elliott Czarnecki; 2. Emilio Gomez G d.

Parker Bussies 7,; 3. Daniel Nellis; 4. Ray, ; 5. Tracy Johnson 5; 6. Jon Panzer Johnson-Colin Johnson G d. Ray-Ben Charney G d. Kevin Lewis; 2. Aidan Sauberlich O d.

Michael Gillespie; 4. Adam Kasper; 5. Alex Yang O d. Davis Vanderveen0; Jon Panzer H d. Kinan Al-Bitar Lewis-Bobby Brooks O d. Hope 5, Hobart, N. Bruce Grant; 2. Sam DeLuccia HB d. Alex James; 4. Peter Cruice; 5. Michael Fields HB d. Davis Vanderveen; 6. Ben Robinson, Pierre Michelsen D d.

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Bobby Cawood 4; 2. Vitaly Shumilov; 3. Zac Chambers D d. Jason Muller, ; 4. Tyler Chambers; 5. Christian Woods D d. David Vanderveen; 6. Matheus Carvalho D d. Jon Panzer 5 Eric Pell-Carvalho ; 3.

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Bussies-Matt Culver H d. Alex Harbert; 2. Will Jung; 3. Vincent McPherson, ; 4. Luke Tanaka E d. Quinn Jennings E d. Davis Vanderbeen3; 6.

Chris Harrison, 8. McPherson-Kevin Noble E d. Joey Frank; 2. Josh Saunders; 3. Do Thai ONU d.