Meet winter the dolphin

Meeting Winter from Dolphin Tale - Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Crazy Family Adventure

meet winter the dolphin

Did you fall in Love with "Winter" from the movie "Dolphine Tale"? Did you know she lives in Clearwater, just an hour north of Anna Maria Island?. Encourage your young readers to enter for a chance to win a visit with Winter the Dolphin at her home in Clearwater Marine Aquarium by telling. Start the day with a relaxing morning on Clearwater Beach, then head to the aquarium to meet Winter the Dolphin - star of the Dolphin Tale movie.

Meet "Winter" from Hollywood's Dolphin Tale | Anna Maria, Florida

But new concerns arose. With no up-down propulsion from a tail, Winter swam side-to-side, like a fish, curving her spine and inciting scoliosis. Experts designed models for a prosthetic tail to help her. Before long, children with prosthetic legs and injured American soldiers returning from Iraq visited, inspired by her story.

meet winter the dolphin

InDolphin Tale was released. The crowds kept growing.

  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium: Meet Winter, the Star of Dolphin Tale
  • Meeting Winter from Dolphin Tale – Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  • Meeting Winter - Clearwater Marine Aquarium

With the growth, the aquarium added rehabilitation space. The parking lot was expanded. New tents outside feature portable bathrooms, ticket trailers and a cafe.

meet winter the dolphin

Yet the modest facility, designed as a sewage treatment plant, not an aquarium, has limits for adaptability. As attendance soars, growing numbers of visitors vie for space around concrete posts to see Winter and Hope.

Bloomingdale Library attack survivor meets Winter the Dolphin

A third dolphin, a popular adolescent male named Nicholas, resides in a pool on the third-floor deck. Summer camp students have come from as far away as France.

In camp, they learn the difference between the real-life version and the movie version of events. Hope, a bottlenose dolphin, was rescued in December while trying to nurse from her deceased mother, very near where Winter had been rescued five years and one day earlier.

meet winter the dolphin

Hope arrived at the aquarium the day of the wrap-up party for the filming of Dolphin Tale. Hope and Winter now share pools and play space.

Winter The Dolphin Experience at Clearwater

Luckily my parents were with us again so they were able to watch Knox while I went in with the other kids. After that we had heard that they had a boat that took you out and over to the other part of the Aquarium which was all about the movies props, pictures, movies, etc.

We got on the boat which was right outside the front of the aquarium and headed out.

meet winter the dolphin

A few minutes in we started to spot Dolphins in the water! The driver would stop and we would watch them for a while.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: Meet Winter, the Star of Dolphin Tale Movies | VISIT FLORIDA

It was really neat having the kids try to find Dolphins while we were on the boat! The movie area was cool and the kids liked seeing all of the different items and scenes from the movie. They actually had the movie playing on a screen there and I think the kids would have sat there and watched the whole thing! After that we took a trolley ride back to the aquarium and our car.

Olivia's wish to meet Winter the dolphin

When it was all said and done I was a little disappointed with the Aquarium. I think it would have been 10 times better if there were less people there with the FTF rally we had over people in our group on top of all the other people that were there. Then we could have seen things better and not felt quite so rushed to move on so other people could see.

However the boat ride, the movie building, and the trolley ride were a nice surprise and helped make the trip worth it.