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Nov 9, Please read carefully. All details are in this article. Members of the public who wish to send Christmas care parcels to deployed personnel over. Veterans Australia is on Facebook. To connect with Veterans Australia, join Facebook today. Join. or Parcels must meet the limitations outlined below. o Self addressed envelopes – this way soldiers can thank you for the donation. Ok, I'll post the whole "script" for Meet the Heavy. Here you go: I am Heavy Weapons Guy and this is my weapon. She weighs one hundred and.

Prohibited goods Certain items must not be posted in the domestic and or international postal system. This includes items such as dangerous goods, items prohibited by the International Aviation Transport Association and items that are prohibited by individual countries. Australia Post's Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging Guide is the best reference to use to ensure that you do not send any prohibited items.

If in doubt, seek advice from Australia Post staff at your nearest retail outlet. Liquid articles The sending of liquid articles is strongly discouraged. However, if you must send a liquid product, it must be enclosed in a leak-proof container made of metal, plastic or similar material with secure closures. A suitable example of this would be a zip lock bag, placed inside another.

The outer package must be strong enough to withstand large volumes of weight. Furthermore, the package must contain sawdust, cotton-wool or another protective material to absorb the liquid should the container break. Tobacco and alcohol are not acceptable for goodwill care packages and are not to be sent. A customs declaration must be attached to all parcels sent to an Australian Forces Post Office. Small envelopes, containing items other than letters i. CDs, USB thumb drives, etc are required to have a customs declaration attached.

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These can be obtained from all Australia Post outlets within Australia. A detailed description of the contents is required when lodging each item. We are still receiving messages that previous recipients are sending thank you letters, so remember to include a short note and a self addressed envelope. Stamps are not required. Weekly Please reload COMMENTS You can use a pen name or better yet use your real name, you must provide a valid email address that does not get published and your comment will be moderated prior to approval or rejection if that is the determination of the moderator.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions if you have any questions. From here we can identify the path for the next couple of days, as well as enjoy the spectacular views of the north face of Stok Kangri in the east and the Karakoram Range in the north. The mountain slopes of Gander La are home to several species of Himalayan wildlife such as blue sheep, marmots, golden eagle and the mystic snow leopard.

Rumbak is inhabited by 20 families and a small gompa. Rumbak — Mankarmo 4,m via Stok La 4,m Today is a big day of trekking, but also one of the most rewarding as we cross the Stok La with its amazing colourful rock formations.

Meet The Soldier

The path slopes gently, but soon starts to steepen as it zigzags towards the pass. The views of the Indus Valley, Zanskar and Karakoram Ranges once we reach the pass are second to none, while layer upon layer of multicoloured rock cathedrals are spread before us in every direction. We then drop steeply down the other side, leveling off to contour the valley once more to meet the river that drops from Stok Kangri, following it until we reach Mankarmo, a shepherd settlement.

As we climb higher we can see the north east face of Stok Kangri ahead of the valley. The distance today is quite short so we take our time. After a warm lunch we can get a good rest and in the afternoon organise our climbing gear for the early morning push for the summit. After an early dinner we retire to bed to rest for a few hours.

Summit 6,m The summit push, like many others, is long and hard. The initial climb is gradual, but after about 3 hours we cross the glacier and things get steeper. At around 5,m we traverse to the exposed left ridge of the mountain, scrambling up the rocky, icy final section to the summit. But hard work will be rewarded with stunning views of the Himalayas and Karakorums, and on a very clear day the sunrise might even pick out K2 in the distance.

After lapping up the views and catching our breaths, we head carefully back down to basecamp for a warm brunch, and the chance to climb back into our sleeping bags and catch up with some sleep.

Base camp — Leh Our final trek day is a stunning one as we wander back down a spectacular valley with wonderful colourful rock formations culminating in our emergence into a fantastic gorge before the trail widens and we reach Stok.

Here our transport will meet us and return us to Leh for hot showers and a welcome celebration that evening. Leh Sometimes we are lucky and the Leh festival coincides with our date. If this is the case, we stay in Leh for an additional day to enjoy the festivities. The the festival is one on of the major cultural celebrations in Ladakh and takes place in Leh on a large scale with a procession of several cultural troupes from different part of the region which traverses through Leh Market.

Meet The Soldier

There is dancing, singing, traditional music, people wearing colorful traditional Ladakhi dresses. The festival takes place in Leh and surrounding villages with archery, polo, and masked dances from the monasteries and dances by cultural troupes from the villages. There are musical concerts too. These are subject to minor changes depending on flight arrival and departure times, weather, group dynamics and fitness and so on, but the itinerary outlined provides an excellent indication of the expedition and what you will experience.

A duffel bag is a strong, soft, weather resistant bag without wheels but with functional straps for carrying.

Trek Stok Kangri in Ladakh, India with Expeditions

Suitcases and wheeled bags are not suitable Daysack Approx. Your day to day pack that you carry with your daily essentials, fitted with shoulder straps and importantly a waist belt Dry stuffsacks Nylon rolltop bags or even just large plastic bags that keep fresh clothing and other important items like passports and iPods dry in the event of a total downpour that seeps into your kitbag.

Good for quarantining old socks Waterproof rucksack cover To protect rucksack from rain Small kit bag or light bag This is for any kit you intend to leave at the hotel and could even simply be a heavy duty plastic bag Padlocks For use on your kit bag for travel and on the expedition plus your hotel bag Quantity: July - September For days when it may be snowing and very windy.

Very useful on summit day. Only required when trekking outside the period July to September Sunblock Buy the highest SPF you can find as UV intensifies with altitude Lip salve Sun cream will not work on your lips and they are very susceptible to burn without proper protection Upper Body Base layer This is the layer closest to the skin and its principal function is to draw wick moisture and sweat away from the skin.