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meet the engineer script

Did you get this from the original Prometheus script? When they meet the engineer,david is translating for never mentioned. Hey look buddy, I'm an engineer. That means I solve problems, not problems like "What is beauty?" I solve practical problems, for instance: how am I going to stop some mean mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous be-hind?. The Engineers, also known as Pilots (after the individual discovered on LV), In an early script visualized but never written, the Pilot ship had crashed or.

Allyson Lubimir, Support Engineer and Cat Lover

The level 1 Sentry Gun targets the hand Engineer: Like this heavy caliber, tripod-mounted, little ol' number designed by me The Engineer kicks the hand, which is shot out of the air by the level 1 Sentry Gun. The level 1 Sentry Gun shoots another Soldier.

The Kill Counter clicks up to The camera zooms out from the Engineer as his Sentry Guns continue to devastate the attackers. Various screams The Engineer's guitar sounds blend into the ambiance, before the piece ends with the Team Fortress 2 ending flourish. The track used in the video was later released in full as a part of the Team Fortress 2 Soundtrackunder the name More Gun. The guitar the Engineer uses has a steel bridge, which is uncommon for acoustic guitars. The campfire is actually a burning BLU Sniper.

meet the engineer script

The Shotgun is visible throughout the video behind a crate, leaning on the side of the truck. The kill counter is made out of the back of a Sentry Gun. Additionally, he is sitting in front of a truck with a BLU logo on it. This implies that the truck, beer, and Intelligence were all stolen from a BLU base. However, when the Sentry Gun fires at the Sniper, a Soldier death sound is heard.

The Level 2 Sentry Gun appears to be ejecting Shotgun shells.

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Despite a Sniper hand being thrown into view, the voice seems to sound much more like that of a Scout. On the hood of the truck, there is a Level 1 Sentry Gun that does nothing throughout the video. As the camera begins to zoom out at 1: This, however, is impossible in-game, as an Engineer can only build one Sentry Gun at a time, with the exception of disposable Sentry Guns in Mann vs.

meet the engineer script

Their "scientific" name is "Mundus gubernavi" Universal Pilot. The Engineers are extremely pale-white, hairless and humanoid due to their subterranean nature, with two arms and legs, higher nose bridge, raised brow ridges, and said to have staring, "dead seeming" eyes.

The veins underneath their skin are visible, and their pupils are in the shape of oblong plus-symbols. The Engineers are feet tall and breathe oxygen just like human beings. They also seem to be extremely strong and resilient given to the fact that the Last Engineer killed Peter Weyland 's escorts by sending them flying across the room from simple punches and was impervious to gunshot damage at close range.

However, this Engineer was outfitted with a biomechanical pressure suit that probably also increased its strength and durability by working as a biotechnological power suit. Fire and Stonea physical fight between an experienced Predator and an Engineer shows the latter to be far stronger with it dominating the fight, shrugging off a plasma bolt and heavily wounding the predator, causing it to rely on its stealth tactics, equipment and the aid of a human to defeat the Engineer.

Covenant, however, appeared more primitive and slightly different in appearance from those the crew of the USCSS Prometheus encountered on LVhaving eyes more identical to humans and far more variance in body shape and appear to be less tall compared to the muscular physique and height of those in Prometheus, but the clothes they wore were the same as the sacrificial Engineer 's from Prometheus.

Comments by director Ridley Scott suggested that the Engineers from Planet 4 were the civilians and the ones from LV were a militant type. Engineers have a lifespan of around years.

meet the engineer script

But there's absolutely no possibility of contact or negotiation with the Engineers. They are hostile on sight. Either they hate all life-forms, or they have a particular problem with their creations. We fight back against everything.

meet the engineer script

Which is why having Ahab in our corner helps. We are at the bottom of the food chain. Why would something so evidently advanced act with such hostility against its own creations? Life and Death Though not much is known about the Engineers, it is shown that the Engineers have displayed advanced forms of culture that exist within their society, such as language, visual arts, music, and clothing. The Engineers' writing system is strikingly similar to Mesopotamian cuneiforms that can be found in the middle-east, and their hieroglyphs are identical to what is found in Egypt, Mesoamerica, and other places on Earth.

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On audio commentary of Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott explained that the large stone heads inside the Citadel on Planet 4 represent the six Elders of the entire civilization: Relation to the Xenomorphs and other races "The accelerant material is potent, Captain Foster.

Maybe the Engineer and his kind are frightened of what a child race like us might do if we get our hands on it. The principal theory of their connection to the Xenomorphswhich was mentioned briefly by Ridley Scott in his director's commentary for the first Alien DVD, is that the Engineer's Ship in Alien was a "bomber" and that they used them as biogenic weapons to fight an ancient war against an unknown foe.

There is some evidence to support this, such as the Xenomorph's biomechanical nature. Xenomorph Eggs were believed to be used as "bombs" on an enemy planet and then the Xenomorphs would proceed to kill the entire population as they spawned.

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In Prometheus, it is shown that a lone Engineer was responsible for the creation of the human race. He sacrificed himself as his people left the empty Earth, drinking chemicals that dissolved him and changed his DNA to the planet's first micro-organisms.

Humanity soon developed, making the Engineers the ancestors of the human race. The lone Engineer's reasons for doing this is unknown, though it seems his race did not hold any positive regard for their descendants.