Meet the amazing pyro mlg glasses

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meet the amazing pyro mlg glasses

Sep 7, Being a Team Fortress 2 pro is something reserved for the social elite. I've spent almost seven hours on pub servers, endlessly researching. the story TF2 Oneshots~ by Anayame (Marimo) with reads. xreader, pyro, scout. Even if his goggles were on, you could tell he was looking right at you. He may be an amazing engineer with multiple PhD's, but he didn't know how to . So soon your eyes met the goggle covered ones of Engie as you started to. KritzKast # Rydercycle meets his match. You know when you have KritzKast # Meet the Amazing Woman KritzKast # Don't Starve the Pyro.

You shouldn't give up on life like that. Some of them are quite cunning and smart, especially Medic. Somehow Roadhog can understand what Pyro was saying under the mask and he was said to easily got a company into millionaires! That is true but when it comes to fire, he will just lose it, laugh at it for no reason and act like an idiotic child of a buffoon. It got me wondering. How do you fight? I mean, Heavy is actually a heavy minigun user, Scout's almost a 17 year-old runner with.

Demoman's a drunk and he uses a grenade launcher, for crying out loud. I'm asking, what can you do? I must admit, someone in a suit and a ski mask may not fit well here but I am called ze Spy for a reason.

He pressed on his Invis Watch from his left wrist, his cloak camouflaged him together with the room. It was an eye-opener for Winston as he was quite fascinated by how the olden days can deliver such mechanics in life without reaching to the 20th century. When he uncloaked himself, he was in the form of the armoured gorilla. Shocked to the point of accidental intentions, the real Winston examined around him with very quick, cartoony speed, lifting the arm to check the sides, looked at the face, only to find the absence of a glasses.

I didn't know you have the ability to go invisible and disguise yourself as any of us! Spy mimicking Winston's voice: I can also sound the same as the original, redo the exact same movement and personality unless I understand the person of choice well. What is the name of the disguising equipment?! He accidentally squeezed his arm too tight, he broke his Invis Watch. Stunned in little horror, he took off a paper mask with Winston's face, turning back to Spy.

He handed him the mask, bringing a greater form of confusion for the scientist for he wondered much on how he only used a mask to deceive the other. I'm so sorry about that! Really, none of us has ever use a cloaking device or even disguise since it didn't seem effective. Trust me, if you ever want to end your enemies quickly enough, you best train well with these two devices and something lethal enough for quick and deadly uses. Like this, He flipped his Butterfly Knife out in the most complicated way before slotting it back into his suit.

You mean kill them?! Overwatch has enough of complains and conflicts from civilians! Half of us are already mercenaries instead! You either kill the enemies that are out of control or let them live for others to suffer instead.

It's your decision, my friend. Sadly, this watch won't last long. Waiting for it to recharge would leave me vulnerable and visible and I need something to recharge it while using it anyway. That is why I got this!

From his pocket, he took out his Cloak and Dagger watch and replaced the broken one.

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This allows me to recharge automatically while still keeping me invisible. Of course, my main purpose is to infiltrate or even disarm mechanics without being seen or suspected. Show me how you disarm them!

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He was desperate with curiosity written all over him, Spy could not turn down a face like that. Why don't we try this outside? He called for the only builder in the team, passing by with a beer in his hand.

Could you be so dearly to build me three Sentries in the training area? Y-You mean outside the building? Outisde was the battlefield long used after the multiple Blu Soldiers incident. Instead of the asked three, there were 10 Sentries scattered throughout the place, in the colours of what Engineer was still wearing, blue while Spy was still red.

Spy pinching the bridge of his nose: I asked for three, why did you give me all of these?! He extended his arm to the arena, it got into the radius of one Sentry's range as it fired four rockets at him. The French easily tilted his head away from the rockets, pulling his arm back. Winston was fairly impressed by his reactions.

You told me "three". You should be more specific since there are actually three levels of a Sentry- Spy: So, I build as many as I want! At least bring something challenging, ya sissy! This is suppose to be a little demonstration, you imbecile!

Now I have to destroy all of your useless toys! Mad at me for building more ain't going to show ya the way, pal. Your parents didn't show you the way. Engie immediately went to a corner, squatted down and teared a little. You're a mercenary, don't be such a cry-baby! Because, the more you do, the more I wish you to join our war against the Talons and to calm races and Omnics. Go ahead whenever you're ready.

He smirked before wearing another paper mask with Engineer's face on it, smoke covered him and dressed him up into a BLU Engineer. I've seen better sides of beef been run over by a combine. He walked towards one, readjusting his Sapper and threw it onto the mechanic, disabling it. Another was too high on a rock for Spy to get to. Therefore, he flipped out his knife and threw it very accurately to wires between the metal, cutting them off and setting off the self-destruct system.

The consequence was a small Combat Sentry shot off his mask, exposing his true-self. So Engineer increased the intelligence on that thing to detect me. The nearby regular Sentries aimed at him with beeping noises, releasing lead and explosives at him, who chuckled like a pro to pathetic amateurs. He was blown up into chunks of flesh, worrying Winston. Dear God, he's dead! Engineer set up his Rancho Relaxo and drank the beers next to him.

He ain't as dumb as the rest of the mercs. There was a tiny ring of cyan blue light, behind the rocks and Spy placed back his Dead Ringer into his suit and used his watch instead, uncloaking and re-cloaking respectively. He got out another Sapper and ran at the Combat Sentry, who was still able to find him through his invisibility. He dived at it, jumping over a range of bullets and quickly placing down the electrical appliance on it, disabling it as well.

He did the same for three more yet, he was out of ordinary Sappers. He decided brute force instead and took out a Black Rose knife and had to uncloak to do any damage.

He charged at another Sentry with his Diamondback revolver, shooting down the part where it sored its rockets. His bullets were able to detonate the yet to be deployed rockets this blowing up one. Spy jumped off a cliff and stabbed another one from its back and above until it caught on fire and he ran off.

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Unfortunately, he ran out of bullets in his barrel and he walked right into a Sentry from the croner. Oblivious to the lack of bullets, he still aimed and fired without any ammunition. Four rockets was released, and Spy was still reacting to the lack of ammo. He managed to got out of the way but was still caught by the explosion, propelled to a room. Hos face was rubbed forcefully to the metal floor and when he lifted his head, he saw Ap-Sap laying underneath a table.

You found me, Spy! When in ze hell were you?! There is a Blu Heavy in the base! Time to take care of that fat Russian! Alright, let's do this- Two years ago, Spy accidentally bumped into a chair, directly hitting his talking Sapper as it dropped down to the ground. Don't forget about me! Sadly, he was oblivious to his shouts. But, it's good to have you here. What seems to be the problem? When I throw you to it, you best hope to sap it out, alright? I'll do my best! As he picked it up and quickly threw it to the Sentry, Ap-Sap slid through the four rockets and perfectly landed on it, reducing the rest of the mechanics.

Yeah, I did my best! Wait, where are you going?! Don't leave me again! Just keep sapping it! I'l come baco to claim you later! Two left to demolish and Spy forgotten to restock on bullets. He tossed away his Diamondback and flipped around his red butterfly knife. He accelerated his flipping speed and finally found the last second and threw his blade at it like a shuriken.

The instant the missiles were deployed, the five collided with one another and blew up right in front of the Sentry, leaving last one. Unfortunately, the last Sentry eliminated was able to shoot down both his Dead Ringer and Invis Watch with just a few shots to his body. That time, Spy became more cautious for he had no clue where the remaining was after searching most of the land by himseld while Engineer was still relaxing with a beer and Winston was sweating in anxiety.

Behind the two were the rest of Overwatch members, except for Tracer and Mercy, as nervous as the gorillaJust then, a familiar beeping noise came from his back as he dodge-rolled away from the Sentry's projectiles.

However, his Achiles Heel got shot and he was limping to cover, dodging the rest of the bullets. We gotta help him! He's still going well.

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Lay off this lone fight, pal. How is he going to beat it now?! What was beside the French was Sniper's Razorback which seemed to be left as well. Grinning evily, he used it as a shield, blocking off the turrets until it broke and it ran out of bullets. Even after tilting away from the missiles, the Sentry still had more and Spy just ran at it. It aimed right to the ground that he was about to clear, thus shooting him to the air instead of killing him. He rocket-jumped right at it and finally ended the Sentry with his secret Sharp Dresser inside his sleeves and did an Assassin's Creed kill upon it, malfunctioning it.

He quickly got off before he exploded, claimed as the victor while he panted in agony and exhaust. The future team jumped in joy, relieved of his glorious triumph while Engineer celebrated for him by drinking more beer. These people are amazing! Spy patched himself with bandages and took some painkillers from a first-aid kit back in the hall to the medical room, putting back on his upper clothes. I apoligise that you had to go through this just for a demonstration At least you were able to understand my capabilities.

Besides, I did fought this Death person with two- Winston: He was quite surprised by his sudden outburst of rage, asking him. He broke my father's glasses which was something very memorable to me Spy taking out a cigarette: If you are still made at him, do not worry.

I stabbed him from behind and I beat him to force his partner to flee as well. Spy litting the cigarette: Is it because of your 'Invis Watch'? Even though you shoot fast, you can't shot what you can't see. We gotta leave now for Mann Co's workplace. Gat those big ugly gals out of da room now in five minutes! He shouted at him down the hallways while drinking his way to the vehicles. We will continue this later. But, I still cannot believe, The masked one looked through the door's window, Medic was barely injured with cuts and bruises, in his arms was a drunk Mercy.

At the corner sat Tracer, hugging her knees in despair. What's wrong with me? Am I really that into a murderer? Get me some painkillers so I can numb my balls Soldier holding a bottle of pills: You can have this when you pry it from my cold, dead hands and even then, good luck!

Because, I would've glued it to my cold, dead hands! That I'm still alive after what these buffoons did to ourselves A few hours later, in two vans that sponsored RED Bread, Scout, sitting in a leg widdened position, and Tracer were facing one another. The girl was staring at him with deep hatred while he was smirking at her cockily. Why do I have to sit with you in front of my face?! Please, you just want me from that crotch attack. Too bad Miss Pauling's better for mah taste.

Tracer flustered from being reminded: Sniper and Winston sat beside each other while Soldier was clogging over the space of Junkrat. A talking gorilla, eh? Always wished for a talking dog. Not offending you, of course. Hell, I don't even care of my gorilla race. Your story's sadder than mine. My parents died months ago. I-I'm sorry to bring that up to you. I scratch your back, you scratch mo'ine.

Give me some space, damn ya! Shut up, you miserable disgrace of a hobo! Want to go back to ground zero? N-No, of course not, sir! Please, I'm just like a jester! You dare make that face in front of me!? Soldier, please stop trying to kill him or you'll never teleport your junk back to Badlands anymore with mah teleporter.

Stop your blabbering before I give you a wedgie back home with my Hook. In defence of his friend and of his friend's victimiser, Roadhog called shotgun to take care of the two like a mother to her babies while Engineer had to drive as the father I'm just saying they seem like parents to their own partners, not that Engineer and Roadhog are gay or anything. A market trolley was connected to a chain between the handle and the back of the van. Pyro sat inside of it, clapping his hands in the air like a child.

Inside his goggles, he was flying through the sky on a pot of gold, shooting out a rainbow instead. He felt like he was on a magical roller coaster. Hurr hurr hurr hurr! Hee hee hee hee! A car was about to pass by them, a family of four. The parents and young twins looked outside to the left windows.

meet the amazing pyro mlg glasses

What in the heck?! Inside the next van came a conversation between the healers. Are you zure you're alright? Yes, Medic, for the hundredth time, yes! I don't feel any addiction to smelling it either. I'm sorry about taking it in. I was gross, wasn't I? No, it iz probably human to zmell something like zat!

V'you vere saying about zomething about Engineer? Your "Engineer's" teleporter can make bread have. It just give live to ze bread as ve continued to teleport it ova and ova. Anime logic However, it vent out of control until ve even had to vight it vith it in zuch a giant state, vorcing us to use a bomb to kill it!

Even I heal too, Medic, and you should be as good as me after what you invented, created and developed.

meet the amazing pyro mlg glasses

I should be jealous of you, Medic. While the two lovebirds carried on with their enjoyment in medicine, Pharah was covering her ears with her palms, did not wish to hear anymore about healing while Demoman was drinking his favorite alcohol again, 'Red Shed Whiskey'. When he laid eyes on the agony that the female bomber was suffering. Drunk as ever, he felt the pity for her, offering her a drink.

Want some o' me bottle o' scrumpy? I would never take such a vile drink from someone like you. Even your breath disgust me-!

The black Scottish smacked the mouth of the bottle to her curly lips ill-mannerly, never being a gentleman to her since he was still dizzy with the whiskey in his vessels.

One vein popped at her head, she unlocked and opened the van's door beside her, snatched away the bottle from him and tossed it out to the road, dispiriting as if he has a spirit after thousands of bottles him through the look of his face.

Inside Pharah's mind, she felt the evil yet, also justice. However, Demoman just shrugged his shoulders and opened up the gap of his legs. He bent down, took out another bottle in a basket full of it under his seat and drank down the same Red Shred brand.

Pharah's head was emitting steam from her rage. While she gritted her teeth, Genji was meditating with his legs folded, not distracted by the bumpiness of the road and Spy was smoking in front of him.

I heard you have a samurai- Genji: Ninja-like sword to do. What is it named again? It's not a name. It's a call to my Dragonblade. And, it's not really the energy used by the modern humans. It's chi, energy stored in your body, not the cyborg enhancements. I felt that it should be inner energy from within the body instead of some robot power like Mega Man or Metroid kind of thing Spy: Guess I can't wait to see how it goes if Gray Mann's dumb bots followed us.

Genji went back to his meditation: Spy, do not smoke. The smoke is covering the windows. Go to hell- Heavy: Then, Heavy will meet you there.


Zarya was giggling, her cheeks burned everytime she was closer to Heavy by every inch. Tapping her foot repeatedly and her index fingers were touching one another, she wondered if he was into any relationship. You mean if Heavy has, what tiny baby man called, girlfriend?

I mean, do you? Baby man told me what it is but, I do not have one. If you two lovebirds are done talking about amateur romance, we are nearly at Mann Co. Your Winston friend said he sent a signal to your other comrades, Zarya? Then, they should be able to get around on this filthy country to get to Mann Co. We'll meet them here. They finally reached the industry where the mercenaries were hired All of them assembled outside, noticing that the structure still had its sign, saying 'Mann Co.

We make hats, bats, bazookas, camera beards, comics, magazines, portable baccarat detectors, banners, swords, shields and get in fights. Non-employees welcome for Gorilla Wrestling Fridays'. I don't want to go in there. I'm sure today's not Friday- Spy: Sad for you, big talking gorilla.

Jeez, what is wrong with you people?! Some of us are sex criminals, war criminals, nearly 4 of us can't even read.

Ya know how it goes, right? I'm done talking to you. But, we're still talking- His headphones were ringing and when he answered it, Miss Pauling was talking to him. The administrator ordered me to get you guys back to the battlefield. Why are you guys at Mann Co right now? Each team attempts to steal the opposing team's intelligence briefcase from their headquarters and secure it back at their own base. King of the Hill: A central point must be captured and defended for a set amount of time to win the round.

One team attempts to escort a rail cart filled with explosives to the enemies base, while the other team must defend their base for a set amount of time. A team is able to win a round by killing off the members of the opposing team. Characters The players on each team must choose a class to play, each with their own set of abilities and special weapons.

Fastest class in the game and is able to double jump. The Scout default weapons are a shotgun and baseball bat. Also known as just "Heavy", this is the largest and slowest moving of the classes. He wields a minigun and fists, and can recover health by eating sandwiches. Wears a gas mask and fireproof suit while wielding a flamethrower and fire axe and is best at killing enemies up close.

Can build teleporters, sentry guns and dispensers that aid other teammates in battle. Can kill enemies from far away with his sniper rifle. Enemies can be dealt with a critical hit if they are shot in the head. Wields a grenade launcher and sticky bomb launcher that can be used to kill enemies around corners, or lay traps for enemies to run into.

A rocket launcher equipped brute that is capable of reaching great height by jumping while firing a rocket at the ground. Can disguise themselves as members of the other team, and can kill enemies with one hit if they manage to sneak behind them and stab them in the back, more commonly known as "backstabbing". Uh, that's what I'm playing Yea, but not this song. Can you play this handing me a burned CD? It's a super secret underground release of insert well-known dead rapper's name here that's super hot.

The DJ last night played it! I'll see if I can work it in. I listen to a couple tracks - it's ok, but not remotely danceable! Patron comes up a couple time while I'm searching through the tracks to find 'something' I can play off this stupid disk: You gonna play that?

I thought you said there were some good tracks on the CD! I then sat the CD on the floor, rubbed it back and forth with my foot, and told him it was scratched up the next time he came up. Ok, I didn't rub it on the floor, but I sure as hell wanted to Please please can you play ja rule? Please, I've been waiting for a while now