Lego team fortress 2 meet the sniper lyrics

lego team fortress 2 meet the sniper lyrics

TF2: Meet the Sniper but every word is mirrored - Snins ▻Team Fortress 2 Meme ◅ (if you write the lyrics you hear in google you will most likely find it or you Machine Trailer but with a DOOM soundtrack ▻Team Fortress 2 Meme◅ meet the sniper but its demoman · doctor lalve · lego tf2 · live action. LEGO Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun Is Just As Tough As The Real Thing. More information .. See more. GTA Online Stunt Turns RPG Into Sniper Rifle. Meet the Sniper Titlecard. Video Info. Released [hide]. 1 Video transcript; 2 Notes; 3 Related merchandise; 4 References; 5 External links.

Dad, I'm a- Ye- Not a "crazed gunman", dad, I'm an assassin! Well, the difference bein' one is a job and the other's a mental sickness! The Sniper now is waiting at the top of the tower for a shot. Several jars of urine fill up to his side, as the Sniper drinks coffee and waits. As the sun starts to set, the Sniper smiles and finally takes his shot. Look mate, you know who has a lot of feelings? The screen blacks out. Dad p- yeah - put Mum on the phone! The area seen before the title card appears resembles the one seen in the beginning of Expiration Date.

Camping Fun, All year round! The sign that appears at the beginning of the video displays the Sniper Rifle 's old headshot kill icon.

The van appears to be painted in "Sahara Dust", a green-grey tone. The Sniper's van bears the Team Fortress series logo on the roof. The Sniper's camper van was eventually turned into a model by Valve for map and machinima makers, and also appears in Thunder Mountain in the very back of the map, by a water tower on a cliff near the RED side, and Mannhattan, by the ramp leading up, away from the robot entryway.

  • TF2: Meet the Sniper but every word is mirrored - Snins ►Team Fortress 2 Meme◄
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The bobblehead on the Sniper's dash is a caricature of the Civilian as he appears in the original Team Fortress Classic series of games. Originally, the Civilian bobblehead on the dashboard of the camper van at the beginning of the video was a bobblehead of the " Old Geezer " from the "Old Geezer Draft Beer" poster found in-game. It was later replaced because the intended Sniper reference was too obscure for people to understand.

lego team fortress 2 meet the sniper lyrics

Kiss me, k-k-kiss me. Spy, is not our spy!

lego team fortress 2 meet the sniper lyrics

Turn your head and cough cough Ach, vast ist los? Is there a point I'm going to saw through your bones! Would you like a second opinon? Move the gear up, heil us! Where was I amazing? I have no idea! Ain't that a cute little gun? Drunk on the battlefield ain't no way to be, son.

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Welp, that there was a. God's honest truth, you sure ain't bulletproof.

LEGO Meet The Sniper

I'm gonna beat you like a rented mule boy. Look, I'm gonna blow that dumb look right of your stupid face stupid face stupid face You're also ugly! Need a dispenser here! If you want to hear everything, use headphones.

I do NOT expect to recieve any saxxy award for this, but I thougt that the ending would be funny.

lego team fortress 2 meet the sniper lyrics

Anyway, I will give it a shot and upload it to the Saxxy Awards November competition, and I hope that most of you will support me by giving it a vote: I solve practical problems Not problems like What is beauty? More like problems involving this arsenal featuring the Rescue Ranger, Lugermorph, Gunslinger, and the famous stock Wrench.

Enjoy, like, favorite, and subscribe for more epic creations! TF2 - Put Sandvich Here! But in other news, school is out for me over here. So, many videos will be coming much faster. Besides this next week or two. Won't be able to use my computer for a bit, but will still get online. Your luck runs out. Let this be lesson for you. I am not done with you yet. I should have done this long ago! I love this Doctor! You are great, Doctor! Charge me now, Doctor! Is not our Doctor! You are all tiny! You are so tiny!

Your team is tiny! Come fight me, tiny! Fear my new weapon! Come kiss me, weapon!


Who touched my weapon!? What's the matter with you?!

lego team fortress 2 meet the sniper lyrics

Watch this video and all your problems shall be solved! If you guys and girls enjoyed the video then please leave a LIKE! Thanks for the support! And have a nice day! It has one anti aircraft flak cannon. Cannot fire while moving hull.

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Piloted by the fired goliath pilot from Starcraft. A spyplanes greatest fear. Check out the previous 2: Just a machinima test