How did coretta and martin luther king meet president

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how did coretta and martin luther king meet president

CORETTA SCOTT KING: Yes, I was in Selma to visit my husband who was in jail in I hadn't met him before and I really didn't know what he was going to be like. . was fixed up a bit by the landlord when he found out that Martin Luther King, Jr . up there in Washington, eating with Presidents, eating filet mignon steak and . It was at Boston University that King earned his doctorate in theology in And while studying for that doctorate, he first met Coretta Scott. 15 January Michael King, later known as Martin Luther King, Jr., is born at King and Coretta Scott are married at the Scott home near Marion, Alabama. King and other civil rights leaders meet with President Dwight D. Eisenhower in.

After her first year at the conservatory, she received a grant from the state of Alabama to supplement the cost of her graduate education, because as an African American she had been denied access to Alabama's public universities. They dated for a short time and soon determined to marry.

However, his parents came to accept the union. They married on June 18,at the Scotts' home, with Martin's father as officiant. The newlyweds returned to Boston to complete their degree requirements.

In spring Martin received his Ph. The couple's first child, Yolanda Denise, was born November 17, Not long afterward, Martin rose to leadership in the Montgomery Improvement Association and became the spokesman for the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Coretta Scott King (1927-2006)

Having a newborn, Coretta King stayed at home during many of the meetings and events of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. When Martin returned from mass meetings, he gave her accounts of sermons, strategies, and struggles, keeping her involved. Once arrested for violating segregation ordinances, he called her on the telephone, although others handled his release. King and Mary Lucy Williams, another Dexter church member, were at the Kings' house with the children on January 30,when someone threw dynamite onto the porch of the home.

The blast blew out the windows and tore off the roof, and after they determined that no one was harmed, they called Ralph David Abernathy 's church, where a mass meeting was taking place, to inform Martin of what had happened. Coretta King's father, Obadiah Scott, came from Marion and suggested strongly that she return home while the difficulties were under way. But she refused to go and remained with her husband for the rest of the civil rights struggle. As a result she sat in court with her husband when the U.

Supreme Court ruled in November that segregation on city buses was unconstitutional. Coretta King appeared by her husband's side during his court appearances in the Albany and Birmingham, Alabama, campaigns in andrespectively. She linked arms with him when marching on Washington, D.

Coretta Scott King

King also used her singing talents to raise money for the movement. In December she performed a concert in New York as a fundraiser for the Montgomery Improvement Association that became a model for the Freedom Concerts that later took place. King mixed narration, poetry, and music to recount the story of the boycott. She continued to perform these concerts over the rest of her life, later adapting the model for such special occasions as the annual commemorative service that takes place in Atlanta on the Martin Luther King Jr.

Vivian, notes that each of the King children was born or was very young during several early crises in the lives of the Kings.

how did coretta and martin luther king meet president

Yolanda was a newborn at the time of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King was pregnant with Dexter Scott when her husband was imprisoned at the Georgia State Penitentiary in Reidsville in Bernice Albertine was born on March 28,shortly before her father was jailed in Birmingham.

Throughout, King remained primarily behind the scenes, stepping into the spotlight on occasion, a few times because of high-profile phone calls. Kennedy called her during the presidential race, when DeKalb County officials had locked up her husband in the Decatur prison.

Later, as president, Kennedy called her again when Martin was in the Birmingham prison; U. Coretta's commitment to nonviolence and the movement also led her on international trips. In she and her husband traveled to Ghana to mark the country's independence from Great Britain, as it was the first African colony to gain its freedom.

how did coretta and martin luther king meet president

In the couple took a pilgrimage to sites related to Mahatma Gandhi, a practitioner of civil disobedience and leader of the independence struggle in India. In King traveled to Switzerland to serve as a delegate to Women Strike for Peace, a seventeen-nation conference on disarmament.

She accompanied her husband to Norway inwhen he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

how did coretta and martin luther king meet president

King traveled immediately to Memphis, before her husband's funeral, to march with the striking sanitation workers whose campaign for living wages her husband had championed before his murder. King soon became an icon for the image of strength that she maintained throughout this difficult time, and she was often compared to former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who likewise had suffered in the public's eye the assassination of her husband.

She called upon American women "to unite and form a solid block of women power to fight the three great evils of racism, poverty, and war. Nonetheless, thanks to her efforts and her success in fund-raising, the King Center opened in Today it is part of a complex that includes a visitors' center, Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Martin Luther King Jr. After some lobbying by the King family and other supporters, Congress approved the holiday inand the first holiday was observed in While many states observed the date designated as a federal holiday, some states, such as Arizona, refused to recognize the holiday.

Interview with Coretta Scott King

In New Hampshire became the final state to formally adopt the holiday. Throughout the remainder of her life, King remained active in domestic as well as international political and social justice efforts. She worked with the National Organization for Women on the Equal Rights Amendment, and she advocated affirmative action.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Her remarkable partnership with Dr. She lent her support to pro-democracy movements world-wide and consulted with many world leaders, including Corazon Aquino, Kenneth Kaunda, and Nelson Mandela.

She received a B. King devoted most of her time to raising their four children: From the earliest days, however, she balanced mothering and Movement work, speaking before church, civic, college, fraternal and peace groups.

She conceived and performed a series of favorably-reviewed Freedom Concerts which combined prose and poetry narration with musical selections and functioned as significant fundraisers for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the direct action organization of which Dr.

King served as first president. Inshe and Dr. Inthey spent a belated honeymoon in Mexico, where they observed first-hand the immense gulf between extreme wealth and extreme poverty.

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King spent nearly a month in India on a pilgrimage to disciples and sites associated with Mahatma Gandhi. King functioned as liaison to peace and justice organizations, and as mediator to public officials on behalf of the unheard.

King founded and devoted great energy and commitment to building and developing programs for the Atlanta-based Martin Luther King, Jr. Situated in the Freedom Hall complex encircling Dr. As founding President, Chair, and Chief Executive Officer, she dedicated herself to providing local, national and international programs that have trained tens of thousands of people in Dr. King spearheaded the massive educational and lobbying campaign to establish Dr.